My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 98: Gu Xue Xue is being plied with alcohol to death.

Gu Qi Qi didn’t mind adding more fire to Yao Dazhuang:.

  ”Yeah, Gu Xue Xue meant that you’re deaf, right? She’s my cousin, lives in the same house as me, grew up together. I’m a good drinker, she knows best. Don’t talk about six-pack or a ten-pack, it’s nothing for me. She told you I don’t drink? Oh, this ……”

  Qi Qi didn’t go on.

  There was no need to go on either.

  Isn’t the meaning clear?

  Gu Xue Xue knows that Gu Qi Qi can drink, but also let Gu Qi Qi and Yao Dazhuang gambling, this is not …… deliberately pitched Yao Dazhuang’s money.

  Yao Dazhuang was on fire.

  He took a step forward and grabbed Gu Xue Xue’s arm.

  Gu Qi Qi simply took advantage of the situation.

  Gu Xue Xue felt that her arm, all of a sudden, was dragged out of the socket!

  It hurts like a bitch!

  ”Ooh, no, it’s not like that, Dazhuang, listen to me ……” sobbed Gu Xue Xue.

  Yao Dazhuang was the son of the police station director and usually acted vulgarly, so he didn’t bother to listen to Gu Xue Xue’s defense.

  Directly pulling her to the edge of the table.


  One shot.

  Slamming her head down on the table: “Give me the rest of your fucking liquor, you dead bitch! I’m going to settle this score with you!”

  The rest of the liquor?

  Isn’t it that Yao Dazhuang drank more than a litre and vomited back more than half a litre, and now there is still half of that **wine left.

  The original elegant and fragrant liquor, now, it is already cloudy.

  There is also items suspiciously suspended inside, Yao Dazhuang’s vomit, saliva, rotten vegetables in his teeth ……

  Oh, my God! Are we going to let Gu Xue Xue drink all of this?

  The students were wide-eyed, and one by one they felt unable to breathe.

  Way, Too, Disgusting

  However, with Yao Dazhuang holding her head down at the moment, what choice does Gu Xue Xue have?

  Of course not.

  The drunken Yao Dazhuang, grabbed the wine ** with his own hands and shoved it toward Gu Xuexue’s mouth.

  Gu Xuexue instinctively struggled a bit.

  Immediately Yao Dazhuang kicked her buttocks hard.

  ”Ow …… ooo ……”

  A scream.

  While Gu Xue Xue was shocked and her mouth was open, Yao Dazhuang thrust his coarse fingers in.

  One snap!

  Gu Xue Xue felt that her entire jaw was dislocated.

  The pain was tearing her heart out.

  This wasn’t the end.

  After all, Yao Dazhuang’s purpose was not as simple as abusing her mouth ah.

  He took the opportunity to put the dirty wine bott* into Gu Xuexue’s mouth.

  That liquor, uncontrollably, poured into her mouth all at once!

  ”Well …… cough cough …… cough cough ……”

  Gu Xue Xue wanted to vomit several times.

  It wasn’t the smell of wine at all, but a fishy smell of man spittle.

  It was like, being kissed by the dirtiest beggar who hadn’t brushed his teeth for half a year.

  And she was still being, forcefully, kissed!

  Gu Xue Xue wanted to vomit.

  But Yao Dazhuang’s eyes were red and his face was staring at her fiercely across the flesh: “Playing with me? Damn bitch, drink!”

  The students watched the scene.

  No one dared to go up and persuade them.

  Gu Qi Qi looked at a them momentarily, before she faintly turned around and returned to the sofa where she was chatting with Xiao Ling, sitting idly.

  Dog bites dog, a mouthful of hair, these two scum will have to bite each other for a while.

  She wasn’t interested in watching the whole time.

  What’s more, it spoils the elegant Hennessy.

  She wanted to leave here, but her heart still misses that Xiao Ling and will wait for her to come back later.

  I have no idea what Bai ** would say to Xiao Ling when they went out.

  There’s also that decision in my heart that she almost didn’t dare to think deeply about: the man who forced Xiao Lime that night, is it Bai ……

  Just thinking.

  Over at the wine table, a bunch of cheers suddenly burst out again.

  Gu Xue Xue had been dragged into the corner sofa by the drunk and angry Yao Dazhuang, who craned his neck to continue chugging wine.

  And the students were all gathered around the middle wine table, one by one excitedly holding up their phones.

  ”The entrance exam results are in! You can search!”

  ”Quick, quick, whoever networks is good, quickly check to see who in our class got into the most impressive university this year!”

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What a violent title.

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