I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 45: Then I’ll Wait for Him

“You go over first. I will bring her over after the matter here is handled!”

Lu Junhan’s eyes were cold, as if they could freeze people alive. His eyes just stared at the teenager sitting in the wheelchair. His phrase of dealing with something was self-explanatory.

The bodyguards behind the teenager all felt the tension.

Xu Qiye pounded his head hard. Ah, I let you talk too much! How could I change the subject!

How did we get to this point?

The young man looked indifferent, and there was no trace of emotion on his beautiful face, not to mention any fear. He met Lu Junhan’s cold gaze and said indifferently: “I choked her. To retaliate, let her do it herself. I won’t fight back.”

“You’re dreaming!” Lu Junhan laughed coldly and sneered unmercifully, “Have you looked yourself! Are you are so worthy?”

“If you want to come personally……” the teenager narrowed his eyes dangerously then suddenly laughed: “Then try, it’s not certain who will lose and who will win!”

The atmosphere between the two was so tense as to be almost frightening, as if the next second, it would completely detonate!

Even Song Qingwan couldn’t help but frown.

Only the little loli’s soul was wandering. She did not listen to what they were saying, only tilted up the little head with her white tender face confused: “Old master?”

Her little hand tugged on Song Qingwan’s sleeve, and her little milky voice softly asking, “Auntie, who is the old man?”

When Song Qingwan originally heard that someone had pinched Li Li’s face until it was bruised, her expression was not good, but hearing her ask, her face could not help but soften, and she said softly.

“The old man is your father’s grandfather. Does Li Li want to go to meet daddy’s grandfather?”

“Daddy’s grandfather ……” The little girl frowned her little brow and cocked her head.

Song Qingwan was amused by her confused little look and laughed out, “Your Daddy’s grandfather, is your daddy’s daddy’s daddy!”

The little girl was even dizzier, and her confused little look was simply adorable: “Auntie, there are so many fathers, which one is my father?”

When she interrupted, Lu Junhan’s cold expression finally eased up a bit, and he flicked the little girl’s forehead with his finger, snickering unmercifully: “You’re so stupid!”

“I’m not stupid!” The little loli got angry and puffed out her fair face and pouted, “You’re a bad father. I don’t want to talk to you! I’ll go talk to my brother! Brother won’t scold me for being stupid, humph!”

Lu Junhan’s face chilled, and seeing the little loli to run towards Pei Xiu Bai; his big hand lifted the little loli like carrying a chicken. Hee then turned around and walked away with a cold face and said.

“What brother? Do not recognize anyone indiscriminately, and stay away from that brat!”

“But ……”

“No buts!”

The little girl is still her Daddy’s lapdog. Seeing him annoyed, she immediately said crisply, “Yes! Daddy!”

Xu Qiye saw Lu Junhan slowly walking away and was finally relieved. Still a bit nervous, he worryingly said to Pei Xiu Bai.

“Little ancestor, these days, you’d better hurry up and leave Hai Cheng! Lu Junhan, that person is notoriously vindictive. He didn’t make a move against you, not because he’s afraid of you, but because he happened to remember that Li Li is still here. He didn’t want to leave a bad impression on her, so he didn’t make a move! But afterward, no one can say. You’d better be careful!”

The young man’s expression did not change, and instead, he looked at the back of the young girl leaving. Only until her back completely disappeared from sight did he withdraw his gaze, raised his eyebrows, and said coldly.

“Then, I’ll wait for him!”

The implication was that he was definitely not going to leave.

Xu Qiye sighed. If it weren’t for his mother’s sake, he wouldn’t even want to remind this little ancestor. But, it was useless to remind him; he wouldn’t even listen.

(End of this chapter)

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  1. Sometimes, i really want to see arrogant characters like Pei Xiu Bai gets tortured to death and regretted his words…i don’t hate him or anything, just want to see it

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