My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 100: Shocker! Entrance exam results!

No need.

Not interested.

Gu Qi Qi didn’t give a good face to these classmates who suddenly came to suck up to her.

She was not Gu Xue Xue, so keen to have people hold onto her stinky feet.

These snobbish dogs, now that they saw her in the limelight, came together and so quickly forgot about the vicious words and mocking humiliation just now?

This kind of plant will turn into a poisonous weed that will bite back at you in a matter of minutes once you realize it’s not profitable!

Gu Qi Qi looked over with cold eyes, unmoved.

Those students who looked like they were stammering could only withdraw their offers to get close and buy drinks.


Someone refreshed to the official site of the college entrance exam admission results.

“Emperor **Medical University admissions list is out!”

“Who’s number one?”

“Isn’t it our top student, Seven Seven?”

“Huh ……”

Everyone leaned in to look, and suddenly they were all silent.

The atmosphere, all of a sudden, became very strange.

Having nothing else to do, and waiting for Xiao Ling to return anyway, Gu Qi Qi also opened her phone and refreshed it.

Her college entrance exam results, with a total score of 7.8, was not only the first in Qing Cheng, but also the first in the province.

The national ranking didn’t come out, but she was expected to be at the top.

A proper academic and exam bully.

This score was more than enough to attend the Imperial Medical University.

What she was most worried about before wasn’t the grades at all, but the replacement of the college entrance exam application by Gu Meifeng.

Now, that sick and delicate big shot, helped her submit her application for the entrance exam directly to the education department and they both received official confirmation.

She has nothing to worry about anymore.

But ……

Gu Qi Qi’s eyebrows, gradually scowled.

She hadn’t checked the admission notification in the admissions system!

Quickly flipping through the Imperial Medical College website.

She looked up each of the hundreds of new student acceptances from the list!

Saw Xiao Ling’s name – in Veterinary Medicine.

Even saw Gu Xue Xue’s name – in the forensic science major.

But from start to finish, She didn’t even see her own name!

Only 50 were accepted in clinical medicine, without her!

Pharmacy, veterinary medicine, forensic medicine, imaging, anesthesia, dentistry, optometry …… and even nursing specialties that train nurses ……

All majors, none of them had her name on them.

The Imperial Medical University, surprisingly, did not admit her.

Everyone’s results were released one after another, and even the student with the worst score was admitted to an obscure university as expected.

The only one who didn’t appear on any of the university’s admission lists was Gu Qi Qi.

If she was not on the first list of universities announced tonight.

Then there would only be special schools left.

For example, the worst nursing school that she had been fooled by Gu Meifeng’s to voluntarily change in her previous life.

Is she going to make the same mistake all over again?

Still can’t be a doctor in this life, only a nurse?

It’s not normal.

What’s wrong?

Gu Qi Qi frowned in thought.

“Look! Gu Qi Qi’s score!”

Suddenly, a student screamed.

I saw a new bulletin on the Qingcheng High School’s official website, highlighted in red letters.

A list of cheating plagiarism on college entrance exam results!

A series of names of scum were listed in it.

The most eye-catching was undoubtedly the three words “Gu Qi Qi” in the middle.

“Heavens, Gu Qi Qi’s grade came by cheating!”

“Her title of college entrance exam winner is fake, am I right?”

“Of course you’re right, she scored a 1 in the English section.”

“A mark of 1 means the whole paper was plagiarized! All subjects count according to cheating plagiarism at the same time, and the results are void!”

“So …… what’s her total score?”

“Maths, English and Science. That’s 4 points! Hahaha! What bully? Bullshit bully! What a 4-point learner, yo!”

“Did you just have the nerve to pretend with us?”

“Plagiarized goods!”

“Shame on you!”

Authors Note: I’ll keep working! Ask the goblins for recommendations and reviews! I’ll kill these whores who slandered Seven Seven!

Translators Note:

Gu Qi Qi’s family is truly garbage! Also these student’s never learn. Look forward to some slaps

Either way celebrating chapter 100 🥳 🎉 🎊. Here’s to many more.

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