White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 47: Princess Su Rou

The following day, the Madame Marquis and Su Mo Li handed over a plaque and entered the Palace.

The Emperor was extremely accommodating to the Chengning family, giving them the opportunity to face the Emperor at any time. After all, the Chengning Marquis was the Emperor’s only real brother.

The Madame Marquis held Su Mo Li’s hand and whispered: “Don’t worry, I will bring you justice, even if it’s the Second Prince, he can’t bully people like this.”

Su Mo Li said slowly: “Actually, it’s no big deal. After all, I don’t want to marry the Second Prince.”

“Hush ……” Madame Hou made a gesture of silence, taking a look around before carefully saying, “No matter what’s in your heart, you have to show your grievance, you know? “

Su Mo Li couldn’t help but smile and nodded her head.

Only then did Madame Hou nod with satisfaction, “Sometimes, people always have to put on an act.”

Saying that, she patted Su Mo Li’s hand, “Let’s go in.”

When Da Guozi saw Madame Hou and Su Mo Li, his eyelids jumped, and he quickly came over: “Madame Hou, Miss Su, the Second Prince is already inside, and the Emperor is not in a good mood.”

Madame Hou nodded: “Thank you, Eunuch Da Guozi.”

Da Guozi laughed twice, then went to report to the Emperor, and in a short while, they went in.

After their greeting, the Emperor looked at Su Mo Li and saw that she looked a little aggrieved, and was instantly embarrassed: “This has happened. What do you think, Li’er?”.

Su Mo Li pursed her lips and said in a low voice: “It’s all up to the Emperor to make the decision.”

Madame Hou took a look at Zhong Li Ling, who was kneeling on the ground and sighed: “Imperial Brother, it wasn’t me who said it, but what the Second Prince did was a total disregardful of propriety and the law. He’s not putting You in his eyes.”

“Father, forgive me! I have no such intention, but I have no feelings for Eldest Miss Su, and I am very fond of the Second Miss Su, so I can’t help myself.

“Can’t help it?” Madame Hou sneered, “If you like Su Xin Zhen, it’s fine. Just report it directly to my Imperial Brother.

Not to mention the fact that you’re hiding it from Li’er while you’re having an affair with Su Xin Zhen, such a character is really nasty.

Imperial Brother, no matter what, Li’er is the one who has suffered in this matter. You should compensate Li’er no matter what.”

Madame Hou said with a face full of anger.

Su Mo Li knelt down: “Your Majesty, it’s Li’er’s fault for not being able to win the love of the Second Prince. I don’t know what Li’er did wrong to let the Second Prince and my sister humiliate me like this.

However, since Li’er and the Prince are not in love, I will also fulfill the Second Prince and my sister’s wishes. Please release me from the verbal marriage contract with the Second Prince.”

As she said this, tears fell from Su Mo Li’s face, and anyone could feel the pain in her heart.

Zhong Li Ling’s heart also felt a surge of guilt: “Don’t worry, Miss Su, if there is anything in the future, I will try my best to help Miss Su.”

Su Mo Li shook her head numbly, her pair of eyes devoid of emotion: “I only hope that the Second Prince will not appear in front of me in the future. I am not familiar with the Second Prince.”

“Good.” Madame Hou directly pulled Su Mo Li up and made her sit on the seat beside her. Seeing that Su Mo Li’s face was full of tears, she now said, “You are weak, sit well.”

The Emperor also nodded, “Li’er, sit down.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty, thank you, Madame Marquis.” Su Mo Li had a look of gratitude on her face.

Madame Marquis said indifferently, “Since you have chosen Su Xin Zhen, don’t provoke Li’er. Everyone will certainly ridicule our Li’er because of your marriage withdrawal. If you are still hanging around in front of Li’er, how much pain will Li’er suffer?

Although you are a Prince, you have to think of others. Being headstrong is not a good thing.”

Madame Hou’s words caused Zhong Li Ling’s appearance to change, but at this time, he couldn’t say anything to refute her words, so he could only lower his head.

The Emperor took a look at Zhong Li Ling and said indifferently: “In that case, I agree that you and Li’er can break the marriage contract, as for that Su Xin Zhen, with her moral behavior, she can not be a Royal daughter-in-law, so you can directly take her as a concubine.”

Zhong Li Ling’s heart fiercely tightened: “Father, there is nothing wrong with Zhen’er; everything is my fault, please ……”

“Huh!” The Emperor snorted, “Right? If that’s true, why did you have an affair? A slap on the hand doesn’t make the situation better!”

Zhong Li Ling opened his mouth but couldn’t say a word.

Su Mo Li blinked her eyes, tears falling down: “Your Majesty, Zhen’er is still young, can you forgive Zhen’er just once ……”

“You! Why do you speak for your sister?” With resentment, Madame Hou said, “You always think about Su Xin Zhen but does she ever think that you are her sister?”

Zhong Li Ling gratefully looked at Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li lowered her head, and her soft voice sounded: “After all, the Emperor’s decree states that the daughter of the Su Family is to be the side consort, so if she is replaced with a concubine, it is really not good.”

On hearing this, Madame Hou did not speak again.

The Emperor nodded: “It’s fine, just let her become the side consort.”

Zhong Li Ling let out a sigh of relief: “Thank you, Father!”

“In the end, it’s Li’er who suffers.” Madame Hou touched Su Mo Li’s hair and was helpless.

After the Emperor looked at Su Mo Li for a few moments, he slowly said, “Li’er is good-natured, virtuous and has a heart of gold, and is named a Princess.”

An unexpected surprise!

Su Mo Li looked at the Emperor incredulously and was reminded by Madame Hou to kneel down: “Li’er kowtows to the Emperor!”

Madame Hou had a smile on her face: “Imperial Brother, since you’ve appointed her a Princess, you can give her a title as well.”

The Emperor nodded: “Su Rou.”

“Tracing back to the source, Li’er has been a gentle and virtuous person since she was a child, so Su Rou is really a good title.” Madame Marquis said with a smiling face.

The Emperor quickly wrote the Imperial decree, and Madame Marquis naturally got the task of delivering the decree into her own hands. She quickly took Su Mo Li out of the Palace.

“That’s good. With the name of the Princess, others won’t dare to laugh at you.” Madame Marquis breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s just that the words of that Bai Chuan Taoist, in the end, have taken root in the Emperor’s heart.”

Looking at Madame Hou’s sad face, Su Mo Li shook her head, “I don’t believe in the words of Bai Chuan Taoist. I will wait for Grandmaster Sankong to return.”

Upon hearing that, Madame Hou’s eyes lit up, “Right, how could I forget about Grandmaster Sankong. Don’t worry. I will send someone to look for Grandmaster Sankong.”

“Thank you, Madame.”

Su Mo Li revealed a brilliant smile.

The carriage headed towards the Prime Minister’s Residence.

At this time, the atmosphere of the Prime Minister’s Residence was exceptionally bad.

Su Chen looked at Su Xin Zhen, who had been kneeling for a day and a night, and in the end, he was still softhearted: “Get up.”

“Thank you, Father.” Su Xin Zhen winced and stood up with the help of Chun Feng.

Li Qianshi’s eyes were swollen from crying, and seeing this, her heart slightly relaxed.

“If you can become the Second Prince’s Consort, it’s just as well, if not ……” Su Chen’s brows wrinkled, “I’ll marry you off to a humble scholar. There is no way that any daughter of my Su family can be a concubine.”

“Master, the Second Prince is true to our Zhen’er and she will certainly be the Second Prince’s Consort!”

“That’s good.” Su Chen’s face looked a little better. He took a look at Su Xin Zhen and said to the people around him, “Call a doctor over to take a look at Second Miss, so that she won’t fall ill.”

Su Xin Zhen immediately cried out, “Father, I knew that Father treated me the best!”

Su Chen sighed: “Things have come to this, and we can only take one step at a time.”

Momo Ke, who got the news, quickly told Old Madam Su.

Old Madam Su’s entire body trembled, “They, they actually treated Li’er this way?”

Momo Ke had a helpless look on her face: “In the end, the Eldest Daughter doesn’t have her mother by her side, and there’s no one who can make decisions for her. Not to mention the Master’s temperament, which you also know.”

Old Madam Su closed her eyes, took a few deep breaths, and then slowly said, “Let’s go out and take a look.”

As soon as Old Madam Su arrived in the hall, she asked directly, “Is Zhen’er going to marry the Second Prince as Consort?”

Su Chen was stunned and said, “Mother, this is the best result, after all, Zhen’er and the Second Prince already have touched skin to skin, this ……”

“What about Li’er? Have you thought about Li’er? Li’er is the Elder Sister, but will only a side consort! How can she face everyone when she sees her husband having an affair with her sister!”

Old Madam Su looked at Su Chen incredulously: “You used to be so biased in favor of Zhen’er, so why are you also biased in favor of her in this matter? She made a lot of noise, but she left Li’er to take the blame?

Chen’er, is this how I taught you in the past? How did you become like this!”

Old Madam Su’s cloudy eyes had tears in them: “Zhen’er is your daughter, but Li’er is not?”

Su Chen’s eyebrows furrowed, “Mother, this is the best way. Besides, Zhen’er is Li’er’s own sister, and compared to someone else being the Second Prince’s Consort, if Zhen’er is the Consort, she can still help out Li’er.”


Old Madam Su’s body shook and almost fell to the ground.


Su Chen helped old Madam Su to sit down.

Old Madam Su took a sip of tea before she calmed down and looked at Li Qianshi and Su Xin Zhen with a pair of gloomy eyes.

Su Xin Zhen was young, and there was still some smugness in her eyes.

Old Madam Su closed her eyes, and sure enough, sure enough! What good can a daughter raised by a small family do!

“Master, Madam, Madame Hou has sent Eldest Miss back!”

“Quick, invite them in!” Old Madam Su immediately said.

When Madame Marquis and Su Mo Li walked in, everyone saluted.

Madame Hou looked at Su Chen and sneered, “Prime Minister Su has really raised a good daughter! It is true that a concubine, even if she becomes the head wife, will only raise daughters who will use these dirty tricks.”

Li Qianshi’s face instantly went pale.

Su Xin Zhen, on the other hand, was surging with anger.

Su Chen didn’t look good either and said faintly: “Madame Marquis, this is serious. After all, it’s a matter of my Su family. Madame Marquis shouldn’t interfere.”

“Who would want to meddle in your family’s dirty business?” Madame Hou’s words were very disrespectful to Su Chen, and she directly took out the Imperial decree, “Receive the decree.”

Su Chen’s face changed, and he knelt down.

Old Madam Su was just about to kneel down when Madame Hou held her up: “Old Madam Su needn’t be polite, the Emperor said, you and Li’er can just stand.”

Su Mo Li was busy walking to Old Madam Su’s side: “Grandmother, I’m fine.”

Su Xin Zhen’s heart became more and more unhappy, but when she thought of becoming the Second Prince’s Consort, her eyes were tinged with pride, and she raised her head slightly, giving Su Mo Li a provocative look.

From today on, you can only be stepped on by me, Su Mo Li. What qualifications do you still have to fight me!

Translators Note:

It seems I made a mistake in the previous chapters. Su Mo Li was supposed to marry the Second Prince as a side consort which is basically the equivalent of a concubine with a fancier title. (Like how the Emperor has his Empress but also has Imperial consorts/concubines). That’s why Su Chen is totally fine allowing Su Mo Li marry the Second Prince. Even though it’s basically a concubine, it has a fancy title.

Edited by EllieKit

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  1. I think side consort is right next to wife in rank (from what I’ve seen in TMOPB). Concubines should be after.

    I love how Madam Hou pretty much had her back no matter what in this chapter.

    Also, I am not a Li Ling fan, but he was ok in this chapter. He’s better than Zhen’er, owning up to what he’s done. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have done if he wasn’t under the influence, either, given his pride. (I, at least, didn’t peg him to be someone who would just give in if Zhen’er throws herself at him since they need to maintain propriety as a royal.)

    Can’t wait for the next chapter when they hear the decree for LI’er. <3
    (Was honestly surprised the King didn't decide to bestow marriage to her and Li Shi instead at this point.)

    Thanks for the update!

  2. While a side consort is technically a ‘wife’ and is better than a concubine, it’s still just a secondary wife.
    The ranking goes Consort(Wife)> Side consort > Concubine > Outside concubine (a woman kept outside the legal home whose children are not counted as descendants)

    So even if she has “Consort” in her title, she’s still not much better than a concubine. The prince is still required to marry a legal wife. She will always be bellow the wife and her children will always be bellow the wife’s children. And she can never attend the official banquets as the legal wife nor host any guests unless the legal wife is sick or something.
    The only thing she’s got over a concubine is that she’s allowed to leave the house , her name can enter the family genealogy book so she can be buried is the family graveyard and that her kids are somewhat legitimate.

    All in all a Side Consort is just a legitimized and more presentable Concubine. It’s like the difference between an Empress and a noble consort.

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