One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 6: Why Fight Scum?

Nalan Xin’er lay on the soft mattress, her small fists clenched tightly, her nails almost embedded in her flesh: the memories of her last life were too painful, and she would rather forget them if she could!

But, she can’t forget!

If she doesn’t keep her eyes open, she could make the same mistake!

She still remembers the feeling of dying, like being plunged into water, unable to breathe, but conscious, feeling the despair of losing a little bit of life at a time……

Fortunately, God had the good sense to give her a second chance!

When she opened her eyes again and realized that she had been reborn 10 months earlier, she hadn’t spent the night with a man or conceived a child, and she vowed to make the most of this life! Never live like a straw bag person with no heart and no soul!

When she was locked up in the asylum, she already had an inkling that this incident had something to do with her stepmother’s and step-sister, after all, they were the two people who would benefit most from her madness and death, weren’t they?

But she had no proof.

In the seven days since her rebirth, she had taken every step carefully, especially trying to avoid participating in this exchange trip to France.

However, her stepmother, Lin Mei Qing, lovingly expressed her support for her to come, while her stepsister, Lan Zhi Ruo, dragged her father to persuade her to come.

if she can’t avoid it, then she can’t avoid it. It would be a good idea to observe who harmed her.

Was it at the banquet last night? ……

“Xin’er, you’re not going to refuse the toast of the lead teacher, are you?”

“If you don’t drink alcohol, you can drink mineral water! Here, here’s a bottle!”

Nalan Xin’er’s eyes were half-lidded, remembering the scene at that time.

Fuck! It seems that she was negligent – even sealed mineral water can be injected with medicine through a syringe and it is not visible to the naked eye.

What if she hadn’t drunk it? –Then they must have another trick up their sleeve!

Nalan Xin’er’s heart was filled with anger again.

She felt that she had lived too freely in her last life, never taking a closer look at the people around her.

Her stepmother, Lin Mei Qing, apparently did not treat her badly at all, but intentionally or unintentionally let her wallow in pleasure and neglect her studies, and as a result, she has been a slacker, a bit arrogant and ignorant of the ways of the world, but her stepmother comforted her father: “Girls don’t need to be so smart to study well and marry a good man.

It seems that her stepmother is trying to ruin her ability before pushing her into the abyss of doom. 

She was afraid that this scheme was started 13 years ago when her mother died of an illness and her stepmother was brought as a stepmother into the house.

“Oh, 13 years of scheming, what a deep secret!”

Nalan Xin’er sneered, staring at the hands of the ticking pocket watch, and a sigh gradually surfaced in her heart: facing 13 years of wolves and tigers, she was reborn only 10 months early, there was really no advantage!

If she was reborn 13 years ago, she could find a way to stop her stepmother from entering the house; if she was reborn 10 years ago, she could ask her mother’s mother’s family, Xuanyuan, to help her …… Even if she was reborn 5 years ago, she could still get her studies done in time, but now she’s only 10 months ahead ……

Her stepmother has already established a foothold in the Nalan family, the Xuanyuan family is facing a crisis, her most loving first cousin left the capital five years ago …… and since she was a straw bag in her previous life, she knew nothing and was ignorant of the family business, why should she fight with her stepmother and stepsister?

In just 10 months of being locked up in an insane asylum, she was not privy to outside information. She didn’t even know where real estate was going up, which industries were surging, or what stocks were selling!

In other words, she doesn’t have any golden fingers to use, so why should she fight with a scum stepmother and a scum step sister?

Her rebirth was lucky but the reality was cruel!

Damn, what a great rebirth for me!

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