One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 4: The Wicked stepmother of the step sister

Lan Zhi Rou secretly thought: Xin’er this girl must be talking tough, huh. But it doesn’t matter, as long as things were done well, good when this dead girl was revealed to be made pregnant by a man…… hehe……

So Lan Zhi Rou settled down and pulled out a gentle smile, “Sister, you should go back to your room. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything to my parents about you coming out to play.”

And then to the neighboring students: “You misunderstand my sister, she is very good, even if she went out to play, it was definitely someone else who held her back.”

The more Lan Zhi Rou said, the more disbelieving the classmates were, and they all closed their mouths and looked at Nalan Xin’er with contempt.

Nalan Xiner’s heart suddenly felt as if 10,000 horses were running wild:  Damn it, Lan Zhi Rou, you’ve made up your mind that I came out to play with men today right

You want to compare our acting, right? Good!

The smile on her face was brighter than the stars in the sky, and her big eyes were full of innocence: “Brothers and sisters, I can’t sleep at night without my sister, I have to sleepwalk! So …… I’ll take my sister back first ha!”

That said, without a word, she grabbed Lan Zhi Rou’s arm and walked back.

In order to maintain a gentle image, naturally, Lan Zhi Rou did not dare to struggle, so she waved goodbye to everyone and went back to her room with Nalan Xin’er.

Behind her, several male and female students looked at each other: was it sleepwalking?

The people who wanted to take pictures also stopped doing it – Nalan Xin’er was holding on to Lan Zhi Rou to death, if they took the picture wouldn’t it also drag down Lan Zhi Rou into the mud?

After leaving the crowd’s sight, Nalan Xin’er threw away Lan Zhi Rou and walked back by herself with a cold look.

Lan Zhi Rou wondered, this sister has always listened to her, why was her temper a bit strange today?

“Xin’er, are you blaming me for exposing our sisterly relationship in front of everyone?”

“Dear sister, just go home and explain this to your parents, I’m fine with it!” Nalan Xin’er faintly said.

In the Nalan family rules, in the 18 years of age before adulthood, the children of the family must keep a low profile on the outside, and must not easily disclose their identity and relationships, until their 18 years of age coming of age ceremony when they can officially step into the social circle.

Lan Zhi Rou’s heart skipped a beat: When did this little girl know how to turn the tables and threaten her with her parents?

With a twinkle in her eye, she said, ” Xin’er, are you …… under any kind of stimulus tonight? What the hell just happened to you? Talk to your sister, will you? Sister promises to keep your secret! And will help you come up with ideas ……”

She wanted her to follow the good advice and try to set up Xin’er with her words.

In the past, Nalan Xin’er might have foolishly told Lan Zhi Rou about the lecherous uncle tonight, and would have gratefully listened to Lan Zhi Rou’s “ideas”.

But now, she is no longer that silly little fool……

She smiled coldly, “Do you want me to be provoked that much?”

Lan Zhi Rou was startled: “I …… of course not …… sister is just concerned about you …… Xin’er what’s wrong with you?”

Nalan Xin’er did not want her to see her emotions, so she dropped her gaze, and restrained all the sharpness in her eyes, and spoke languidly and arrogantly: “In order to come out and find you even though I was sleepy! I have to get up early for the event tomorrow!”

“Good …… then you …… have a good rest.” Lan Zhi Rou watched Nalan Xin’er darted into the room and banged the door shut, her heart a little unable to speak.

This sister, although arrogant and playful, she had always been very easy to manipulate, last night she had plotted so carefully, nothing …… should have gone wrong, right?

She was thinking about it when the call came.

It was the middle of the night and no one was around.

Lan Zhi Rou walked to the corner and answered carefully: “Hello, Mom?”

A woman’s muffled voice came over the receiver, ” What happened to that straw bag girl?”

The woman’s voice was as gentle as Lan Zhi Rou’s, but when she mentions the four words “that straw bag girl”, she couldn’t disguise the trace of harshness.

“Don’t worry, Mom, I personally gave her a bottle of water with the powder, and watched her being taken away by the male servant …… Also, when she came out of the man’s room just now, I brought my classmates to block her halfway, and there are witnesses. Now she is bruised black and blue and looks ragged, it must be a done deal ……”.

“The key is whether a picture was taken or not.”

“Well, the castle doesn’t let outsiders in, you can’t invite reporters, and my classmates won’t be able to take pictures, I instructed the man to take a selfie of the whole thing, and the other guy said he’d send it when the money arrived.”

“Good work, Mom will immediately go to transfer the money. You know, this kind of visually striking photos will definitely make the family spit on her. When it is revealed that this straw girl is pregnant with an evil seed, your father will definitely kick her out completely, and then she will be at our mercy.”

“I understand, Mom, we will take it one step at a time, I have been waiting for this day for a long time.”

“Zhi Rou ah, these things Mom originally did not want you to participate, but you have to remember, Nalan Xin’er that straw bag will sooner or later go to the yellow spring and join her dead ghost old mother as a companion, and in the future you are going to be Nalan family eldest daughter, marry into the top noble family. Start learning now and when you’ve married over, you can give your husband’s three or four children ~ and you will have experience ……”

“Mom, I’ll learn.”

“Good girl, go to bed early.”

“Good night, Mommy.”

— [Interview One of the Little Theater] –.

Author: “Would you like some free lessons on how to deal with your three and four children from your stepmother, Missy?”

Miss Nalan: “Get out, no need! My husband is a faithful dog! Uncle-type loyal dog!”

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