My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 102: I’d love to bully her to death!

Being questioned by Yao Dazhuang about whether or not she was a virgin.

Gu Xue Xue smiled coquettishly: “Oh my, how naughty! I just had my first kiss with you from drink** ……”

Saying that her finger quietly pointed in the direction of Gu Qi Qi, whispering ambiguously: “She is still a virgin …… Brother Zhuang, do you want to try? Tasting the top college examination candidate, do you want to taste?”

“On the wedding night, when one’s name is at the top of the exam list. What man wouldn’t want to try?”

The vulgar Yao Dazhuang licked his lips and rubbed his hands.

It was also hard for him, he had only said such an educated sentence once in his life.

Gu Xue Xue covered her lips and smiled: “Brother Zhuang, there’s a ‘bridal room’ I have prepared for you, you go next door to the private room …… so and so ……”

Gu Xue Xue leaned by his ear and muttered a few words.

Yao Dazhuang pinched her face: “You’re in the way!”

The fire in his body was thick, Yao Dazhuang called a few male students to help him, and a group of people stumbled together, and went out to the private room next door, pulled down their pants, and waited.

Gu Xue Xue gave Zhu Fen another wink: “Still not quick enough to lead the nerd over.”

Zhu Fen was a little afraid, mumbling, and not daring to move.

Gu Xue Xue stared at her without a kind expression, “Are you stupid? Today is such a good opportunity, if you don’t fix that nerd to the point where she can’t get up, she’ll catch a chance to turn over a new leaf later, and do you think you’ll still have your good fortune to enjoy?”

“I ……”

“Did you forget your father is still in jail? Your dad wouldn’t be in jail if the nerd wasn’t cunning enough to refuse to take the blame?”

“Xue Xue ……”

“Think about it. If you don’t run her over today, she’ll be flaunting her power the next day, and you’ll just be a prisoner’s daughter! Did you forget she slapped you? You’re not going to hit back today because you want to save it for New Year’s?”

Yes, Gu Qi Qi was too dazzling.

Especially during this period of time, she had literally stepped on Zhu Fen so much that she can’t even hold her head up.

In the past, it was common for her to bully Gu Qi Qi, but now she’s as scared as a mouse when she sees her.

She really wants time to start over and bully Gu Qi Qi to death!

She wanted to trample Gu Qi Qi into the dust so that she couldn’t get up!

Cruelty overcame cowardice.

Zhu Fen no longer struggled or hesitate, and her eyes blazed with light, “Yes, I’ll go! But how can she believe me?”

Gu Xue Xue rolled her eyes, “Idiot, I still have to teach you how to do that, of course ……”

One minute later.

Zhu Fen heartily approached the sofa where Gu Qi Qi was sitting.

” Qi Qi, there’s something I forgot to tell you ……”

Gu Qi Qi was pondering where the news that defiled her as the most fraudulent in the college entrance exams came from, and when she heard it, she faintly lifted her eyes, “What is it?”

“The hospital video you were looking for last time, I went back and looked it up.”

“Hmm. And so?”

As soon as she heard that Gu Qi Qi was interested, Zhu Fen licked her lips and her eyebrows danced, “I found another one, I don’t know if it’s what you want ……”

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes were deep, gazing at Zhu Fen, “I want it?”

That sharp gaze almost made Zhu Fen break down and surrender.

Eyes evading, Zhu Fen nodded fiercely, “Yes, yes, after you took that tape last time, didn’t you ask if there were any others, I’ve been keeping an eye on it for you …… But there’s a lot of people here, and they’re all watching, so why don’t we go out and talk?”

After saying that, she carefully observed Gu Qi Qi’s face.

When she found that there was no obvious change in Gu Qi Qi’s expression as she leisurely got up, preparing to walk with her out of the private room, she was quietly relieved.


Turns out Xue Xue was right, nerds are just nerds.

Their IQ will not go online because they occasionally get lucky and get angry.

See, she was still stupid enough to be fooled once and for all.

Zhu Fen excitedly led Gu Qi Qi out of the private room.

Without even noticing it, Gu Qi Qi’s hand, flashed with the cold edge that only a fierce blade has!

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