My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 94: Who is the scumbag who slept with you that night [6]?

Hennessy’s diamond** cover, once opened.

The strong and alluring aroma filled the entire room.

“Wow, that smells good! So mellow! ……”

The female students were wide-eyed.

Gu Xue Xue was also extremely irritated.

Damn it, if she had known that there was such a nice smelling alcohol in the world, she should have toasted with this kind of alcohol when she saw Gong Jue that day.

If it was a toast with Hennessy, would the Gong Jue have accepted her?

If there was another opportunity ……

She’s going to spend all her money to prepare a ** and bring down that male God!

Yao Dazhuang can’t wait and began gulping it down: “Tsk! Good drink!”

He gulped down half a liter in one gulp!

But Gu Qi Qi was still pointing her long, clean fingertips, gently circling the crystal** body.

“Floral notes of narcissus, jasmine, and walnut; fruity notes of passion fruit and lychee; hmm …… and elegant notes of violet and English rose, as well as cigar notes and oak resin.”

She shallowly, precisely, point by point, identified the smell of ** Hennessy Liquor.

Yes, that’s right, she doesn’t drink.

But, she knows alcohol!

In a previous life, countless nights or wee hours of the morning when she was tired and weak from surgery.

She was alone, lingering in a Hennessy cellar.

Not drinking, just sniffing the elegant aroma, as a temporary anesthesia, tired to the extreme nerves.

When she is a little more rested, she will continue to work for the Gu family.

That kind of stupid to the extreme day …… Heh!

“Gu Qi Qi, what are you dawdling about? Don’t waste such an expensive wine if you don’t dare to drink it!”

Female students sneered.

On the price list, this collector’s edition Hennessy was a full 10,000** dollars!

Two **, that’s 40,000.

Whoever loses pays the bill.


Xiao Ling nervously, quietly said: ” Qi Qi, don’t be brave, no we admit defeat, I will give you all my pocket money ……”.

Admit defeat?

No, in this life, there was no such word in her Gu Qi Qi’s vocabulary.

With a faint smile, she held Xiao Ling’s hand in return: “Do not worry.”

Three simple words, causing Xiao Ling to calm down inexplicably.

There was something different about Qi Qi.

Where was different? She can’t say it!

Anyway, she used to be the one who protected Gu Qi Qi, but now she feels like she’s being protected by him?

Gu Qi Qi let go of her hand, and in a split second, sharply raised the liquor**, and elegantly poured the liquor into the crystal glass with a graceful motion.

The fair and slender swan neck, slightly tilted.

A glass of liquor, drained in a jiffy!

The pose, I can’t tell you how beautiful it is!

One cup after another.

The students had all been blinded just by looking at the way Gu Qi Qi was drinking.

Gu Qi Qi’s drinking posture was actually the same as drinking water.

No, no, no, it’s even ten thousand times better than the drinking posture!

Gu Xue Xue was even more dumbstruck.

This, this, how is this possible.

The book nerd actually drank? The whole ** bottle?

No, the nerd screamed another **!

I’ve had a lot of calls!

Lips trembling, incoherent.

“Is it really not water that Gu Qi Qi is drinking? You guys want to check it out?”

“Hey, hey, waiter, you’re not going to help her cheat, are you?”

“God, Yao Dajang has already drunk and vomited! She’s still drinking!!!”

Gu Qi Qi opened a full 6 ** of Hennessy.

And Yao Dazhuang, the first ** hadn’t finished drinking, and had already vomited all over.

One ** liquor, is a one and a half liter portion!

So tonight, did Gu Qi Qi drink ……?

The students suddenly felt bad about their whole body, they had just taken the college entrance exam, and suddenly they couldn’t do math problems.

Oh my god, how much did she drink, Gu Qi Qi!

“So, are you going to keep competing with me in drinking?”

Off to the side, Gu Qi Qi who stood elegantly, lightly smiled and asked.

“Win …… You win …… “Yao Dazhuang covered his stomach.

No, a one and a half liter of brandy would kill you to drink.

Why is that damn woman okay?

“Very well. So you admit defeat?”

Qi Qi Gu’s smile was faint, making it impossible to read her mind.


Yao Dazhuang’s full face was so red, he looked like braised pork.

All the other male and female classmates didn’t dare to breathe a word.

They were all calmed down by Gu Qi Qi’s drinking capacity.

All of their previous mockery and taunts towards Gu Qi Qi turned into shameful jokes.

Their faces hurt as if they had been slapped by the liquor**.

It was painful and red.

The entire private room, plunged into a strange dead silence!

It was in this terrible silence.



There was a vigorous pushing sound.

A tall figure in a white suit, barged in.

The man looked shocked at the table full of wine f*cks and the smell of alcohol, his brows furrowed and his tone unhappy.

“Xiao Ling, are you drinking with someone?”

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Translator’s Note:

If some of the Hennessy measurements don’t make sense, the author added all the ** so I used my best guess 🤷‍♀️

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