My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 96: Sending photos to Gong Jue.

This goblin is killing me. ……

Bai Long coughed twice, “You’re leading my niece astray and letting her fool around in a bar, of course I have to interfere!”

“Oh? I thought a bar was just a place to party, but I never knew that you came to the bar to fool around, Uncle Bai Lang?”

Gu Qi Qi deliberately bit the accent on the words “uncle” and “fool”.

A pair of meaningful expressions, let Bai Lang see, simply want to storm out.


Why can’t we fight this demon every time we fight.

I can’t even play tricks on her.

The report was also ignored by Gong Jue.

Girls these days, are they all so high up?

It’s really super depressing!

Xiao Ling gently pulled Gu Qi Qi’s lapel: “Qi Qi, Uncle Bai Lang he doesn’t mean that ……”

Gu Qi Qi glared at her angrily.

How dare she speak for Bai Scumbag!

Have you been brainwashed by the Bai Lang?

Sighing, she ended up maintaining her best friend’s face and explained at Bai Lang, “I drank the wine, it has nothing to do with Xiao Ling, so don’t be so self-righteous all the time.”

“You …… drank it all by yourself?” Bai Lang looked at the countertop, a full six Hennessy Empty Liquor **, simply dumbfounded him.

Fuck, this goblin was worse than he thought, could she be a demon?

Does Gong Jue know his woman does this?

Bai Lang raised one hand slightly, and the cell phone held in his cuff quickly snapped a spectacular picture of Gu Qi Qi standing in front of a long row of empty wine **.

After taking the picture, he secretly sent it to Gong Jue, and then pulled on a sly smile, “In that case, I’ll take Xiao Ling back first.”

“Uncle Bai Lang, let me play with my classmates some more, please!”

The usual heroic and cool Xiao Ling is deflated, is about to cry.

It was hard for her to see Qi Qi, so much of her feelings hadn’t been said yet.

Bai Lang frowned, “Then you come out with me first and call home.”

He couldn’t make the decision.

“Uncle Bai Lang ……”

Pleading was ineffective.

Xiao Ling had to turn back to Gu Qi Qi, “Qi Qi, wait for me, I’ll come after a few words with Uncle Bai Lang.”


Gu Qi Qi faintly responded.

But the suspicion was growing deeper and deeper in her heart.

Who’s uncle was so strict?

You have to ask permission to play with your classmates, and he has to approve?

Are you sure this is your uncle?

There was also the tone of the phone call just now, treating Xiao Ling as if she were a possession, very domineering and cold.

Thinking about that strange phone call, Gu Qi Qi felt something wrong again.

Bai Lang’s hang-ups and the overbearing coercion of the phone call seemed to be so slightly …… different.

Just as Qi Qi pondered, Xiao Ling had followed Bai Lang out like a wimpy daughter-in-law.

Inside the private room, it was finally getting lively again.

” Crap, was that Xiao Ling’s uncle just now? What a handsome Prince Bai!”

“He’s the young master of the Bai family? That’s an imperial family of giants. Half the pharmacies in the country are owned by his Bai family… That’ s awesome! Xiao Ling is usually a female gangster, and I didn’t expect her background to be this powerful ……”

“I remember, Xiao Ling’s mother’s last name is Bai, that’s right!”

“Tsk, since Xiao Ling comes from such an awesome and luxurious background, let her pay the bill tonight!” Gu Xue Xue took the opportunity to deliberately encourage the others.

“Yes, yes! Agreed!” Everyone followed suit.

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes were cold.

These classmates, how dare they?

Xiao Ling isn’t here, so you’re just going to trap people?

He’s rich, who says you have to be invited to dinner and drinks?

Shame on you!

She picked up an empty wine **, banged it on the table, and coldly said, “Just now Gu Xue Xue said, the loser pays the bill? Then, let’s trouble Mr. Yao to pay the bill first, don’t wait until you get drunk and can’t swipe your card, causing everyone to be unable to leave.”

When Gu Qi Qi said that, everyone shut up and didn’t dare to make a scene.

Gu Xue Xue was unconvinced: “What’s so serious about it, it’s just a joke. I’ve said that Xiao Ling has a rich uncle, so let her buy it, we’re all classmates, we won’t even be able to afford to buy dinner, right?”

Authors Note 1: Your Master Yun is holding up a pair of boxers and asking for recommendations! I’m working on my next shift!

Authors Note 2: Guess if uncle is a white wave.

Translators Note:

Do you guys think the guy on the phone is Xiao Ling’s uncle? Also weird family vibes

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