White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 4: Counterattack

In the evening, Momo Ke specially came to Cui Zhu Courtyard.

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan helped Su Mo Li dress.

Although it was coarse linen clothing, this good color can’t be hidden.

After sighing, Momo Ke greeted Su Mo Li, “Eldest Miss, the Old Lady knows that you came back in a hurry and didn’t prepare any clothes.”

“These are all newly bought ready-made clothes, you can improvise to wear them first, and tomorrow an embroiderer will come to measure your size.”

Su Mo Li smiled softly and said softly, “Thank you, Momo, I like all these clothes, there is no need to be so wasteful.”

“Where are your words, Eldest Miss, you’re the First Miss of the Prime Minister’s Residence, so you naturally deserve the best.”

Su Mo Li slowly walked over and touched the clothes in the maid’s hands, her tone was marvelous, “It’s the first time I’ve seen such nice clothes, the material is also comfortable.”

“It’s really nice ……”

The envy in her tone caused a hint of confusion to cross Momo Ke’s eyes, and she couldn’t help but inquire, “You didn’t have these clothes in Tianjia Village, Eldest Miss?”

Su Mo Li laughed, “Momo, I prayed for my family in Tianjia Village, so naturally, I would just follow the local customs and wear coarse linen clothes.”

“I’ve known for many years, my family didn’t prepare these clothes for me because they didn’t want me to stand out too much.”

The soft voice was full of understanding that absolved the family.

Yet Momo Ke was silent.

She handled all the things given to Tianjia Village, and she was quite sure that twice a year, she would send jewelry and clothes to the Eldest Miss.

But ……

Momo Ke’s eyes twinkled a bit and she smiled and said, “Miss try on this dress first to see if it fits.”

When Su Mo Li changed into the pale yellow dress, it only brightened one’s eyes.

The smile on Momo Ke’s face was also a little more sincere: “It’s really pretty.”

“It’s the dress that’s well selected, thank you Momo.”

Saying that Su Mo Li bowed her body towards Momo Ke.

Momo Ke quickly side-stepped: “Miss mustn’t bend to this old slave.”

“Miss, this way please.”

Su Mo Li responded and followed Momo Ke’s footsteps towards the front hall.

As soon as she approached the front hall, she heard the sound of laughter coming from inside.

Su Mo Li looked towards Momo Ke in confusion.

Momo Ke smiled and said, “It’s the Master coming back, he should be testing Second Miss’s learning.”

Upon hearing that, Su Mo Li revealed her envy, “Sister is really great, sh is nothing like me who just knows a few words.”

Momo Ke’s eyes flashed with a hint of pity.

“Old Lady, Master, Eldest Miss is here.”

As soon as Momo Ke’s words fell, Su Mo Li walked in.

Looking up at the handsome man sitting on the top seat, Su Chen, who would have thought that he was the one who had poisoned her mother!

Her hand fiercely squeezed her palm. She dropped her eyes, and bowed her body: “Hoping Grandmother is well, Father and Mother are well.”

The moment Su Mo Li came in, Su Chen felt bright.

The smile on his face was also a little deeper, “It’s good that you’ re back, you left the capital when you were young and must not understand the rules of the capital. Let your mother and sisters teach you more, don’t lose the face of the Prime Minister’s Residence outside.”

“Yes.” Su Mo Li responded.

When Old Madam Su saw this, she greeted Su Mo Li and called her to her side, “In the afternoon, the doctor took your pulse, did he say anything?”

Before Su Mo Li said anything, Momo Ke on the side said, “The doctor said that the Eldest Miss is weak and needs to recuperate.”

“Nan Nan only went to suffer for the sake of the Prime Minister’s Residence, Chen’er ah, now that Nan Nan is back, you have to make it up to her.”

“Not to mention other things, in the end, Nan Nan is the First Miss of the Prime Minister’s Residence, no way we can allow a slave to stomp on her face!”

Li Qianshi’s heart sank and interrupted Old Madam Su’s anger before she could say anything else: “It’s my fault, I didn’t discipline my servant properly and made Li’er suffer so much.”

“It’s my fault, I will definitely discipline my servant properly in the future.”

Seeing her mother admit her fault, Su Xin Zhen was particularly uncomfortable and couldn’t help but mutter, “Isn’t it just that she’s been out a little longer? Once you come back, you snitch on …… how can Big Sister be so stingy……”

Su Chen frowned, naturally, he heard Su Xin Zhen’s words, and now had some displeasure.

Turning his head to look at Su Mo Li, however, he saw that her face was pale, and from time to time she even coughed dryly, as if she was afraid of affecting other people, only coughing carefully and quietly.

And then looking at Su Mo Li’s slender body, there was a hint of guilt in his heart, after all, she was also his own child.

Compared to Zhen’er and Xuan’er, she was also a bit too thin and weak.

Su Mo Li seemed to have sensed Su Chen’s measuring gaze and raised her head slightly. Her face flushed, her eyes flashed with surprise, and she opened her mouth but closed it.

The shape of his mouth seemed to be calling “father”.

Su Chen’s heart softened a little more, “How is Li’er’s body so weak?”

Su Mo Li stood up in a hurry and bowed her body at Su Chen, “Father, I don’t blame Mother for this, my sister is right, I just stayed out for a little longer, it’s my body that’s not strong enough.”

“I didn’t expect the sun to be this big today, had I known, I wouldn’t have bothered with Momo Chen more, I would have just gone in through the side door.”

“It’s my fault for causing Grandmother, Father, and Mother to worry about me.”

Li Qianshi’s eyebrows trembled, and she took a deep look at Su Mo Li, but she saw that her eyes were clear and her face was full of tension.

Could it be that she was thinking too much?

Su Mo Li just told the story, but she didn’t intentionally use the “side door” to make an issue out of it?

“Nonsense!” Su Chen shouted angrily, “Li’er is a First Eldest Miss, how can she enter the house through the side door? Who is this servant that doesn’t know manners so well, just sell it!”

Li Qianshi pursed her lips and bent her head: “Master, it is this concubine’s servant Momo Chen. I blame Momo Chen for just thinking that the side door is closer to the Lianhua Court, but I didn’t think of all this, I didn’t account for it, so if Master wants to punish someone, punish me.”

“Why is Mother talking like this, how can a servant’s mistake cause Mother to be punished? It’s not a big deal, so please don’t mind it Father.”

Su Mo Li said evenly, “If it’s because of me that Father and Mother quarrel, it would be my fault.”

“Just now, my sister has already misunderstood my complaint, if Father punishes Mother, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get a foothold in this house.”

Su Mo Li suddenly coughed, her brows full of weakness.

“Miss, drink some water to moisten your throat.”

Cheng Tao hastily lifted the cup of tea and waited for Su Mo Li to drink the tea.

Su Chen looked up at Su Xin Zhen, whose face was filled with disdain, and a hint of disapproval crossed his eyes, “Zhen’er, this is your Eldest Sister, how can you be so impolite?”

“Father, my sister is still young, you shouldn’t blame her, I quite like my sister, if I had my father and mother’s favor, I would naturally be the same as my sister and say whatever I want.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li’s face showed envy.

A hint of unnaturalness crossed Su Chen’s eyes, “Your mother and I naturally love you as well.”

Li Qianshi barely smiled: “Yes, Li’er can rest assured.”

Saying that, Li Qianshi secretly gave Su Xin Zhen a look.

Su Xin Zhen pursed her lips, her eyes quickly flashed with a hint of disdain, and although she was reluctant, she stood up and came to Su Mo Li’s side, reaching out to hold Su Mo Li’s hand: “Sister, don’t worry, I won’t let anyone bully you in the future.”

Saying that, a brilliant smile was revealed.

However, Su Mo Li still caught the fierce intentions in Su Xin Zhen’s eyes.

As expected, she saw Su Xin Zhen pinch the back of her hand and the corner of her lips hooked upwards.

Quickly taking two steps back, her face showed pain.

Only, the words couldn’t come out of her mouth.

Because Su Mo Li was even faster than her!

“Sister! You ……”

Su Mo Li stumbled and fell to the ground, Cheng Tao and Huang Fan reacted even faster, directly kneeling on the ground: “Second Miss, our Miss is weak, what grievances you have directly just say it, why do you want to do ……”

Cheng Tao hugged Su Mo Li and tears fell: “Second Miss, how did my Miss offend you in the end, why are you so cruel ……”

Huang Fan also cried at the side, “Second Miss, you and Miss are sisters! You can be like this in front of the Old Lady and the Master, in the future, in the future, if……wuwuwu……”

“Cheng Tao, Huang Fan, you guys don’t do that, my sister was probably careless.” Su Mo Li leaned against Cheng Tao, her face pale.

Su Xin Zhen was stunned, surprised by the accusations by Su Mo Li and the maids she didn’t react.

She had just calculated the position, the line of sight, so as long as she made herself concealed, everyone would think that Su Mo Li had bullied her.

But why, did it turn out like this?

“What are you waiting for! Hurry up and call a doctor!”

Li Qianshi’s eyelids fluttered and she quickly called out.

“Nan Nan, how are you, Nan Nan……” Old Madam Su held Su Mo Li’s hand, her face full of worry.

Su Mo Li weakly opened his eyes and opened her mouth to speak when she suddenly coughed, blood spraying on her chest.

“Ah! Miss is coughing up blood!”

Not knowing who screamed, everyone was shocked.

Su Chen was even more filled with incredulity and immediately had people carry Su Mo Li back. Turning to look at Su Xin Zhen, his brows furrowed, “Zhen’er, what have you done?”

“Please, my Lord, make a decision for my Miss!” Cheng Tao and Huang Fan directly knelt.

Su Chen was also angry, he didn’t expect Su Xin Zhen to attack her eldest sister right under his nose.

Now, he said in a deep voice, “Su Xin Zhen, you’re still not telling the truth!”

“Thud,” Su Xin Zhen kneeled on the ground, her entire body trembling, “Dad, I didn’t, I didn’t do anything!”

Seeing that Su Xin Zhen still didn’t say anything, Su Chen’s face was filled with disappointment, “Think about it.”

With that, he left with a fling of his long sleeves.

Su Xin Zhen’s heart beat quickly and she knelt down at Li Qianshi’s side: “Mother, I really didn’t do anything!”

Regarding her own daughter, Li Qianshi understood.

Looking at Su Xin Zhen’s appearance, Li Qianshi helped her up: “Zhen’er, it doesn’t matter whether you did or didn’t do it now, the important thing is that something happened to Su Mo Li.”

“It’s her Su Mo Li who set me up!”

Su Xin Zhen’s eyes were red and her face was fierce.

Li Qianshi closed her eyes: “It was me who underestimated her.”

Late at night, Old Lady Su and Su Chen repeatedly confirmed with the doctor that Su Mo Li only needed to rest well before this left.

As soon as the few people left, Su Mo Li opened her eyes, and the corners of her lips curled up in a seeming smile.

“Miss.” Cheng Tao and Huang Fan came over with excitement on their faces.

Su Mo Li gave them a thumbs up, “Not bad, the premiere ended perfectly!”

“But now well……” Su Mo Li got up from the bed, changed into a nightclothes, moved her wrists and laughed out lightly, “Since you have the guts to set me up, you have to bear my anger ah……”

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  1. Lol, she managed to turn every sentence into a grievance.

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    BTW, one sentence says “Su Stranger” instead of “Su Mo Li” near the end.

    “Late at night, Old Lady Su and Su Chen repeatedly confirmed with the doctor that Su Stranger only needed to rest well before this left.”

  2. Yeah, now I’m pretty much positive that all those you’re referring to as ‘Mo Mo’ are actually supposed to be ‘momo’.
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    ‘Saying that Su Mo Li bowed her body towards Sister Ke.

    Sister Ke busily side-stepped: “Miss mustn’t bend to this old slave.”’
    You switched ‘Mo Mo Ke’ to ‘Sister Ke’ here and then after switched back to “Mo Mo Ke’.

    ‘Li Qanshi pursed her lips and bent her head: “Master, it is this concubine’s servant Mo Mo Chen.”‘
    I know wives referred to themselves deferentially/subserviently when speaking to their husband, especially when their husband was angry, but isn’t Li Qianshi the legal wife now? If she is I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t refer to herself as a concubine. I can’t remember quite how the legal wife would refer to herself in such a situation, but I’m almost positive she wouldn’t call herself a concubine.

    I hope I’m not coming off as mean with all the corrections, because I’m really not meaning it in that way. Your translations are actually pretty decent. The areas that need some help seem like you just aren’t very familiar yet with translating novels that take place in ancient China. At least that’s the sort of impression I have from this story.

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