One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 5: Washing off the smell of uncle

Zhi Rou Lan closed the phone and opened her door to enter the room.

At the corner of the corridor, Nalan Xin’er held her arms and calmly stepped out, a pair of beautiful eyes filled with intense anger!

Every word that entered her ears just now was like a knife that had been sharpened and pierced into her heart.

This shameless pair of mother and daughter!

Lin Mei Qing, her stepmother, and Lan Zhi Rou her step sister!

It was true that all these years they have been plotting how to kill and destroy her! So that we can put Lan Zhi Rou in the position of the Nalan’s elder miss!

So the drinks last night were the work of her stepmother, and the people who bullied her were arranged by her? So what was going on with the lecherous uncle?

Nalan Xin’er’s eyes were like a flame that wanted to pierce through the door of the room, directly onto the human with a beast’s heart, Lan Zhi Rou, and burn her into a pile of ash that even her mother couldn’t recognize!

However, she also knows that she has not yet graduated from high school and that she can’t take care of her stepmother yet, so she must plan calmly and act afterward. ……

After taking a few deep breaths, she opened the door again and entered the room.

After washing in the shower room for a full hour, she always felt that her body still had that faint smell of man, like sandalwood, or bamboo …… a very elegant and special smell.

“Nasty lecherous uncle! Wash off your smell!” She whined harshly and rinsed off several more times, her thin skin already scrubbed red and looking more like she had been bullied.

Nalan Xin’er gasped and stopped, dried herself off, and put on a new nightgown – the same silky, sheer nightgown that the castle provided to its female guests.

Nalan Xin’er threw herself into the classic princess bed.

She looked at the ceiling, unable to sleep.


A small sound, coming from the pillow.

It was the hand of the lecherous uncle’s pocket watch, the sound of moving around.

She grabbed it and opened it. It was already 4:30 in the morning.

It would soon be dawn.

If she couldn’t sleep, there was no need to force herself to sleep, so she decided to calm down and think about things.

She stared at the pocket watch’s exquisite antique dial and counted, she had been reborn in this world for 7 days.

Yes, Lan Zhi Rou’s intuition was not wrong, she Nalan Xin’er is no longer the straw bag Miss.

In the last life, she was also unconscious in France, lost her virginity, and soon after returning to the capital, the photos were sent home, causing her family to be furious.

Her stepmother claimed it was “for her own good” and helped her dispel the rumors by taking her to test her membrane, which, naturally, was long gone. Once again, there was a huge outcry and she became the laughing stock of the family.

Three months later, at her 18th birthday, it was revealed in public that she was pregnant, and her father was so furious that he threatened to break off his relationship with her! Grandma was so angry that she fainted on the spot! And her fiancé, the Prince of the Qin Clan, held the hand of her stepsister and announced their marriage.

That coming of age ceremony turned into an engagement banquet for her stepsister! Her step-sister also became a logical replacement for her and became the eldest daughter of the Nalan family!

She became a young abandoned woman and was locked up in a nursing home on the outskirts of the capital.

It was called a nursing home, but it was actually a prison cell!

She tried several times to escape and went to her father and grandmother to tell them that she had been framed …… but she was taken back as an insane person and locked up in an asylum!

The lunatic asylum, that’s where the really scary things are!

Constantly taking injections and medication …… locked in a dilapidated, dark, damp, windowless room …… for over half a year!

On the day she was about to give birth, she crawled to the door with her nails broken and her throat cracked, and no one paid any attention to her, and she ended up bleeding profusely. ……

The blood dried up and she died!

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