White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 5: Acting

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan were both shocked when they heard Su Mo Li’s words!

One of them tugged on Su Mo Li’s arm.

The other was directly hugging Su Mo Li’s waist.

The always calm Cheng Tao couldn’t help but panic.

“Miss, let’s have a conversation!”

“Yes, Miss! This is the Prime Minister’s Residence at any rate, what if you forget your promise?”

Huang Fan’s words made the anger in Su Mo Li’s eyes disappear and frowned, “I know, I won’t bring a knife.”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan had smiles on their faces, and at the same time stepped back and bowed their bodies towards Su Mo Li, “Have a good time, Miss, go early and return early.”

It seemed that it wasn’t them at all who had just stopped Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li was like a phantom, moving quickly through the Prime Minister’s Residence.

Dodging the guards, she arrived directly at the Muidan Courtyard, the place where Su Xin Zhen lived.

As one approached Su Xin Zhen’s courtyard, one could hear Su Xin Zhen’s abusive and unhappy voice.

“Damn you, Su Mo Li! She set me up! I won’t let her go! No!”


The sound of porcelain shattering on the floor made Su Mo Li pat her chest, “It’s so scary……”

“Get out, all of you!”

Su Xin Zhen looked at the surrounding maids, her anger unrelenting.

When all the maids left, Su Xin Zhen’s eyes were as if they were engulfed with poison.

Su Mo Li brought a scarf with her and jumped directly from the window to Su Xin Zhen’s room.

Without waiting for Su Xin Zhen to scream, she directly covered her mouth.

Raising her hand, she knocked Su Xin Zhen unconscious.

After beating and kicking her a bit, she put the gold and silver jewelry on the dresser into a sack, looked around for a while, and grabbed a few silver bills from under her pillow.

Taking a look at Su Xin Zhen, who had fallen on the floor, she quirked the corner of her lips, a wicked smile in her eyes.

Throwing the sack with a hand and dropping it on her shoulder, one hand grabbed it while the other hand directly lifted Su Xin Zhen up.

Yes, there was no mistaking it, she was lifted up.

And then threw her straight out of the window.

Tilting her head, Su Mo Li revealed a harmless smile: “Hey …… you need to lose weight, you’re too heavy! I can’t lift you with two fingers, I have to use five.”

Kicking Su Xin Zhen with her foot, Su Mo Li returned with a full load.

Looking at the things that Su Mo Li had brought back, Cheng Tao and Huang Fan didn’t say anything, one put the sack away and the other put the things right away and disappeared into the night.

Skillfully as if they had to do this on a daily basis.

The next day, a scream spread throughout the Prime Minister’s Residence.

Old Madam Su came to Cui Zhu Garden with Momo Ke early in the morning.

Looking at the pale Su Mo Li, she was worried and hugged her warmly.

“It’s good that you’re fine, yesterday really scared Grandmother. Since you’re not well, take good care of yourself, whatever hundred-year-old ginseng or thousand-year-old snow lotus, Grandmother will go to buy it for you.”

Su Mo Li shook her head, her face full of a soft smile: “Grandmother need not be like this, my body has an old problem, if Grandmother is harmed from worry, it will be my fault.”

“That’s right, yesterday I passed out, but only because I had an old illness, it has nothing to do with my sister, I heard that my sister was punished by Father to face the wall, it’s my fault.”

Saying that Su Mo Li dry cough twice.

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan at the side were busy serving tea and pouring water.

When Old Madam Su saw this, she sighed, this girl was too kind-hearted.

After giving a few instructions, she left with Momo Ke.

“Ah Ke, I see that you don’t look well, what happened?”

Old Madame Su was confused and asked.

Momo Ke was silent for a moment and whispered, “Old Madam, something happened in the house yesterday.”


Momo Ke helped Old Madam Su to walk towards the courtyard and whispered, “It’s Second Miss’s side, I heard that she was seen outside the window this morning, the good news is that although the clothes are messy, they are intact.”

“Everything of value in the room has been stolen.”

Old Madam Su paused, “You mean, there were thieves in the Prime Minister’s Residence yesterday?”

Momo Ke hesitated and nodded, “Indeed, but that thief only stole things from Second Miss’s courtyard, it’s very strange indeed.”

Old Madam Su’s face changed and immediately said, “Spread the news that something was lost in my yard as well.”

Momo Ke sighed in her heart, “Old Madam’s heart is good.”

“In the end, she is the daughter of the Su family, if she loses her reputation, it’s the entire Su family that will be implicated.”

“Okay, when Chen’er comes back, you let him come to my courtyard, Nan Nan’s side, you will suffer a bit more.”

Momo Ke smiled, “This is what I should do, I see that Eldest Miss is also a gentle person and will never cause trouble.”

After a pause, Momo Ke whispered, “Old Madam, only yesterday did this servant learn that the things we have sent to the Tianjia Village over the years have not been sent to the Eldest Miss.”

Old Madam Su squinted her eyes, “I know this matter by heart.”


After Old Madam Su had left, after a while, Su Mo Li got up and changed into a white dress.

“Miss, the more you wear this dress, the weaker you look.” Huang Fan said with a smile as she groomed Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li looked at the soft and frail face in the mirror and thought about it, drawing a red flower blossom mark on her forehead, which added a bit of delicate and adorable air.

“It’s almost time, let’s go.”

Saying that Su Mo Li got up and was held up by Cheng Tao and Huang Fan, walking towards the front door.

“Eldest Miss is looking well.”

“Greetings, Eldest Miss.”

Su Mo Li looked at the way everyone bowed and greeted her, and a blush appeared on her small face, “There’s no need to be polite, everyone.”

Seeing how gentle Su Mo Li was, a maid of courageous attitude couldn’t help but ask, “Eldest Miss, are you leaving the house?”

Su Mo Li’s face grew redder and redder, shaking her head, she said softly, “No, I want to wait for Father to leave for court.”

“Eldest Miss is truly filial.” The surrounding maids couldn’t help but praise.

Su Mo Li even waved her hand, her small face full of shyness, “No, it’s just that I haven’t seen Father for many years ……”

“Plus, yesterday my sister merely accidentally pushed me, it was my bad body that made me faint, but Father seems to have blamed my sister, and I want to wait until Father comes back from court to inform him so that he doesn’t wrongly accuse my sister.”

“In the end, it’s my body that’s not strong enough.”

The words were said, with a grievous look on her face.

Who could bear such a stunningly beautiful and kind-hearted woman displaying her sorrow in front of them?

Looking at Su Mo Li’s back, the maids were talking about it.

“I heard about yesterday’s incident, Second Miss must have made a move on Eldest Miss, otherwise Eldest Miss wouldn’t have vomited blood ah!”

“Yeah, no matter how weak your body is, can you vomit blood if you’re pushed? I don’t believe in it, it must be something Second Miss did, hey, Second Miss is already domineering, and Eldest Miss is so weak, it’s really heartbreaking.”

“No, if the Eldest Princess were still here, the Eldest Miss would not be bullied.”

“Don’t say this nonsense, if it reaches the ears of our Madam, you’ll have a hard time.”

“By the way, did you hear about it? Something happened to Second Miss today.”

A few maids muttered for a while, then laughed, “So ah, the bad guys have their arms around her, although she bullied the Eldest Miss, it’s all good now, retribution!”

Su Mo Li’s standing in front of the Residence waiting for Su Chen was known to Su Xin Zhen.


Su Xin Zhen quickly climbed up from the bed, her face was fierce and grim, “I knew she was going to tell on me! No, I have to stop her!”

“Miss, please wait, perhaps the Eldest Miss isn’t going to tell on you……” said the eldest maid Chun Fen beside Su Xin Zhen in a hurry.

“Hmph! Why do you think she went to the front door early in the morning to wait for Father, if not to tell on me?”

“It must be about yesterday, she’s trying to be evil!”

“I didn’t touch her and I’m not going to let her get away with it! Hurry up and change my clothes!”

Su Xin Zhen quickly dressed and stormed off towards the gate.

As soon as Su Chen got off the carriage, he saw the figure of Su Mo Li and frowned, “Why are you standing here? What is this?”


Su Mo Li bent her body and raised her head slightly, her small face somewhat anxious.

This anxiety set off this appearance more and more vividly.

Unconsciously, Su Chen’s anger was a little less, “What’s going on?”

“Father, there was really something urgent to tell Father, so I waited for him because of what happened last night.”

“Oh?” Su Chen’s newly risen good feelings disappeared for a moment.

With a faint glance at Su Mo Li, “I’ve already asked your sister to face the wall, although she has mistakes, she’s your sister, after all, she has to be forgiven, so don’t be too harsh.”

“If there’s nothing else, leave first.”

Saying that, Su Chen flung his long sleeves and was about to leave.

“Father, that’s not what I meant, I want to say that yesterday’s incident has nothing to do with my sister, and she shouldn’t be confined.” Su Mo Li quickly took two steps and tugged on Su Chen’s sleeve, “Father, yesterday really had nothing to do with my sister, and I would like to ask Father to release her.”

Su Chen was stunned, he had lived most of his life, experienced many things, and he thought he knew a good deal about people’s hearts, but he didn’t expect that Su Mo Li would actually speak for Su Xin Zhen.

“Cough, cough.” Su Mo Li was in too much of a hurry and coughed dryly her little face reddening.

A surge of guilt arose in Su Chen’s heart: “Li’er don’t worry, speak slowly.”

Su Mo Li didn’t allow the matter to slow down, the hand tugging on Su Chen’s sleeve tightened slightly, as if she was afraid that Su Chen would suddenly run away.

“Yesterday, my sister just accidentally pushed me, she didn’t do anything to me, it was my weak body, and because I contracted a cold on the way, and was in the sun for half an hour, so it triggered the old sickness, it has nothing to do with my sister ……”

“You shut up!”

A furious shout came over.

Su Xin Zhen’s face was filled with anger, and she quickly walked over in three steps, raising her hand to slap Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li screamed, “Father!”

With that, she hid behind Su Chen and trembled.

Looking at the ruthlessness on Su Xin Zhen’s face, Su Chen directly grabbed Su Xin Zhen’s wrist, “What are you doing?”

Su Xin Zhen didn’t think that Su Mo Li would actually dare to hide, her heart grew angrier and angrier, not caring that Su Chen was here, she shouted, “Su Mo Li, you get out of here! You little bitch!”


Su Chen slapped Su Xin Zhen directly in the face.

For a moment, there was a terrible silence.

With tears in her eyes, Su Xin Zhen covered her cheeks and looked at Su Chen incredulously, “Father, you hit me! You actually hit me for Su Mo Li!”

Su Chen’s eyes crossed with a hint of heartache, just before he was about to speak, he heard Su Mo Li kneel on the ground with a ‘plop,’ “Father, it’s this daughter’s fault, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have hit my sister.”

“But, Sister, what have I done that you want to insult me……”

Su Mo Li looked up, a pair of eyes filled with tears, her eyelashes quivered, and tears slid down her cheeks.

The sickly white face carried a few hints of grievance.

Voice trembling, she softly said, “Should I have not come back, so that my sister would not quarrel with Father?”

Su Chen’s heart suddenly sank, the pain in his heart disappeared in a moment, his icy eyes looked at Su Xin Zhen, “I’m the one who let Li’er come back, is this action of yours against my decision?”

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