My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 103: Luring Gu Qi Qi into the private room next door (1/1)

Zhu Fen led Gu Qi Qi to the corridor.

Pretending to be very intimate, she even took two glasses of wine in passing and handed one to Gu Qi Qi.

She took the initiative to clink her cup with Gu Qi Qi, “Qi Qi, what’s the point of finding that videotape?”

What for?

To find the asshole who bullied her on the operating table the other night?

But this purpose, naturally, could not be told to Zhu Fen.

Gu Qi Qi faintly said, “Looking for a patient.”

“Oh.” Zhu Fen absentmindedly agreed, but her eyes were scanning the wine glass of Gu Qi Qi.

She used the “kind of medicine” that Gu Xue Xue gave her and wiped it all over the wine glass.

The company’s products have been sold in the U.S. and Europe.

Later, the nerd will be crying and begging Yao Dazhuang and the others to fuck her hard.

When the time comes, using the private room’s camera to capture the entire process, it will definitely be quite exciting.

Tsk, Xue Xue is really a female goddess!

Nice plan.

She was a little excited to be able to execute this plan herself.

But ……

What’s taking this nerd so long to drink?

“Qi Qi, aren’t you a good drinker? Why won’t you drink? Are you looking down on me?” Zhu Fen was a little anxious, and couldn’t stay calm.

Seeing Gu Qi Qi’s youthful jade fingers, on the crystal glass, slowly rubbing the rim.

But there was no intention at all to bring the wine into her mouth.

Zhu Fen said anxiously, ” Qi Qi, here, I’ll toast to you. I’ll go get you a videotape after I drink this glass. I’ll make sure you get any videos you want to find in the future.”


Gu Qi Qi faintly lifted her lips.

This time, she actually raised the glass cheerfully and drank it all!

Zhu Fen’s heart was overjoyed.

The excitement glowing in her eyes couldn’t be concealed, and she reached out to pull Gu Qi Qi, “Let’s go, I’ll give you the videotape.”

Saying that she took a step towards the private room.

However, it wasn’t the private room for their class reunion.

Rather, it was the private room next door!

The upscale private room at the Qiong Hua Feast looked really similar from the outside.

The same splendid and luxurious splendor.

Just ……

As soon as she entered the room, Zhu Fen stumbled.

There was a huge pain in her arm, and it was twisted up against her back by Gu Qi Qi.

“Qi Qi, what are you doing? ……” she cried out in fear, the fear of Gu Qi Qi in her heart, all of a sudden came flooding back.

“Zhu Fen, calling you a pig turd, you really live up to that pig turd name. Your own IQ isn’t above the line, and you think that others are like you?” Gu Qi Qi smiled sarcastically, “Two different private rooms, what makes you think I’m blind and can’t tell the difference?”

“Qi Qi …… This is a misunderstanding …… You first let go ah, My hand is going to be broken …… “Zhu Fen begged for mercy with a cry.

Gu Qi Qi was unmoved and sneered, “Also, you clearly said last time that the video had been packed away by the military altogether. Where did you conjure up a video for me now, hmm?”

Zhu Fen was unmasked.

Her face burned with shame.

It was so painful.

But, her arm was twisted by Gu Qi Qi, and it hurt even more!

Her heart chilled, only then did she realize that Gu Qi Qi had already discerned what her and Gu Xue Xue were plotting and scheming.

Just now, she cooperated with her step by step, but in her heart, she was probably mocking her for her ignorance.

It’s over.

Gu Qi Qi is poisonous, and Gu Qi Qi cannot be provoked.

How could she have forgotten about it?

How is it that Gu Xue Xue is so gullible that she’s thinking of trying to bully and provoke Gu Qi Qi again?

Her mind was in despair.

Fiercely, she remembered, didn’t Gu Xue Xue say that Yao Dazhuang brought a few boys and came to the private room next door?

Something was wrong!

Why was this private room so quiet?

It was too dark. Were the boys are drunk and hiding behind the couch?

Zhu Fen was in a hurry and had the nerve to shout, “Yao Dazhuang, why don’t you guys hurry up and open Gu Qi Qi’s bud!!!”

No matter, as long as Gu Qi Qi could be grabbed by the boys.

She, Zhu Fen, will be able to getaway.

No matter how poisonous and ruthless she was, would she still be able to struggle against a few strong boys?

The disparity in power between men and women, that’s no joke.

Translators Note:

This group of stupid people scheming. I don’t know when they’ll actually learn

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