My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 124: No, the turtle wheel is short.

Because the address book name is too obscene.

So the phone can’t even get through?

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Gu Qi Qi simply felt that this stupid man’s IQ was not up to date.

According to his words, then in Xiao Ning’s cell phone, wasn’t her name is not also very dirty?

Thinking of this, Gu Qi Qi suddenly felt guilty.

Cough cough cough.

It seemed like it was really like this.

Because in Xiao Lime’s phone, her name seemed to be – “Big Milk Qi Qi”!

That girl who liked to play pranks and often took pleasure in making fun of her big buns.

The nickname had been the most subtle of them all.

Can it really be blocking signals for having obscene names?

Naturally, she didn’t notice the upward curve of Gong Jue’s lips at the moment.

She only saw that Gong Jue swept a glance at the table, the untouched and almost cooled seaweed rib broth, and inexplicably commanded, “Do you know that wasting food in the barracks is a serious crime, punishable by sweeping the toilet, eh! In five minutes, drink it all up for me!”

Cleaning toilets?

No way!

It’s all men’s toilets here!

“So if I drink up, am I free to go out and do my business?” Gu Qi Qi retorted.

“Finish your drink first!”

What’s the matter with you, you stupid bitch?

However, now that Lord Gong knew that she must be going out for the college entrance exam results, he no longer restricted her.

Gu Qi Qi muttered, “Then I’ll give you a face ……”

She finished the soup in one gulp.

Gong Gong stepped away with long, contented strides, his military boots knocking the ground powerfully.

“You will be allowed to go out for one hour a day from now on. The premise is that you must report in advance!”

Listening to the military order, which was thrown down by Gong Jue on his way out, Gu Qi Qi was a little shocked.

She had scolded him just a moment ago, but he was not angry and did not hold a grudge.

Didn’t even yell at her?

Wasn’t that unusual?

The tone of his departure was still somewhat amused, and he actually allowed her to go out for the first time, not keeping her as a female prisoner?

Good things happening all at once, she can’t believe it.

The little dirty turtle, who was silent and didn’t dare to speak, secretly laughed twice and bounced around in the head of Gu Qi Qi, saying: “Master Silver, it can’t be …… that he is actually a trembling ~~m, right? A little abuse by you and he’s relaxed?”

Gu Qi Qi frowned, “What are you talking about trembling?”

“A trembling ……m ah! It’s the cute attribute that has a strong tendency to suffer from abuse!” (m = masochist)

“Where did you learn such words?”

“It’s on your phone, I learned it online!” The little dirty turtle offered a treasure-like report, “He is M then, that Master silver you are S then, S and M simply match each other!”

“Nonsense!” Gu Qi Qi blushed.

She didn’t want to play s…… and m with the impotent man.

“Kids are not allowed to learn adults things on the Internet later! The Internet is a very dark and violent place, you know?”

“But Master Silver, I need to learn about this world as soon as possible to better help you collect color points and open new skills ah ……”

Gu Qi Qi: “……”

This reason for hard work and study, she couldn’t even refuse.

Drop it!

Forget about it, no point arguing with a turtle.

It’s proper for her to call Xiao Ning first ……


As soon as Gong Jue left.

He immediately instructed Lieutenant Lu, who was following the side

“Go, find out which website is responsible for the dubious fake news, I want them closed today! All unemployed!”

“Call that old loser at the Education Department again and tell him that he’s ordered to make sure she can get a retake for me ……”

Listening to Gong Jue’s orders, the corners of Deputy Lu’s eyes kept twitching.

Those journalists who received money from people to make up stories blindly are so pitifully unemployed ……

The director of the Education Department, who holds the fate of college entrance exam candidates, has become an “old trash” ……

Sir, do you dare to be more aggressive?

Sure enough, in the next second, Lord Gong gave him an even more awesome shock.

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 123: A super ugly death!

You’re sick!

Shame on you!

I curse you never to get it up! Impotent!

Outside the door, Lieutenant Lu heard the harsh words that Gu Qi Qi threw out to Gong Jue.

He was so nervous that cold sweat broke out on the back of his neck.

A gust of wind whooshed across his spine.

Heavens, the Chief had never been scolded like this in his life, even the old Chief and his wife wouldn’t dare to speak so harshly to the Chief.

The enemies who dared to speak disrespectfully to the Chief are now buried in the ground.

So, Miss Qi Qi, you really have guts.

But do you know the consequences of your words, how serious they will be?

It could kill someone! And it’s the super ugly kind of death. ……

Yet in the next second, Lieutenant Lu braced his eyes, swallowed back his inner monologue, and watched incredulously as Gong Jue reacted!

Only to see Gong Jue take a step closer towards Gu Qi Qi, his palm suddenly gripping her petite shoulders and pushing her small body against the table, “You say that again?”

The tone, in fact, carried a slight tremor.

Although it was cold, it was more eager!

Gu Qi Qi glared at him hard in disgust.

This man, she was so angry at him for scolding him just now, and he actually took the initiative to find more scolding.

“About your impotence, it’s not a very glorious thing, there’s no need to have people repeat it over and over again, right?” Gu Qi Qi deliberately smiled sarcastically at him.

She would like to see what it was like for this impotent male to be completely enraged.

Anyway, he had ruined the connection between herself and Xiao Ning and wouldn’t let her go out to deal with her college entrance exam results, so she didn’t want to make it easy on him.

Let everybody feel upset together ah.

But, unexpectedly Gong Jue actually had no anger on his face, but his tone was a bit eager and cold: “Stupid woman, not this matter. I’ll let you tell me about that what Little Master Xiao Ning. Say it again! He’s pregnant? Was the pregnancy test for him? Make it clear to me!”

What’s a pretty boy doing pregnant?

Is this little pretty boy a …… woman?

This possibility of subversion was driving him insane.

He had to immediately, immediately, figure it out.

Gu Qi Qi frowned, “Xiao Ning is my best friend, not your best friend, why do I have to make it clear to you?”

“No?” Gong Jue snorted, “You think I won’t know if you don’t tell me? If you don’t believe me, I’ll have him checked out from top to bottom!”

Gu Qi Qi gritted her teeth.

Damn it, the fact that Xiao Ning might be pregnant must never be revealed to outsiders.

What to do?

She’d already blurted it out, but now she didn’t want the impotent man to know more.

She was in between dilemmas.

Gong Jue suddenly let go of her shoulders, his eyes staring at her phone.

Best friend?

Did the stupid woman just say “best friend”?

Could it be a male best friend?

Why doesn’t he just call them?

What’s the point of wasting time blabbing with this stupid woman.

Just think of it and do it.

Gong Jue’s slender fingers, manipulated the phone a few times, immediately unlocked the firewall.

Phone block, disarmed!

Phone numbers, dial it quickly!

It rang for a long time.

Only then did the other party pick up, “Huh? …… Qi Qi ……”

Ambiguous voices came through the phone.

There was even a bit of a suspicious, rustling sound around the perimeter as if the mattress was being lifted.

But, it was obvious that the other person was a woman!

At this instant, Gong Jue only felt that the entire sky was bright.

The world was clear.

Earth was at peace.

The body and mind were at ease!

He hung up the phone and threw it back to Gu Qiqi, with a haughty face: “Tell her, what’s the point of naming the little master something so obscene? Who has the time to block your calls, it’s the name that’s so obscene that the line doesn’t work!”

Although the tone was full of disgust.

The corners of the lips were actually raised.

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 122: What’s the point of falling in love with a pretty boy?

Didn’t say anything to him?

Gu Qi Qi didn’t understand what Gong Jue meant.

She thought he was asking about the drinking at the class reunion last night, so she perfunctorily and indifferently said, “Is it necessary to tell you? That’s my private business.”

She said it and deliberately fiddled with her phone a couple of times to play with it.

To show that he’s not important!

Gong Jue’s line of sight followed Gu Qi Qi’s slim white fingers and landed on the phone’s address book logo.

Damn it!

The moment he thought of the words “Little Master Xiao Ning”, he couldn’t keep his tone steady.

“You don’t want to talk to me, but you talk to a pretty boy? Gu Qi Qi you-“

You’re a woman who’s a womanizer, a wanderer, a restless woman!

You’re too young to be in love with a young pretty boy.

Don’t you know that 99% of school relationships end in failure?

Those hairless bastards, what else can they do except say sweet nothings to women?

A guy like that can’t handle anything!

It’s just …… that the words were stuck and wouldn’t come out of his mouth.

Saying it that way made it seem like he cared too much.

He couldn’t say it.

After half a day of slander, the thin lips tightened, a pair of angry eyes fiercely seized Gu Qi Qi’s innocent little face.

Gu Qi Qi’s face was confused.

“What little pretty boy?”

When did she say anything to a young pretty guy? Gong Jue wouldn’t be referring to Yao Dazhuang, would he?

You call that fleshy-cheeked pig a pretty boy?

Don’t be funny.

Gong Jue was so furious at her denial that he forgot that he was supposed to come over and comfort her about her college entrance exam application, and couldn’t be bothered to hide the fact that he was not caring about the problem.

With a slight lift of his palm, he easily snatched her phone and slid it on the screen!

Little Master Xiao Ning!

Four words popped out of the address book.

“Think I don’t know where the little pretty boy is hiding?”

His long fingertips poked at the word “little master”.

There was a bit of contempt in his anger.

It seems to be a secret warning to her: nothing in this world can be hidden from his sharp eyes.

Gu Qi Qi frowned and looked over.

It was silent for a few seconds.

Gong Jue thought she was guilty and snorted, “Dating this kind of little pretty boy, no wonder you couldn’t get into college!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he honestly regretted a bit.

He knew very well that even though Gu Qi Qi’s IQ was not as good as his, getting into college was not a problem.

It seemed a bit cruel to provoke her like this.

However, he couldn’t help but say the words, so how could he take them back.

It’s not surprising that Gu Qi Qi didn’t care about the fact that he said, “I can’t go to college,” but instead, her eyebrows were raised and her voice became very cold.

Her voice was thin, but it had a special power!

Gong Jue’s lips twitched in acknowledgment, “So what if it is?”

Gu Qi Qi was furious and laughed back, “I originally only thought you were sick and didn’t bother with you. I didn’t expect you to be not only sick but also cruel and shameless! You’re violating someone else** do you understand?”

Gong Jue looked cold: “It’s just a little pretty guy ……”

“What do you know!” Gu Qi Qi raised her voice, ” Because you blocked the call, Xiao Ning almost had an accident! She’s been so worried about getting pregnant, she can’t get a pregnancy test, and she can’t sleep. I saw her yesterday and she was so haggard! It’s fine that you broke the pregnancy test I bought for her, I didn’t bother with you, but now you’ve cut my ties with her. If anything happens to Xiao Ning, if she commits suicide …… I will never forgive you! You annoying impotent man! I curse you for not be able to lift it for the rest of your life! Impotent!”

Thinking about her previous life, Xiao Ning died so young and so miserable.

One body, two lives.

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes were red.

Not even caring about how conceited, cold, and bad-tempered a man Gong Jue was, she just yelled out at him.

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 121: One look from Gong Jue

Bai Lang opened his phone in disbelief.

Hmph, what other powerful person besides Gong Gong is actually speaking for the goblin?

He doesn’t believe it!

He’s going to the Education Department to file a complaint, write a letter of complaint, sue for blackmail!


On the webpage, a piece of hot search news suddenly popped up.

“Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The “Sleeping Bully” is real, but the “Academic Bully” is fake.

Bai Lang’s eyes looked straight.

Then he burst out laughing, “Hahahaha, I told you the little goblin was weird, look ……”

Naturally, Lieutenant Lu also checked the message, and reluctantly, in a low voice, reported to Gong Jue.

“Unfortunately, although the university was able to accept her, her reputation was ruined, and now Miss Qi Qi is miserable ……”

“It’s all over the internet that the Miss Qi Qi got into college because of subterfuge,”

“The power of public opinion, it’s powerful!”

“Moreover, if things get too big and out of control …… If it continues like this, I’m afraid that the Imperial Military Medical Assembly will be forced under public pressure and won’t dare to accept Miss Qi Qi ……”

“After all, people talk!”

“Even if that person who helped Miss Qi Qi is very powerful, he can’t sway the direction of people’s hearts and public opinion ……”

Lieutenant Lu was so nervous about Gu Qi Qi’s future that he spoke incoherently.

However, Bai Lang was still gloating, “Sir, I’m a good judge of character, I told you, this little demon is not simple. She’s capable of doing such things for a college entrance exam, not to mention the fact that she’s going to stick around you and refuse to let go of you for some side benefit ……”

Clinging to him and not letting go?

Oh, he’d like her to!

But that stupid woman fled again and again.

Gong Jue’s face was sullen: “Who did she seduce?”

Bai Lang was startled, “Uh …… presumably the president of the Imperial Military Medical University, right?”

“Principal Qin is seventy years old this year.” Gong Jue looked at him coldly, “And he has a serious male-related disease.”

Bai Lang: “……”

Uh …… is that actually true?

Muttering relentlessly he responded, “You can have fun even if you’re sick …… you’re also sick ……”

Gong Jue murderously glared at him.

Bai Lang immediately shut up.

“The point is, last night she was in the barracks and Principal Qin was in the capital. Why don’t you give me a different lie?”

Gong Jue coldly replied.

Bai Lang deflated, “then maybe there are others, in the imperial capital, this kind of hidden dragon crouching tiger place, who knows if the little goblin is already ……”

“Lieutenant Lu, why aren’t the idle people being kicked out!”

“Yes! Chief!”

Three seconds later.

Bai Lang knocked on the barracks door in a frenzy: ” Sir ah, listen to my faithful words ah, the little goblin is not simple, not the clean ah …… hey hey, Lieutenant Lu you move the sprinkler farther away from my white suit! This is handmade to order, ruined, ruined! ……”


Gong Jue stood outside the bedroom door.

Clenching his fist tightly, he maintained his desire to knock on the door for a long time.

Eventually, the fist landed on his forehead, and then he pushed the door open vigorously!

Gu Qi Qi turned back with a start, saw that it was him, snorted in displeasure, and continued to sit facing the window.

Gong Du’s face was cold and pale, and he stepped forward with his long legs, almost instantly coming up behind her.

A powerful oppressive force suddenly sent chills down Gu Qi Qi’s spine!

Gu Qi Qi gritted her teeth and withstood the pressure, refusing to look back.

Much less admit it.

The silence, between the two of them, spread in a moment!

The man’s coarse breathing was becoming apparent.

“Why don’t you talk to me, eh?”

Gong Jue finally spoke up.

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 120: Blind or stupid!

Gong Jue snorted disdainfully, “I don’t need your care.”

Lightly sipping a mouthful of black tea, he glared coldly at Bai Lang again, “If you’re idle, why don’t you go care about your Bai Family Pharmacy’s business license, lest it be revoked at every turn! So you don’t get laughed at by your peers!”

Bai Lang covered his heart.

Crap, exposing him again!

The last time the little goblin reported him as a scammer, it caused him to lose a lot of money, almost lose his business license, and he was even trained like a dog by his big brother Bai Yue Yuan.

When he thought of the many times he had been framed by Gu Qi Qi, Bai Lang couldn’t help but feel a new hatred for her.

Blurting out, “That’s not as miserable as your little demon, humph, she can’t even go to college soon!”

As soon as Bai Lang said this.

Inside the dining room, there was a moment of silence.

Suddenly, the air temperature dropped more than ten degrees!

“What did you say about not being able to go to college?!”

Gong Jue’s deep voice suddenly rang out in the cold space.

So cold!


Bai Lang’s throat hitched, shocked that he had told that story in the worst way possible, but he didn’t mumble as he iterated, “It’s that little goblin, Gu Qi Qi, who cheated on her college entrance exam results, which university would dare to admit her?”

“She cheated? No way!”

Gong Jue was the first to retort.

Although that woman wasn’t too good, but her temper was so arrogant that she dared to write the word “failure” on his medical report in the first place.

It was impossible for such an arrogant woman to do something like cheating.

Bai Lang sneered, “You really do have confidence in her!”

That little demon, did she put some kind of brainwashing drug on Gong Jue? This doctor needs to look into it. ……

Just thinking about it, Lieutenant Lu brought down the bowl of soup.

Gong Jue immediately ordered, “Go and find out about the stupid woman’s entrance exam results for me!”

Lieutenant Lu was appalled for a moment, but quickly nodded professionally.

In less than a minute.

All the information was presented in front of Gong Jue.

“Reporting to the chief, Miss Qi Qi is the top student in this year’s entrance exam, but it turns out that the Gu family has enrolled her in a very poor nursing school.”

Duke Gong’s eyes darkened, “Continue!”

“Fortunately, someone helped Miss Qi Qi change her choice to Imperial Military Medical University ……”

The palace duke’s eyes narrowed, “Who changed it!”

“It’s not common for this to happen…… to be able to change the application directly at the Education Department. Allow me to look into it further.”

Gong Jue nodded, “Let’s talk about the results first!”

“Originally, with Miss Qi Qi’s grades, going to the Imperial Medical University was a breeze, but I didn’t expect the inspection team from the Education Department to come and review the results and found that Miss Qi Qi’s answer sheet had cheating marks, so her grades were voided.”

Gong Jue’s eyes grew cold: “Marks?”

“Right. Only the people from the Education Department know that Miss Qi Qi’s test paper was invalidated because of marking, but if it’s made public, it’s uniformly treated as cheating and plagiarism.”

Gong Jue endured his anger, “Bring out the director of the Education Department for me! The top student cheated, is he blind or retarded to believe such nonsense?”

Lieutenant Lu coughed: “Chief …… If you are trying to help Miss QI Qi to redress her grievances so that she can get into the Imperial Military Medical University, you don’t have to do this …… because, the latest news this morning is that the Imperial Military Medical University has decided to admit her now!”

“What? Is the Imperial Army doctor brain broken, admitting students who plagiarize and cheat?” Before Gong Jue could say anything, Bai Lang couldn’t help but scream out.

He almost couldn’t stand up from the dining table.

Gong Jue looked at him coldly, “Who’s brain-damaged?”

Bai Lang’s anger deflated, “Cough cough cough, that, I’m brain-dead …… I mean, how is that possible! Unprecedented!”

Lieutenant Lu pursed his lips, “Indeed, there should be someone behind the scenes to help Miss Qi Qi. And that person, their power is not small.”

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 119: In less than ten seconds, he …… [The little dumpling appeared]

Without looking away, Gong Jue coolly said, “Since you’re idle, why don’t you send the soup up!”

Lieutenant Lu’s face was happy: “Alright, your subordinate will go right away.”

Although he was scolded by the chief, he was very happy.

After all, the Chief still cared about Miss Qi Qi in his heart.

In the future, he would have to get used to the chief’s sullen style of flirting.

Completely different from Lieutenant Lu’s reaction, Bai Lang was completely petrified.

Fck, fck.

What did he hear?

Check your watch. It’s been less than ten seconds, right?

So Gong Jue changed his mind and slapped his own face?

What about the promise to ignore the goblin’s death and not give her breakfast as punishment?

Could you be a little bit more dedicated to the tyrannical chief act, Gong Jue?

He watched as Lieutenant Lu brought a cup of fragrant seaweed rib soup to the upstairs Gu Qi Qi.

Bai Lang was crushed inside.

But with a still smiling face and downcast eyes, he poked at the sandwich with his fork before opening his mouth, “Gong Jue, actually, the reason I came today was to share a particularly interesting piece of news with you-“

“Hmm? What’s going on?”

Hearing Gong Jue’s interested follow-up question, Bai Lang was overjoyed: “It’s about that little goblin of yours, did you fabricate it? …… Hey! You ……”

Bai Lang eyed Gong Jue who actually grabbed his phone and walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

So Gong Jue wasn’t even going to listen to his gossip!

Instead, he’s answering the phone!

Boring! What about the gossip boyfriends for life?

Gong Jue ignored Bai Lang’s sad little eyes and answered the phone call from the little dumpling.

He only heard the little dumpling on the other end of the phone, very angrily accusing him, “Baba you don’t keep your word.”

“Hmm, what?”

“You said you’d sleep with me!”

“I was busy last night.”

“And where are you now?”

“I …… am busy.”

“Baba you can’t find a wife if you’re such a dishonorable man.”

“I only said I would sleep with you, I didn’t say I would definitely stay with you until morning.”

Gong Jue replied forcefully.

A black line appeared on his face.

Now it was such that even a three-year-old could accuse him of not being able to handle a woman?

What a joke!

On the other end of the phone, there was suddenly silence.

Gong Jue said in his heart, “Hmph, little kid, you still want to fight with me?

How can you be more reasonable than me?

I’ve spoken more truths than you’ve eaten salt!

Wait, no.

Did everyone take the wrong medication early this morning? Why was everyone questioning him and trying to reason with him?

First, it was the stupid woman, then it was the little dumpling.

Gong Jue sulked for a moment.

He realized that the other end of the phone still hadn’t said anything.

He thought the little dumpling had run out of things to say and accepted his reasoning.

So he softened his tone a bit, “Don’t you usually call yourself a man? You know a man doesn’t need someone to sleep with him-“

Before the words were finished, he was only interrupted by the little dumpling’s imposing voice, “Baba! Don’t think I really care about you sleeping with me, I wouldn’t care about sleeping with you if my mama came back!”

Afterward, “click-” he hung up the phone.

The busy sound of “beep beep beep-” came in a moment.

Gong Jue’s cold facade slightly cracked.

Damn, is he being disliked by the little dumpling?

The dining table.

Bai Lang ate and drank his fill, peeking a Gong Jue finished answering the phone, seemingly with an even fouler face.

That …… thing, do you still want to talk to the little dumpling about it ah.

If you don’t say it, this divine doctor will be suffocated ah.

“Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

Before Bai Lang could think about it, Gong Jue was already frowning and kicking him out.

“Cough cough, that, my brother is inspecting the pharmacy, I’m free today ah I came to check on you as well ……”

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 118: Bastard, will it kill you to pamper a woman?

Facing Gu Qi Qi who, like the little gnome, pouted and skipped breakfast.

Gong Gong’s adam’s apple rolled.

He’s never been one to spoil his son.

Of course, he wouldn’t spoil a woman either.

If you won’t eat, starve and see if the next meal will be better, or else if you keep spoiling this stubborn temper of not eating, you will have to turn the tables!

–This was his wolf father’s policy.

Right now, without thinking about it, he used it on Gu Qi Qi.

Gong Jue slammed the door and left.

The solid and powerful sound of military boots faded away at the end of the corridor.

Gu Qi Qi is exasperated and sat facing the window.

She leaned on her chin and calmed down for a moment.

What the hell, why did she just confront the impotent man.

Clearly, she knows that he is a conceited and arrogant childish man, so why didn’t she just play along?

Just now he somehow changed his attitude, she also didn’t know if he was emotionally unstable because he just got up. Fine, she wouldn’t be concerned about it, but after eating with him, she might be able to find an opportunity to sneak out.

Still, she somehow cared about his attitude!

Well, it’s actually made her a little sad.

Gu Qi Qi thought furiously.

Stinky man, would it kill you to coax others?


Gong Jue came down the stairs very unhappily.


“Get out!”

Once he saw that Bai Lang, this guy, was actually sitting at his table early in the morning and smiling with a sunny smile, Gong Jue suddenly felt even more upset.

Bai Lang stroked his nose in depression and said to Lieutenant Lu, “Your Chiefs mood after waking up is serious again, isn’t it? I thought he should be in a pretty good mood after spending a night with the goblin, and that was why I came to have breakfast with him, why does he look like he’s sick?”

Lieutenant Lu’s smile tugged at his lips and he didn’t reply, but respectfully pulled out the dining chair for Gong Jue and whispered, “Chief, the kitchen has made a special seaweed soup that is said to relieve alcohol intake.”

Gong Jue didn’t comment.

“My lord, you have faint bruises under your eyes, it can’t be because you didn’t sleep much last night, right?” The first time I saw a woman in a coma, I was very sure that she would not be able to feel anything when I did it. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as badly plowed ground, only tired cows, and even though you’re not allergic to her, you still have to take good care of your dragon body …… you see you’re tired ……”

“Lieutenant Lu, see the guest off!”

Gong Jong commanded in a cold voice.

Did he have shadows under his eyes?

Crap, the stupid woman’s dishonest sleeping position last night had challenged his proud willpower time and time again.

How many cold showers did he have to take?

He’d broken the shower faucet but who knew?!

If he could take her it would be fine! The problem is no, he didn’t!

Before Lieutenant Lu could kick out anyone, Bai Long took over the rice bowl in front of him and refused to move, shouting, “Don’t kick me out! I won’t talk. I’ll just eat! Eat!”

Gong Jue ignored him and instead swept a glance at the kitchen.

What did Lieutenant Lu just say?

Seaweed soup to relieve drunkenness?

That stupid woman had a drinking competition last night, her stomach was full of alcohol and she skipped breakfast to get a stomach bug?

She actually had the nerve to be obstinate with him.

Lieutenant Lu, observing the situation, suggested at the right time, “Chief, why don’t I bring some seaweed soup over and give it to Miss Qi Qi to cool down first, then she can drink it and head straight downstairs later ……”

“You are this idle?”

Gong Jue glared at him without good intent.

Lieutenant Lu choked.

He didn’t dare mention it again.

But Bai Lang was happy.

Yo, judging by the attitude of the little goblin, did she piss him off again and was not even allow her to have breakfast?

Great, it’s a good opportunity to add fuel to the fire and make the goblin suffer.

But Just as he was about to speak.

Gong Jue’s voice coolly sounded-

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 117: Her tantrums are a lot like the kid’s.

Gu Qi Qi sighed softly.

The cherry-like little mouth slightly pouted.

In a very, very soft and sticky voice, she softly coaxed Gong Jue: “Good boy ah, let go of someone for a little while, okay? I’m just going to walk away for a second. ……”

Saying that she used her small hand, and lightly patted Gong Zhu’s face, as if dealing with a misbehaving pet.

She said, this guy looks like a large pet, but in fact, even his face is so hard and firm, she’s too sore to pat him.

She was really curious, was there not a single part of this man’s body that wasn’t steel-hard?

Gu Qi Qi gazed at Gong Jue’s reaction.

Sure enough, this Moe sound route was the right move!

Gong Jue’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, grunted, and released his hand.

Gu Qi Qi was liberated.

In her mind, she couldn’t help but smile, if she filmed this scene of the impotent man, it would be very valuable, and she could blackmail him properly.

With a thought, she pulled out her cell phone and “clicked-“, capturing this large stupid appearance of a pet like Gong Jue.

She put away the phone and crept just to the door.

Suddenly, a loud snapping sound exploded behind him: “What are you doing?”

A sudden change in the mood!



However, this impotent man, when he’s awake, he was going to be angry.

Gu Qi Qi depressingly squeezed her phone, if only she didn’t take pictures just now.

If she was a bit cautious, she shouldn’t get caught for taking photos of him, right?

She paused, “I ……”

Gong Jue didn’t wait for her answer, and with one swift movement, he rolled over, pulled a men’s shirt out of the closet, and threw it at her: “Wearing that dress out, you’re ugly! Change it for me!”

Hey, this is a school uniform, okay? What do you mean by that? Besides, what’s so ugly about it?

Gu Qi Qi was a little angry.

Helplessly, Gong Jue’s order was not to be questioned.

She also didn’t want to argue and waste time on such trivial matters, so she simply followed his order and changed into the shirt.

As a result, Gong Jue looked at the still slender, white legs under the shirt, and his eyebrows narrowed a bit more.

It’s time to buy some clothes for this stupid woman.

It was his fault that he had never had a woman around, and had never considered, a woman’s clothing, food, shelter, and transportation.

She came to the barracks and wore her school uniform for so long, and she didn’t have a single decent piece of clothing.

A touch of guilt came, and Gong Jue’s face softened a little, saying in a deep voice, “Go downstairs and eat.”

Gu Qi Qi tightly grasped the phone: “I’m not hungry …… that, I have something important, can I go out?”

After saying that, fearing that Gong Zhu wouldn’t agree, she immediately added, “I’ll be back after I’m done.”

Seeing Gu Qiqi’s squeezed cell phone, in his mind, Gong Jue recalled, for a moment, the image of holding her last night at the bar.

It would have been quite nice to feel like a hero saving a woman.

But ……

Good God, he had seen that outgoing call on her phone, and it wasn’t him!

Little Master Xiao Ning

Hmph, he remembered this young man.

This stupid woman was in such a hurry to go out now, could it be that she was going to secretly meet with that young man?

She couldn’t wait?

Not even for a moment?

The desire to see that man even outweighs the need to take care of her own body?

Gong Jue’s face, which had just eased up, instantly darkened a bit: ” You’re NOT going.”

Three words, blocking her thoughts of going out to complain about her college entrance exam results.

Gu Qi Qi frowned, “Impotent man, why are you being unreasonable?”

Gong Jue proudly raised his chin, “I am reasonable, no need to talk.”

“You ……!”

“Go downstairs and eat for me!”

“I don’t want to eat.”

Gu Qi Qi threw her phone on the table and sat angrily by the window.

Eat, eat, eat, what to eat, she was full of anger!

“Then starve!”

Gong Jue endured his anger.

The way Gu Qi Qi lost her temper suddenly reminded him of the little dumpling.

Almost every time the little dumpling complained to him, it was the same phrase, “I don’t want to eat”!

This stupid woman, why is she still acting like a child?

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 116: The Chief’s Waking Up Moe

At the moment.

Qingcheng Four Seas Hotel.

In the high-class suite, Gu Meifeng’s dress was half-untied, leaning breezily on the arms of her distant cousin, Gu Enlong.

On her thick eyelashes, there were half genuine tears: “Elder brother Enlong, that bookworm little bitch is scum who doesn’t care for her family. She made her father go to jail and lose money. She also hurt my family’s Xue Xue. Last night, she even spent one million dollars and nearly let Xue Xue be a prostitute at the bar. You must help me to teach her a good lesson”

Gu Enlong proudly pointed to the news headline, “Didn’t you see that the news has been released? What school would dare to want her when she’s on the news and her reputation is stinking?”

“But wasn’t someone behind her back ……”

“Are you stupid, who would dare back her up now? It’s a man’s job to avoid her like a snake, lest he is implicated by her!”

“Ummm, but brother Enlong, I’m afraid that her grades, if it’s found out that you did it, it’s not good for you ah ……”

“Don’t worry about that. My brother has always been watertight in his work. I haven’t changed a word of her grades at all.”

“What? I thought she got zero points for cheating.” Gu Mei Feng shouted in exaggerated alarm.

“It’s not zero points, it’s one point. You don’t understand that, do you? The rules of the college entrance exam are that the answer sheet must be clean and no marking is allowed, or it will be considered cheating. I, on the other hand, just made a mark on her answer sheet for the college entrance exam! The score for cheating is one, which is used to distinguish the zero points for not cheating.”

“Brother Enlong, you’re just too powerful. This way even if someone traced it, they wouldn’t even be able to find out who drew that mark!”

“Yes, if I scribbled an answer, she can identify the handwriting or something, but draw a symbol, she can never identify the hell out of it! Anyone who checks it out won’t be able to find out anything!”

“So, this time, Gu Qi Qi is dead?”

“Dead! And it was a particularly ugly death …… so isn’t it time for you to repay me?”

“Geez, nasty …… uh-huh ……”


Gu Qi Qi still didn’t know that the Witch Queen’s poisoned apple had quietly descended into her mouth.

But she knew that she would never take the blame for this black pot!

But, what is she going to do to prove herself as a powerless senior? To defeat rumors?

At this instant, she suddenly realized that compared to the overwhelming and unceasingly spreading rumors, the power of one person was very insignificant!

No way!

She had to do something, rumors she couldn’t control, but, she could go for a review of her grade.

Why on earth would it be a 1?

Where did she cheat?

She had to ask for an explanation.

She rose with a start.

However, Gong Jue’s eyes, which were closed, suddenly opened fractionally.

The palm, abruptly fishing for her skirt, yanked!

Pulling her right back onto the cot.

“Hey ……!”

Gu Qi Qi stumbled and smashed right into his arms.

But Gong Jue was smooth, holding her like a pillow, firmly.


Was this man made of steel? She hits him, and he doesn’t even hurt?

She, on the other hand, was banged up and felt raw and painful everywhere.

“Let go of me, I have something important to do.” Gu Qi Qi thought he was awake and pushed him.

But, Gong Jue’s eyes were half-closed, and his long, thick lashes cast a small shadow.

Thin lips murmured, “Not wide enough to ……”

A shiver ran through Gu Qi Qi.

God, Three-Year-Old Gong Jue was back again!

She almost forgot that the man had was childish getting up.

So perhaps the right way to communicate should be –.

My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 115: The Prince’s magic isn’t all-powerful

At the bottom of the webpage, a news message suddenly popped up.

Gu Qi Qi opened it and took a look.

“…… Zhu Yu was sentenced to life imprisonment and had to compensate fifty-five million dollars …… Gu Qiushan was sentenced to ten years in prison and fined ninety-nine million dollars …….”

God, it was so relieving.

These two old things are no good birds, not half as good as any doctor.

It should have been done long ago.

It’s just …… that the verdict was not pronounced sooner or later, but it was pronounced in the middle of the night last night!

She felt, somehow, something was strange somewhere.

Her memory returned.

It seems that the last time she was in the hospital, Zhu Fen and Gu Xue Xue were plotting and busted her back, and as a result, Zhu Fen was bruised all over that night, while Gu Xue Xue was left with an ugly scar on her forehead due to the city’s power outage and couldn’t get the plastic surgeon to stitch her up properly.

How similar!

After she had been counted out, and those who counted her out had fallen on hard times instead.

It was as if there’s a strong hand pushing her in the dark.

Not only protecting her but also standing up for her.

This feeling was too strange.

In her confusion, she inexplicably swept a glance at the man sleeping soundly on the cot, his eyes closed tightly.

Was it him?

It’s sort of like him to be so simple and brutal …… so stuffy …… doing this kind of thing.

So, was he also the magic prince who made the Imperial Military Medical University admit her again?

No, Gong Jue didn’t even know about his college entrance exam application, it wasn’t him.

Gu Qi Qi brooded, preparing to write an email to the Military Medical University to ask about the situation.

However, before she could draft the email, an even more explosive piece of news immediately popped up, refreshing her vision.

It was another floating red hot post right after the news about Gu Qiushan and Zhu Yu.

The headline was written in large red letters.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Qingcheng Middle School, top “academic tyrant” cheated on the entrance exam but was admitted to the university, the academic tyrant is fake, the “sleeping tyrant” is real!

The long, suggestive title, with just a quick glance, made it clear what kind of dynamite thing this was.

“Qingcheng High School’s student, Gu Qi Qi, cheated and plagiarized and still managed to get into college, there must be a hidden secret rule in there!”

“The Imperial Military Medical University has never admitted a student with such a poor character, she must have gone through the back door and made connections!”

“Bullshit, she slept with the headmaster of the Imperial Army Medical College?”

“Definitely! How can you open such a big back door for her without sleeping with the principal? Letting a cheating student in?”

“The old driver said that it should not be her going through the back door, but someone else using her ‘back door’ it ah ha ha ha …… These days the hidden rules are trying to play new tricks, if she did not serve the boss master well, can she get such powerful resources? “

“My God, the world is so dirty, even college campuses are so dirty!”

“Hey, hey, the dirty one is Gu Qi Qi, she’s the ‘sleeping tyrant’ rat turd that ruined our university’s pot of soup ……”

“Get the hell out of the Imperial Military Medical University, Gu Qi Qi!”

“We refuse to be classmates with the sleep bully!”

Gu Qi Qi looked at the comment with cold eyes, and saw this news, quickly topping the Weibo hot search list.

It was actually a thousand times hotter than the news of Gu Qiushan and the others being sentenced to pay compensation.

One day, she actually became a headline.

As expected, this world just loved things that were eye-catching, regardless of whether they were true or not!

And the person behind all of this had a really deep and thorough grasp of the human heart.

She was going to admire it all.

She coldly to close the page.

Gu Qi Qi sunbathed with a smile: “As expected, the prince’s magic isn’t all-powerful, the witch’s poisonous apples are the most tried and true.”

So what if someone helped to forcefully send her to the Imperial Military Medical University?

In the blink of an eye, wasn’t there a bigger trap?

Smear her indiscriminately!

This is to stomp on her reputation to death ah.

It’s not even enough to simply cheat, but to shamelessly sleep with the boss after cheating?