One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 10: Have We Met?

Being punished in public, Nalan Xin’er was so depressed that she clenched her small fist.

Damn, I was just distracted for a few seconds and then you caught me! Uncle Dongfang, are you looking through my eyes?

10,000 words? Do you know it takes a long time to write 10,000 words, it’s very tiring!

This is clearly corporal punishment!

She looked angrily at Dongfang Yunhe.

Dongfang Yunhe, however, had already proudly put away his pointer and walked out the door with the lesson plan in his hand.

Bodyguards in military uniforms appeared from nowhere, carefully putting away the famous painting, and quietly followed behind, while Principal Huangfu personally waited in front of the classroom, escorting Professor Dongfang all the way out of the school.

Nalan Xin’er was stunned, and suddenly dashed over – fuck, fuck, she almost forgot the most important thing!

She was so nimble and clever that she caught up with them at once, pushed aside the students who were surrounding Dongfang Yunhe, bit her lip, and asked, “Wait! Professor Dongfang, have we met at ……?”

The man stopped in his tracks and gazed back at her.

His gaze was as hot and dazzling as the sun’s, but as distant and cold as the moon. 

He didn’t answer, just gazed at her proudly.

The students next to him couldn’t help but look at Nalan Xin’er with disgust.

“Hey, hey, hey, you’re too corny with that pick-up line!”

“Professor Dongfang just returned to China, how could he have met you, scum!”

“Who the hell are you! A slacker who was distracted in class and now has the nerve to come close!”

“Go cool off, be self-conscious, we won’t even pay attention to you!”

For a moment, Nalan Xin’er really reflected on whether or not she was a demon. She was too anxious, a bit jumpy from the night’s events, and thought it was the lecherous uncle when she saw a decent-looking tall man…….

Was she mistaken……

But in the next second, she extinguished that thought.

She saw Dongfang Yunhe push aside the people around her and stride in front of her.

He was too tall for her, and she was only up to his chest level, so he leaned over slightly and whispered in her ear, in a tone that only two people could hear, “Do you want to use money this time, or do you want to use your body to solve the problem?”

After saying that, he gracefully straightened up, as if the evil and nasty words just now did not come from him at all, and turned to a serious voice: “10,000-word report, do not want to miss a single word. I hate students who bargain.”

After saying that, he quirked his lips slightly and stepped away.

Principal Huangfu quickly waved his hand to stop the students: “Don’t crowd, Professor Dongfang’s open lecture has two sessions every week, see you in a few days!

In the midst of the chaos, Nalan Xin’er was pushed out of the crowd.

She was dumbfounded and frozen–

Damn, this man must be a lecherous uncle!

With money, or with your body? By saying this, he must be insinuating that she left the $5.50 behind to humiliate him!

And that charming tone of voice, the familiar venom, the earnest nastiness, it could only be him!

Just wait, I’ll find the evidence!

“Hey, Xin Mei, I didn’t think you were crazier than me! Fascinated by the cool guy in the first class? I can’t believe you’re faster than me!” He Xiao Wu ran along and finally caught up with Nalan Xin’er, shaking her hand exaggeratedly, “I told you, don’t steal from me, I liked him first! A friend’s wife is not to be deceived!”

Then Song Jun Hua arrived, with a touch of worry on her face: “Xiao Wu, don’t joke with her, don’t you think she’s not quite right since she came back from France?”

“Yes oh …… Xin’er, what’s wrong with you?” Xiao Wu blinked and started to worry as well.

“I ……” Nalan Xin’er hesitated for a moment and finally decided to tell the truth to her two best girlfriends.

“I may have lost that membrane …….”

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