My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 108: It hurts Gong Jue’s eyes.

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Outside the bathroom.

Gong Jue gazed at Gu Qi Qi’s pale little face, and his heart felt a strange fluctuation for no apparent reason.

If he didn’t come back tonight, what would she do?

Suppose Bai Long hadn’t irritated him by sending him two pictures in a row, and he hadn’t rushed back at night from the thousand-mile journey to the capital to clean up after this misbehaving little devil. Would she have been miserably bullied by her male classmates?

Stupid women. They’re troublemakers, and they like to go to the wrong place.

She needs to be taught!

His cold face cracked open with a grin he hadn’t even noticed.

Holding her in his arms, he picked up the phone on the floor and was just about to leave.

As he was exiting, his eyes glanced at the phone and saw a list of distress calls that had just been dialed out.

“Little Master Xiao Ning ……”

These four words stung the eyes of Gong Jue!

The warmth that previously thawed his heart instantly froze like ice.

Damn, the stupid woman is in danger, and the first thing she thinks about is another young man?

The arm holding Gu Qi Qi couldn’t help but tighten a little, and his veins were visible.


Reality should have been like this: She, a fresh and young high school student, would naturally like a young guy who was the same age as her.

However, in her eyes, he was probably an uncle, a dad-level figure, but he was only older than her by a few years!

However, his experience, power, position, and potential were something even the geniuses of her father’s generation could not look up to.

He was in another league!

“Chief, do you want to take Miss Qi Qi to the hospital?”

“No need.” Gong Jue’s voice was calm, “Let Bai Lang roll over!”


The private room.

Students checked the college entrance examination’s admission results, but not all of them were happy with their scores.

Thus, the small private room’s atmosphere became dreary, and everyone got drunk, mixed up, and left the room to dance in the banquet hall.

Gu Xue Xue leaned on the sofa by herself, grabbing her phone while waiting for news from Zhu Fen.

“This stupid pig, why hasn’t she come back to report? It’s okay to post a few photos of Gu Qi Qi being gangr*ped by them. You really don’t know how to do things! Why did I get a dog like that in the first place?” Cursing, she dialed the phone.

But Zhu Fen just wouldn’t answer.

Not far from her, the waiter covered his nose and handed over the bill. “Miss Gu, please pay the bill! I’ll give you a discount of nine hundred thousand whole.”

Gu Xue Xue frowned and raised her arrogant voice, “You’re blind. Who said that I’m paying the bill?”

The waiter was businesslike: “You’re the one who booked the private room. And, now that everyone has left, it’s just you.”

This stupid girl, who drank herself into this mess and threw up all over her clothes, isn’t trying to cheat, is she?

The waiter’s penetrating eyes contained a touch of contempt.

Gu Xue Xue was furious: “Who said that? I’m going to find you the person who’s supposed to pay the bill right now!”

Hmph, she doesn’t care about this rotten debt.

If Yao Dazhuang isn’t willing to pay, then just wait until they’ve had enough of playing with Gu Qi Qi’s body and leave her here to pay!

Can’t afford it?

Oh, it’s okay.

Then let the owner of Qiong Hua Feast sell Gu Qiwei as a prostitute and have her pay him back slowly.

She got up and walked towards the next room, “Wait, the person that’s paying the bill is right next door.”

The private room next door.

The unlocked door was opened by the waiter.

Gu Xue Xue frowned, and when she looked upon the room, she saw an unbearable scene in the dimly lit private room.

The waiter was stunned.

But Gu Xue Xue couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Oh, Gu Qi Qi has been played with nearly enough, right?

A bottle of wine was lying around the floor, and a lump of toilet paper was stained with unidentified smudges and blood.

She saw a pair of feminine legs, like dead fish, sticking out of the middle of a pile of drunken boys.

There were bruises all over the place.

Gu Xue Xue was overwhelmed with joy and had the pleasure of tremendously successful revenge.

“All right, all right. Leave her alone. We still have to make her pay the bill!”

Translator’s Note:

Definitely not feeling Gong Jue’s attitude on this. Male and female classmates should not be setting up their classmate to get r*ped regardless of whether they’re a nerd or not.

Also Xue Xue continues to show why she’s a trash person

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