My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 93: Who is the scumbag who slept with you that night [5]?

Yao Dazhuang, the only son of the police chief.

A wide body with a fat face.

He is obviously much more mature and social than the other boys.

In normal days, along with the powerful director’s father, he has participated in countless social gatherings, and the mountain of wine piled up at home can’t even fit in a room dedicated to storage.

It can be said that he is the age-old wine field general.

He came out to compete with QI Gu to drink with him.

Who would lose?

Who wins?

That’s needless to say.

Gu Xue Xue put her heart down and curled her lips proudly.

The “low-grade” cold beer was withdrawn.

Yao Dazhuang called out to the waiter, “Bring the Flying Maotai!”


The students exclaimed, “Socially I, Yao, am a ruthless man and a strong drinker!”

But Gu Qi Qi waved her hand calmly, “No!”

“What? Do you have an appetite, Gu Qi Qi, do you still want to drink a **1988 year old Lafite1?” The girls said sarcastically.

“You guys only know about Lafite? Heh, sorry, that’s just ordinary wine, it’s boring to spell. As for Maotai, this kind of white wine …… tastes bad in the mouth.”

Gu Qi Qi faintly.

Immediately, then carelessly added.

“After all, not everyone can accept a stinky mouth at all times like yours.”


Xiao Ling cooperated and burst out laughing a bunch of times.

Those female classmates who held Gu Xue Xue’s stinky feet, their faces were embarrassed: “Nah, talking like you know how to drink ……”

Gu Qi Qi idly said, “Only slightly more knowledgeable than you guys.”

Female students: “……!”

Damn it, when did that nerdy trash, Gu Qi Qi, become so vicious with her mouth?

Yao Dazhuang who’s proposal was rejected, sneered at Gu Qi Qi, “Then what did you say to drink? This Yao can even afford it!”

“Hennessy.” Gu Qi Qi said indifferently, “Ten-year collection edition.”

The female students looked at each other, not understanding what the difference was between this Hennessy and Lafite.

Honestly, they had only heard of 1988 Lafite when it was said.

But Yao Dazhuang’s eyes lit up.


This chick is not easy.


Top of the line brandy.

Simply a hundred times better than that sissy wine Lafite.

As for the Ten Year Collection ……

Yao Da Zhuang’s face glowed with excitement: “Waiter, go ** Hennessy!”

It wasn’t until ** Hennessy, that it was put on the table.

It wasn’t until everyone was able to appreciate this wine for what it was.


Highly impressive!

Completely transparent crystal **body, **cap like a diamond with a radiant cut, elegant and overbearing.

The golden liquor is like jade dew, more eye-catching than the crystal of the **body and the diamond of the **cap, completely the taste of the upper class.

No need to drink it, it was intoxicating to look at!

Gu Xue Xue’s heart inexplicably began to drum, she didn’t even know about such an expensive wine, how did that nerd know about it?

As far as she knew, the nerd had a weak constitution.

One time, she only took a sip of red wine at a family banquet, but her face turned red and she got a rash on her body, so she slept for a whole afternoon.

In other words, Gu Qi Qi is not a strong drinker at all.

This is also why she dared to drag Gu Qi Qi into a drinking game.

When QI QI is drunk, she will be so ugly that she will get drunk on the spot.

Then the next ……

Hehehe ……

Thinking about the humiliating amount of alcohol that she had to drink, Gu Xue Xue became confident again.

The nerd must be faking it at the moment!

Commonly known as – pretending!

When the gambling starts later, she will definitely show her true form.

So Gu Xue Xue held on, staring at Gu Qiqi and Yao Dazhuang, expecting to see the wonderful scene of Yao Dazhuang helping her regain face.

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