My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 95: That scumbag, it’s him!


Yao Dazhuang’s full face was so red, he looked like braised pork.

All the other male and female classmates didn’t dare to breathe a word.

They were all calmed down by Gu Qi Qi’s drinking capacity.

All of their previous mockery and taunts towards Gu Qi Qi turned into shameful jokes.

Their faces hurt as if they had been slapped by the liquor**.

It was painful and red.

The entire private room, plunged into a strange dead silence!

It was in this terrible silence.



There was a vigorous pushing sound.

A tall figure in a white suit, barged in.

The man looked shocked at the table full of wine f*cks and the smell of alcohol, his brows furrowed and his tone unhappy.

“Xiao Ling, are you drinking with someone?”

“Xiao Lime, are you spelling with someone?”

In the silence, the man’s voice was particularly abrupt and piercing.

Gu Qi Qi frowned and looked back.

And was shocked causing her to slightly open his lips: “Bai …… Lang?”

That flashy white suit and narrowed peach eyes, who else could it be if it wasn’t a Bai Lang?

“You know him?” Gu Qi Qi looked suspiciously at Xiao Ling.

This situation seemed to be more than just a simple acquaintance.

The reproach in Bai Lang’s eyes and the evasion in Xiao Ling’s eyes, regardless of how you looked at it, these two were both friends.

But she had never heard Xiao Ling mention this person before!

Xiao Ling was guilty, pulling at the corner of her coat, ” Qi Qi, he …… he is my uncle ……”


Gu Qi Qi’s heart was in a state of shock.

Bai Lang was actually her best friend’s uncle!

At this moment, the first image that actually came to her mind was-.

Gong Jue and Bai Long stood side by side.

Gong Jue a sultry face, proudly curled his lips, pointing at Bai Long said to her, stupid woman do you hear, he is your best friend’s uncle, but also my Gong Jue’s brother, so, stupid woman you are my generation …… also you have to call my father’s brother uncle …… remember, generational hierarchy can not be confused!

Father Gong Jue?

Ah, you’re more like a “Gong Joo-Bae1”!

Gu Qi Qi dropped her head in depression.

When she looked at Xiao Ling and Bai Lang again, her eyes became more deeply inquisitive.

If she remembered correctly, the man who had just called Xiao Ling was this uncle Bai Lang?

A strong urge for Xiao Ling to come home, seems to have an inhuman tone?

Now, is this a case of can’t wait to chase someone down to the bar and take them away?

He’s just an uncle, not his own father, so why is he so strict?

Truly bizarre.

Or is there some secret in there that can’t be shared?

Thinking about Xiao Ling’s recent encounter, a frightening thought took shape in Gu Qi Qi’s mind.

She hardly dared to delve into it!

“Xiao Ling, you know this goblin? Why are you with a girl like that?” At the same time, Bai Lang was also exploring Gu Qi Qi.

It turned out that she was hanging out with his own niece.

No, we can’t let Xiao Ling play with this goblin in the future, it’s linking purposely bringing our own child into danger!

“Uncle Bai Lang, Qi Qi is my classmate and best friend. It’s not some ‘that kind of girl’, she’s super nice.”

Xiao Ling was downright righteous, and although her tone was a bit apprehensive, she still held Gu Qi Qi’s hand tightly.

It wasn’t because of her uncle’s disapproving gaze that she deliberately kept her distance from Gu Qi Qi.

“I’ve never heard of an uncle who interferes with making friends. If you want to meddle with women, go home and meddle with your aunt.”


Bai Lang burst out laughing first.

This goblin, why was it that every time she spoke, she was so infuriating, yet so overwhelmingly correct that you couldn’t help but laugh.

He originally wanted to put up an elder stand, but after being stabbed by Gu Qi Qi like this …… what uncle’s authority? What could he do.

  1. play on his name but basically calling him a bully

Translator’s Note:

Yes the author repeated things from the last chapter. Sorry guys 🤷‍♀️

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