My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 101: Snobbish people have accused her of cheating and plagiarism.

As it turns out, a snobby person is a snobby person.

They change their faces faster than the time it takes to read a book.

Just now, they were vigorously shouting “We’ve changed Gu Qi Qi” and trying to impress her, but now they are all avoiding Gu Qi Qi as if she were a snake.

Their eyes are filled with suspicion and contempt.

Their words are full of the most vicious and sarcastic meanings.

The insults of these people didn’t bother her.

She gazed up at the notice.

It was just put out at this evening.

It was signed by the National Education Department’s College Entrance Examination Results Review Inspection Team.

The college entrance exam results had already come out, and at that time they didn’t accuse her of cheating.

Why did it pop up now?

What the hell is an inspection team?

Is it …… that Gu Meifeng and the others, knowing that she had changed her mind, bribed someone to pull off this murderous act so that she couldn’t get into any university?

Yes, you can still go to a college with low marks.

If you cheat and plagiarize, no school would be able to admit you.

She had really underestimated Gu Mei Feng’s ability!

She couldn’t believe that she would be forced to be a plagiarist!

Gu Qi Qi clenched her fists.

She knew her English score was a perfect score, the only perfect score in the province.

Whose could she copy instead?

In the corner.

A dying Gu Xue Xue, her face covered in vomit mixed with alcohol and grime.

Yao Da Zhuang, who had gotten into the police academy through his dad’s connections, was delighted and released her momentarily, finally allowing her to catch her breath for a moment.

She heard that she had been accepted into the forensic science program and was delighted.

Although the forensic science major wasn’t the best major in the Emperor** Medical University, but, at least she had attended the best medical university.

Inheriting the capital of the Gu family, she had a chance!

Immediately, she heard everyone cursing Gu Qi Qi, saying that Gu Qi Qi was cheating, that her college entrance exam results were null and void, and that she couldn’t make it in the end.

She was simply, raving, happy!

The alcohol-soaked face emitted a strange red glow and murmured, “Gu Qi Qi, so what if you’re a top student, so what if you’ve just fought bravely and won at gambling, so what if you’ve just won at drinking, in the end you’ve still been crushed by me.”

Her heels twisted and crunched proudly through the liquor stains on the floor.

Imagining the ground as the face of a Gu Qi Qi, wishing she could use a heel as sharp as an awl-.


However, when she looked at Gu Qi Qi with the eyes of a victor.

But was greatly disappointed.

Gu Qi Qi was calm and indifferent, still sitting on the sofa.

There was no ripple in her expression.

It still looked so imposing and beautiful that it took one’s breath away.

It was as if those accusations couldn’t hurt her at all.

Gu Xue Xue fiercely clenched her teeth.

Based on what?

What makes a nerd who can’t even go to college not go crazy, lose her poise, and not wail and shed tears?

She bit her lips, feeling jealous and resentful.

Suddenly, she remembered the original plan for tonight.

Right, tonight she took the lead in organizing this class reunion, forcing the class president to get Gu Qi Qi to attend, wasn’t it just to teach Gu Qi Qi a lesson she would never forget?

Gambling on alcohol is but an appetizer.

The more exciting good show, huh, is still to come.

Gu Xue Xue licked the dirt on her lips and suddenly felt that Yao Dazhuang’s spittle was not so disgusting, even eating it made her a little excited.

She gently pulled the side of Yao Dazhuang, who was intoxicated with the police academy admission notice, and whined: ” Congratulations, my brother Zhuang, you’re on the list! Do you want to, like, have a good time tonight?”

“Drive you?” Yao Da Zhuang pinched her ass, “You’ve already been fucking driven, haven’t you?”

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