My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 97: That’s good, dog eat dog.

Gu Xue Xue said so.

The students who had shut up, became active again.

“Right, it’s just a meal, it’s nothing to a tycoon!”

“It’s our last meal for high school graduation, we’ll go our separate ways afterwards, and it’s blessing for her to have Xiao Ling pay for it!”

“That’s right, it means something different, I don’t think Xiao Ling has any reason to refuse ……”

“Xue Xue, just tell the waiter to go directly to Xiao Ling to pay the bill later!”

“Oh my, stop drinking, let’s hurry up and order some more delicious food, quickly ask what snacks are the most expensive and high-end here ……”

Everyone echoed Gu Xue Xue.

They were even busy helping Xiao Ling to spend more money.

But, no one mentioned the total amount of money spent on the bill in black and white…

Over 900,000!

This is not a small number.

Gu Qi Qi’s face was cool, carrying an empty wine ** in one hand, idly fiddling with her nails in the other, saying, “You all think that it’s Xiao Ling’s turn to pay?”

Everyone is on a roll and nodding their heads, “Yeah!”

A “I’m poor, I’m justified,” “She’s rich, she deserves it,” mentality, slaughtering fat sheep.

Gu Xue Xue is even more proud of herself.

In her heart, she can’t screw Gu Qi Qi, but she can screw her best friend, which is also very cool and refreshing.

“I’ve said it, making Xiao Ling pay for it is everyone giving her face-“

Gu Xue Xue’s impatient words were just half spoken.

Suddenly, it stopped.


A brittle sound.

Gu Qi Qi slammed the empty wine ** in her hand.

The sparkling crystal wine** instantly exploded into countless pieces and splattered on the countertop.

A second later.

The screams of the female classmates rose and fell.

But Gu Qi Qi stood clear and cool, and smiled coldly, “So, the bet just now was a fake bullshit?”

Gu Xue Xue’s eyes contain a pack of tears, are almost scared to urinate: “Gu Qi Qi you have something to say, why do you ……”

“I asked if your words was just bullshit!”

“No, not bullshit ……”

“So the rule is ……?”

“Whoever loses pays the bill!”

It wasn’t that Gu Xue Xue was a wimp, but in Gu Qi Qi’s hands, a sharp shard of wine ** was right against her neck!

As she had a look at the ruthlessness between Gu Qi Qi’s eyebrows, she absolutely believed that if she still dared to push the bill onto Xiao Ling’s head.

Gu Qi Qi would definitely take the shards of wine ** and stick them into her neck!

Or even, scratch her face!

How dare she be obstinate?

Instead, Yao Dazhuang was drunk and stared hard at Gu Xue Xue: “It’s all because of you, the bad bitch, who caused the fuss! Didn’t you just tell me that this nerd can’t even drink and that I should drink her to death? Now that I owe $900,000, you pay me back!”

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes swept coolly over Yao Dazhuang and Gu Xue Xue: “Hmm? Drink me to death?”

This time, even the female classmates who usually held her stinky feet and the male classmates who were watching the fun didn’t dare to help Gu Xue Xue.

It turns out that Xue Xue is plotting against her cousin from behind.

Everyone just wanted to bully the nerd for fun, but they really didn’t want to dunk Gu Qi Qi to death.

After all, even though they despise her, they don’t have any deep grudge against her.

Everyone unconsciously, took a step back.

Keep your distance from Gu Xue Xue.

This person, who can be so calculating of her cousin, can also be so calculating of her classmates.

It was better to stay away from people like Gu Xue Cue in the future.

Gu Xue Xue found herself in a state of mass betrayal, even Zhu Fen was a little hesitant to move away from herself.

She hated Gu Qi Qi with a passion.

But at her neck is a shard of broken glass that can pierce the skin at any time, she can only softly submit: “I …… I did not say that, it was Yao Dazhuang who misheard ……”

” Fuck! Damn bitch, are you saying I heard you wrong?” Yao Dazhuang quit.

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes swept over a faint smile.

Very well, dog bites dog.

Shall we continue? Demon!

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