White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 3: You can only be a concubine.

Su Xin Zhen is also eleven years old, with a decent smile on her face, but her eyes flickered with a mocking light, looking at Su Mo Li’s weak appearance, a hint of mockery crossed her face.

But there was nothing wrong with her etiquette on the surface: “Grandmother forgot about me and Xuan’er as soon as she saw Big Sister, Zhen’er just wanted to greet Big Sister, but couldn’t find the opportunity.”

Old Madam Su’s smile on her face faded a little, slowly said: “Your big sister is no different than you guys in the Prime Minister’s Residence, your big sister for our family, was outside suffering, now she’s back, you must take good care of your big sister, do not let her suffer from the bullying of others.”

Su Mo Li hung her head, acting as a weak white lotus flower.

Su Xin Zhen’s words saying that she competed for favors as soon as she came back, showing that she was a restless person.

Grandmother, however, said that what the Prime Minister’s Residence had now is all due to her, so to be favored is also her due.

Su Xin Zhen had a stiff smile on her face, but it quickly returned its natural appearance: “Like Grandmother said, I liked Big Sister as soon as I saw her, and in the future, I’ll be sure to disturb her, so Big Sister can’t be annoyed with me.”

Saying that she winked playfully.

Su Mo Li raised her head, her small palm-sized face with a touch of timidity: “It’s good that my sister doesn’t dislike me, after all, I grew up in the countryside, I don’t know anything, in the future, I hope my sister can help me more, if I make a fool of myself, the loss of my face is also the face of the Prime Minister’s Residence.”

“It’s natural, sisters should help each other.” Su Xin Zhen said with her teeth nearly clenched.

She had to know that Su Mo Li was coming back, and she was thinking of having her make a fool of herself so that all the noble girls in the capital would know that the so-called First Lady of the Prime Minister’s Residence was nothing but a joke!

And now, Su Mo Li was forcing her to agree to help her in front of so many people, so if someone were to laugh at her outside, it would be her own failure to help her elder sister.

If this got out, someone would say that she was duplicitous!

Good, good Su Mo Li!

She looks delicate and weak, but she’s also a master at scheming!

“Big sister ……” a small voice came over.

When Su Mo Li looked down, she saw an eight-year-old little girl pulling at her sleeve, a pair of almond-shaped eyes filled with curiosity, “Are you my big sister?”

“You’re really good looking ……”

Su Jia Xuan is a dragon and phoenix child with the only son of the Prime Minister, Su Cheng Wang.

Su Xin Zhen is more gorgeous and a bit aggressive between the eyebrows.

Su Jia Xuan, however, was very cute and made people feel affectionate at the sight of her.

“Big Sister, I’m Xuan’er, this is for you.”

Saying that, Su Jia Xuan placed a piece of snack in Su Mo Li’s hand, “Big Sister, you’re too skinny, you need to eat more.”

As if to prove that she was telling the truth, she also stretched out her lotus root-like arms: “Big Sister look, Xuan’er’s arms are even thicker than the both of yours.”


Old Mrs. Su couldn’t help but laugh, but her eyes were filled with sorrow as she looked at Su Mo Li, this girl had suffered.

Li Qianshi saw this and echoed a few words, and for a while, the atmosphere was actually joyful and harmonious.

Su Mo Li sat on the side, with a gentle smile on her face, the breeze blew, blowing the ink like hair, but seemed to make her appear more and more delicate.

“Well, Nan Nan is also tired, go back and rest first, when you wake up later, find a doctor to give you a consultation, since you’re back, you have to take care of your body.”

Old Madam Su sighed, then turned her head, “Ah Ke, can you clean out the Cui Zhu Courtyard?”

“Cui Zhu Courtyard?” Su Xin Zhen couldn’t help but exclaim in shock, her face full of incredulity.

Faintly, the jealousy in her eyes could still be seen.

Li Qianshi’s hand tightened as she squeezed her handkerchief, but she said without haste, “Mother, a few days ago, I discussed with my husband that the three children living together will help cultivate their relationship, so why don’t we give Lianhua Courtyard for Mo Li to live in?”

“Lianhua Courtyard?” Old Madam Su frowned, “No.”

“Zhen’er lives in the Muidan Courtyard, Xuan’er lives in the Muihua Courtyard, both of these yards are larger than the Lianhua Courtyard. It’s just that the Cui Zhu Court is in the western corner, only has a single view, and the walk to the Muidan Courtyard and the Muihua Courtyard is not close.”

“Nan Nan, after all, is the firstborn Eldest Daughter of the Prime Minister’s Residence, her own mother is the dynasty’s Princess Huimin, and must not be wronged, this Cui Zhu Courtyard was originally built by Huimin for Nan Nan, and is now considered to be returned to its original owner.”

Saying that, Old Madam Su stroked the soft hair of Su Mo Li: “Child, what do you think?”

Su Mo Li’s face was filled with a bright smile, only this smile set off her pale face: “Thank you Grandmother, thank you, Mother.”

“Then it’s settled, Ah Ke, you take Nan Nan with you, and tonight we’ll have dinner together.”

Su Mo Li got up, took two steps back, and politely excused herself, only then did she leave with Momo Ke.

The Cui Zhu Courtyard’s Garden is not big, it can be said not as big as the Muidan Courtyard’s Garden, but the scenery is the best in the Prime Minister’s House.

When you walk in, there are rows of bamboos on both sides, surrounded by some flowers.

The sound of water flowing down from an artificial mountain adds a bit of movement to the silent space.

On the left side of the courtyard is a stone table, but above the stone table are grapevines. An exceptionally quiet courtyard.

“Eldest Miss, this place has just been simply tidied up, and later this Old Slave will bring someone over to check out what’s missing, if there’s anything Miss wants, feel free to tell this Old Slave.”

Momo Ke was extraordinarily respectful towards Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li smiled lightly and said softly, “Momo needn’t be polite, this is already extremely good, coming here is like being in a fairyland.”

Momo Ke looked at the color of excitement between Su Mo Li’s eyebrows and associated it with the fact that Su Mo Li had grown up in the village, she revealed a look of understanding, and her tone was even more gentle.

“Eldest Miss has only two maids with her now, tomorrow afternoon the People Broker will come over, then Eldest Miss might as well pick a few girls that are to her liking.”

“Thank you, Momo.”

“This Old Slave wouldn’t dare to bother you, Eldest Miss should rest first.”

After a while, Momo Ke’s back completely disappeared.

Only then did Su Mo Li sit down, looking around in a circle, a seemingly smiling look on her face, her body leaning slightly against the back of the chair, one hand on the table, supporting her jaw, the other hand tapping unconsciously on the table.

Revealing a good-looking arm.

“I have heard that this Cui Zhu Courtyard, Su Xin Zhen has been asking for a year without getting it, I got it with ease, tsk ……”

“I’m really scared, what if she gets me in trouble?”

The corner of Cheng Tao’s mouth twitched as she took a look at Su Mo Li and couldn’t help but say, “Miss, you don’t look like you’re scared.”


Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows and sat down quickly, her baby teeth biting her lip slightly, her eyes containing tears and a troubled face.

Small hands tangled tightly around the handkerchief, lifting her head slightly and lowering it again.

“Like this?”

The trembling voice made both Cheng Tao and Huang Fan have faces full of black lines.

Huang Fan sorrowfully looked at the Cheng Tao, her expression saying it’s all your fault, saying bad things, you actually said Miss is not like a white lotus flower!

Filled with frustration, Cheng Tao said with a forced expression, “Please stop, Miss, there are no outsiders here.”

The implication was, put away your pathetic expression!

“Alright, I’m going to go rest for a while, but at night, there’s still a tough battle to be fought!”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan looked at each other.

“The night is going to test the acting again.”

“So we’ll have to take a break, too.”

“Let’s go together then.”

The two little maids held hands and returned to their rooms as well.

Meanwhile, in Cang Song Courtyard, the main courtyard, Su Xin Zhen was furious, her small face filled with anger, “Mother! On what grounds! I had a hard time begging Dad to relent and give me that Cui Zhu Courtyard!”

“But now, it’s been given to Su Mo Li by Grandmother!”

“Where exactly am I inferior to Su Mo Li, and why is Grandmother treating Su Mo Li better than she treats me?”

Su Xin Zhen tilted her head, her little face full of stubbornness.

“Sister, don’t you have a courtyard now? Why would you want to rob your big sister?” Su Jia Xuan looked at Su Xin Zhen in confusion.

Su Xin Zhen glared at Su Jia Xuan in a bad mood, “What does it have to do with you?”

Su Jia Xuan curled her lips.

“Okay, Mother knows you’re uncomfortable, but you can’t be mad at your sister.”

Li Qianshi hugged her youngest daughter in her arms and after a few words of comfort, she let the maid leave with Su Jia Xuan.

“Look at what you look like now.” Li Qianshi frowned tightly, “Your grandmother is partial to Su Mo Li, that’s because Su Mo Li is out praying for the Prime Minister’s Residence, she pities Su Mo Li.”

“Now that Su Mo Li has returned to the capital when she makes a mistake outside, do you think your grandmother will still be able to protect her?”

“Your grandmother, however, has the best face.”

The clear and faint voice was tinged with disdain.

But it magically calmed Su Xin Zhen down.

“But Mother, even so, I’m still angry ……”

Su Xin Zhen’s tone was petulant.

How could Li Qianshi not be angry? But the one who spoke was Old Madam Su, knowing that her husband was extremely filial.

Li Qianshi put down the cup of tea in her hand, signaled for Su Xin Zhen to come over, and reached out to straighten the hairpin in Su Xin Zhen’s bun, before slowly saying, “There is a loss before there is a gain, Zhen’er, you are a smart one.”

“Sometimes, your father’s favor is much stronger than a courtyard.”

Su Xin Zhen was slightly startled.

Confusion appeared on her face.

Li Qianshi didn’t disturb her, just quietly sipped tea at the side.

After a cup of tea, a shallow smile appeared on Su Xin Zhen’s face, and she answered Li Qianshi: “Mother, I know.”

“Well, go, today your father will test you on your learning, don’t lose face.”

When Su Xin Zhen heard this, disdain appeared on her face: “What Master taught, I already know it, so I’m not afraid of Father’s exam.”

After a pause, Su Xin Zhen’s eyes turned, as if she had thought of something, and hastily took her leave: “Mother, I’m leaving first.”

After Su Xin Zhen left, Li Qingshi’s face full of smiles also completely disappeared.

“I didn’t expect that Su Mo Li would actually have such an appearance.”

“Just ……” Su Xin Zhen sneered, her eyes filled with hostility, her nails scraping on the tea chalice, making a piercing sound, “Such an appearance, she can only be a concubine!”

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