White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 2: Return Home

“Miss! Be careful what you say!” Momo Chen’s eyes were filled with panic, “How can you insult the Master?”

“Eldest Miss, I know you were grieving in your heart as you prayed for your family in the village of Tianjia, but Master and Madam are thinking of you, how can you be so vicious and curse the Master to become a servant?”

Momo Chen’s voice was clear and strong, as if she was afraid that the people around her wouldn’t hear it.

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan were standing on either side of Su Mo Li. Catching the smugness in Momo Chen’s eyes and knowing that she was trying to ruin their own lady’s reputation, they snickered in their hearts right now.

But Su Mo Li covered her mouth and wept quietly, “I, where would I curse my father.”

“It’s my good fortune that I can pray for my father, so how could I be resentful?”

“For seven years, I haven’t exchanged a single letter with the Prime Minister’s Residence, and have been praying sincerely at the ancestral shrine, so why would Momo wrong me like this?”

Momo Chen’s eyebrows furrowed as she looked the weak and tender Su Mo Li up and down and narrowed her eyes, “If that’s the case, then why would Eldest Miss say something like that?”

Su Mo Li’s tears fell: “Momo, among the high gates of the capital, those who take the side door are either servants or concubines, I am the First Miss of the Prime Minister’s House, yet Momo wants me to take the side door, doesn’t it mean that father is not the master but the servant?”

“Otherwise, why would I, as a First Miss of the Prime Minister’s Residence, take the side door?”

Momo Chen’s face was pale, but Su Mo Li was coughing quietly and her body was shaky.

“Miss, are you alright?” Cheng Tao looked at Su Mo Li nervously.

“It must be an old illness Miss has had! Three years ago Miss in order to pray for the master, despite the bad weather, stayed in the ancestral shrine kneeling for three days and three nights. In order to show her sincerity, she only drank water and did not eat, thus leaving the chest feeling tight and the head feeling dizzy. Today the sun is so strong, I am afraid that Miss will not be able to hold on ……”

Huang Fan muttered with a cryptic voice.

Yet the voice was clearly heard by everyone present.

The eyes of the common people looking at Momo Chen changed and changed again.

“I’m fine ……” The weak voice came over, Su Mo Li held tightly to her chest and coughed twice.

“Momo, it’s better to let Eldest Miss go in quickly, I see that Eldest Miss is afraid that she’s going to faint, and then when the Master finds out, I’m afraid that he will blame you, after all, this is also the Master’s own flesh and blood ah!”

The eyes of the little servant at the side of the door were filled with intolerance.

Momo Chen tugged at the corners of her mouth and managed to reveal a smile, “Eldest Miss, it’s this Old Slave’s fault, Old Slave thought that the side door was closer to your courtyard, so I wanted you to enter through the side door, Old Slave is ignorant, please Miss, don’t blame this Old Slave.”

Su Mo Li smiled and said softly, “Momo need not be like this, if it were not for my father’s reputation, I would have been able to enter through the side door.”

“Momo lead the way ahead, don’t let the people see a joke.”

Su Mo Li leaned on Cheng Tao, panting slightly as if it was very hard to breathe.

A pair of eyes tinged with moisture, eyelashes trembling, and the weakness between her eyebrows made people feel pity and love from the bottom of their hearts.

After watching Su Mo Li enter the gate, the commoners shook their heads and began to discuss.

“Look at this Eldest Miss, I’m afraid that she’s just entered the Prime Minister’s Residence and is already having a hard time!”

“You don’t say, the noble Eldest Miss wearing coarse sackcloth clothes is not enough, for her to invite a doctor she has to look at the face of the servant.”

“Hey, if it wasn’t for the two maids beside her who are loyal to their master, I’m afraid this Eldest Miss would have died on the road.”

“Yes, the people in this Prime Minister’s Residence only know how to enjoy themselves, but they forget that there is a Lady in the countryside who prays for them. The Young Lady cares more about praying for them than taking care of her own body, but they don’t even send a letter, it’s really chilling.”

“I see ah, this Prime Minister, I’m afraid that he doesn’t care whether his own daughter lives or dies.”

“As the saying goes, if you have a stepmother, you have a stepfather!”

The crowd scattered as they spoke, but just like that these rumors were spread from one person to another.

Su Mo Li, who entered the Prime Minister’s Residence, naturally attracted the attention of many of the servants.

Only, when they saw Su Mo Li’s appearance, the maids and boys were shocked.

“Eldest Miss, the Old Lady, and Madam are waiting for you, please hurry up, after all, it’s not good to keep the elders waiting for too long.” Momo Chen said in an urgent voice, her tone filled with contempt.

Su Mo Li smiled softly and said softly, “What Momo said is true, but if I go too fast and hurt myself, Grandmother will be worried, and it would be even worse for me to make my elders worry.”

Momo Chen’s eyebrows furrowed, and she turned to look at Su Mo Li, but seeing that her face was still sickly white, and her eyes were filled with a hint of water, she was very helpless.

Looking at such a Su Mo Li, Momo Chen felt that if she said another harsh word, she would be the one who was wicked.

Su Mo Li walked very slowly, the scene here was very familiar.

In the past, after she was killed, her soul returned to the Prime Minister’s Residence in the capital, only to find out that everything was arranged by the so-called father and stepmother.

When she found out the truth, her vision slowly blurred and she thought her soul would fly away, but when she opened her eyes again, she came to the world of Cultivation.

When she was about to experience the Lightning Tribulation, she thought she would be able to become an Immortal.

However, she was struck by the 81st thunderbolt and died.

Then, she returned to the time when she was still five years old.

Even though she was an easy-going person, she couldn’t help but curse the heavens a few times.

However, since the heavens had managed to bring her back, then she naturally wanted to get back everything from her previous life!

A thousand years of growth, seven years of arranging her troops, hopefully, they would like the great gift she had prepared.

“Miss, here we are.” Cheng Tao whispered a reminder, pulling Su Mo Li back from her thoughts, and she saw that Momo Chen had already walked in.

Su Mo Li nodded to Cheng Tao and Huang Fan, stood up straight, and slowly walked in.

Inside, the sounds of laughter that came from time to time made Su Mo Li curl the corner of his lips.

“Old Madame, Madam, Second Miss, and Third Miss are safe and sound, Eldest Miss is here.” As soon as Momo Chen’s voice fell, the four people present raised their heads.

They looked at the girl with the sun at her back, she slowly walked forward, slightly raised her head, and blinked at the eyes of Old Madam Su above, still blinking her eyes, tears began falling down: “Grandmother ……”

This single grandmother, across the past and present, throughout the millennium.

In the previous life, only this grandmother was sincere and good to her.

She often sent things to her in the village.

After her own death, only this grandmother was sad.

The moment Old Madam Su looked up at and saw Su Mo Li, she simply felt as if she were a little fairy descending to earth, her exquisite appearance causing her to be a little stunned.

However, when Su Mo Li began to speak, the tears that suddenly fell made her heart clench violently.

“Nan Nan?”

Su Mo Li smiled, the dimples on her cheeks dipping in and out, “Grandmother ……”

“Nan Nan-ah!”

Old Madam Su couldn’t help but stand up, but Su Mo Li greeted her, directly hugging this small old lady.

It took a while for the two of them to settle down, Old Madam Su wiped the corners of her eyes, looking at Su Mo Li’s pale face, there was some concern in her eyes: “Nan Nan ah, are you not feeling well?”

Su Mo Li smiled softly and shook his head.

Cheng Tao on the side show an expression of wanting to speak.

When Old Lady Su saw this, she immediately turned to look at Cheng Tao, “What’s going on?”

Cheng Tao even lowered her head: “Old Madam, Miss contracted a cold on the way, but Miss said she was in a hurry, so she didn’t see a doctor, she could only take some random medicine.”

“Miss has been in poor health, this slave servant is worried ……”

With a sudden, “thud”, Cheng Tao kneeled down: “Old Mistress, please hire a doctor for Miss! This slave servant is willing to work like an ox to repay you!”

Old Madam Su looked fiercely at Momo Chen, who panicked and stole a glance at the woman who was drinking tea above her, and also knelt down, “Old Madam, the slave servant did not mean to neglect Eldest Miss, she only thought that Eldest Miss’s body was not a problem, so she did not take it to heart, where could she have thought that Eldest Miss’s body was so weak.”


Su Mo Li covered her mouth and coughed twice, soft voice rang out: “My body has been sick for a long time, I’m fine, Grandmother don’t worry, don’t blame Momo Chen, blame me for being too weak ……”

Only, before the words were finished, Su Mo Li’s body shook two points, Huang Fan was at the side was busy holding Su Mo Li in her arms, “Miss, don’t talk, you regain some strength.”

“Your body is already weak, and you’ve just been out in the sun for half an hour, it’s already your limit to last until this moment!”

Su Mo Li shook his head and looked up at Old Madam Su, her face full of admiration, “I’m happy to see my grandmother again ……”

“My body is fine.”

“Don’t worry Grandmother.”

She said this and wanted to get up from Huang Fan’s hold.

But the kneeling Momo Chen’s back broke out in cold sweat.

When Old Madam Su saw this, she even personally pulled Su Mo Li to sit down beside her, looking at the thin and weak Su Mo Li, whose face was as pale as paper, but the anger in her heart was growing.

“Someone! Take this ungrateful slave away! Twenty strokes!” Old Madam Su’s words caused the eyebrows of the woman who had not spoken to lightly arch upwards.

Immediately afterward, she put the teacup on the table with a bang.

Old Madam Su glanced at the woman askance and snorted coldly, “What, Li Shi you have a problem with it?”

Li Shi, Li Qianshi was now the wife of the Prime Minister.

But she smiled and was just about to speak when she heard Su Mo Li’s soft and weak voice: “Grandmother don’t be angry, Granddaughter just came back today, Grandmother being angry, it is me being unfilial, please Grandmother for my face, forgive Momo, I’m sure Momo didn’t mean it.”

The look on Li Qianshi’s face changed.

Su Mo Li, however, smiled softly towards Li Qianshi and slowly said: “This should be Mother, I just saw Grandmother and was too excited, forgot to greet Mother, it is my fault.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li stood up and bowed: “Paying respect to Mother.”

Li Qianshi’s hand that was squeezing the handkerchief tightened, and then she revealed a loving smile: “We’re all family, no need to be polite.”

“The courtesies can’t be abandoned, after all, Father is the Prime Minister, if people with an interest in the matter saw it, they would say that Daughter doesn’t respect her elders.”

Su Mo Li said gently, with a shallow smile on her face.

Li Qianshi’s heart sank, her eyes deepened a bit, and she slowly smiled: “Xuan’er, Zhen’er, Why haven’t you pay your respects to your elder sister yet?”

Translators Note:

Nan Nan – means little darling or dear, it’s a form of endearment.

There hasn’t been a lot of interest for this novel so I am a little sad 🥺 But I like it so oh well 🤷‍♀️

Edited by EllieKit

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