White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 48: It’s Dangerous, Why Are You Dizzy?

“Emperor Feng Tian Cheng Yun’s edict says, Su Xin Zhen, the Second Miss of the Su family, is to marry the Second Prince Zhong Li Ling as a side consort!”

Kneeling on the floor, Su Xin Zhen’s pupils shrank!

How could it be a side consort!

She should have been the Second Prince’s Consort! This must be a mistake somewhere!

However, the words that followed made Su Xin Zhen even more embarrassed.

“The Su family’s’ Su Xin Zhen, whose virtues are flawed, cannot be a Royal daughter-in-law, but, because of her deep affection for the Second Prince, she has been given a special educating Momo. You must study well.”

Su Xin Zhen’s face was so hot; her hands clenched into fists. How could it become like this! How can they humiliate her like that!

Su Xin Zhen’s anger could not be suppressed, and when she was about to get up, she was grabbed on the wrist by Li Qianshi: “Calm down.”

Su Xin Zhen’s entire features were fierce, and she was aggrieved at Li Qianshi’s calm eyes.

Li Qianshi patted Su Xin Zhen’s hand and shook her head at her: “Zhen’er, this is an Imperial decree.”

Su Xin Zhen’s anger disappeared in an instant. Yes, this is an Imperial decree. What can she do?

“This daughter thanks you for the decree, Long live the Emperor!” Su Xin Zhen bowed with humility and thanked her.

Seeing that the others were about to get up, Madame Marquis said with a smile, “There is no hurry. There is still an Imperial decree.”

Su Chen’s frown became deeper and deeper, and then he heard Madame Hou speak faintly: “The Eldest Daughter of the Su family, Su Mo Li, is a virtuous, gentle and graceful woman, and is hereby appointed as a titled Princess.”

Su Xin Zhen looked up sharply, her ears buzzing.

What did she hear?

Princess. Su Mo Li actually became a Princess!

No, it can’t be! She’s an abandoned woman. How could she be a Princess!

“Well, I’ve brought the decree, I won’t stay long, just saying to Lord Su.” Madame Hou looked at Su Chen and said mockingly, “Lord Su should take good care of Second Miss Su. The Emperor intended to make Su Xin Zhen a concubine, but it was Li’er who begged the Emperor to take back that title and change it to a side consort.

Some people shouldn’t think that Li’er is causing trouble. Since Su Xin Zhen seduced her brother-in-law, she can’t become a Royal daughter-in-law.

I have already said what I need to say. Lord Su should think about it carefully.”

After saying that, she gently spoke a few words to Su Mo Li before leaving.

For a while, no one spoke.

Su Xin Zhen had a hard time reacting as she looked up at Su Mo Li, her pair of eyes filled with hostility, and her front teeth biting her lips tightly. Princess, it’s actually Princess!

Old Madam Su sighed, “It’s fine; let’s not pursue this matter any further, that’s all.” With that, Old Madam Su got up, “Li’er, help me leave.”

“Yes, Grandmother.” Su Mo Li walked over and assisted Old Madam Su to leave.

Su Chen looked coldly at Li Qianshi and Su Xin Zhen, directly reached out and swatted a vase away, causing it to fall to the ground with a violent sound, “My dignity, all of you have been disgraced!

Do some soul-searching!”

Looking at Su Chen’s furious back, Li Qianshi’s eyes shifted.

“Mother!” Su Xin Zhen directly jumped into Li Qianshi’s arms, “Su Mo Li how! How did she become a Princess!

Why am I just a side consort! Why!

Mother, I’m not convinced! Not convinced!”

Li Qianshi, who has lived half a lifetime, quickly reacted to Su Xin Zhen’s embrace and whispered, “So what about a Princess? It’s just a title. With the words of Bai Chuan Taoist, she can only be a concubine, but it’s different for you, Zhen’er. The Second Prince likes you so much. You are just a side consort for now.

As long as the Second Prince favors you, you will be the Second Prince’s Consort.”

“But then, how long will I have to wait?” Su Xin Zhen lifted her teary eyes and looked at Li Qianshi, her face full of indignation.

Li Qianshi was silent for a moment and slowly said, “If you can get Feng He Old Man’s favor, it will be soon.”

Hearing this, Su Xin Zhen’s eyes went wide. Yes, how could she forget about Feng He Old Man!

“Mother, I’m going to practice the qin now!”Su Xin Zhen said.

Su Xin Zhen crawled up, but Li Qianshi held her back: “Wait, Zhen’er, the most important thing for you now is to go and write a letter to the Second Prince, remember to show your thoughtfulness and determination.”

Su Xin Zhen understood Li Qianshi’s meaning after a little thought and nodded her head vigorously.

On the other hand, Old Madam Su let Momo Ke take a lot of good things: “Nan Nan, Grandmother can’t protect you for long, the good thing is that you got the Madame Marquis’s favor, and have the title of County Princess. This time, is the Marquess helped you so these things, you must send it to the Chengning Marquis House, understand?”

Su Mo Li raised her head, and with just one glance, she knew that these things were Old Madam Su’s dowry.

A strong warmth flooded into her heart: “Thank you, Grandmother.”

“Hey, this matter is a little too much for Li’er, don’t worry, Grandmother will help you out!” Old Madam Su said, anger appearing on her face, “Don’t interfere in this matter anymore, leave it to Grandmother.”

Su Mo Li nodded her head in a well-behaved manner.

After a few more words, Su Mo Li left.

When she returned to Cui Zhu Courtyard, Su Mo Li asked, “Huang Fan, has Xuan’er returned?”

“Third Miss returned early in the morning.” Huang Fan sighed, “I heard that Third Miss said something wrong yesterday that made Madam angry, and if it weren’t for the Old Madam protecting her, Third Miss would have been killed.”

“Be more specific.” Su Mo Li walked over to the desk, picked up a pen, and began to write.

Huang Fan did not conceal anything and told the whole story.

It turned out that in the morning, when Su Jia Xuan came back, she was stopped by Li Qianshi, who asked her why she said those words yesterday. Su Jia Xuan said she was not lying, but Li Qianshi told her that some words could be said and some words cannot be said.

Mother and daughter quarreled, and Su Jia Xuan said that Su Mo Li would be wronged if she doesn’t say anything.

Li Qianshi accused her of turning her elbows outward and protecting Su Mo Li instead of her own sister Su Xin Zhen.

Then, Li Qianshi slapped Su Jia Xuan, but Su Jia Xuan still didn’t admit she was wrong, so much so that Li Qianshi picked up the broomstick next to her and hit Su Jia Xuan.

The surrounding maids couldn’t stand it any longer, so they went to find Old Madam Su.

Old Madam Su stopped Li Qianshi, scolded her, and told her to get a doctor.

“Just now, I sent Zi Yan to see the Third Miss, and she said she had fallen asleep.” Huang Fan whispered.

Su Mo Li didn’t say anything. She waited for a letter to be dry before handing it to Cheng Tao: “Send it out.”

Then she washed her hands and said to Huang Fan: “Fetch the finest bird’s nest.” And went to the Meihua Courtyard.

When she arrived at Meihua Courtyard, she saw Su Jia Xuan looking out of the window dazed.

Dong Xue reminded her that Su Mo Li was coming, and then she smiled.

It was only after the servants withdrew that Su Jia Xuan restrained her smile and slowly said, “Big Sister, am I my mother’s own child?”

“What do you think?” Su Mo Li drank her tea and asked faintly.

Su Jia Xuan lowered her head: “I should be.

Since my Second Sister and I are both her biological children, why is she treating me like this ……

I can’t figure it out; whether it was in my last life or this life, I can’t figure it out.”

Su Mo Li laughed lightly, “Because of bias, because of favoritism, and also because you grew up on your grandmother’s knee.”

Su Jia Xuan bit her lip, with a touch of stubbornness on her face.

“Others respect me, and I’ll equally respect others. Don’t break the heart of those who are good to you for the sake of those who don’t care about you. You are luckier than others, two lifetimes, and you still can’t figure out this truth?”

Su Jia Xuan looked up, a little startled.

“Think about it; there’s no need to make yourself miserable for people who are not relevant.” Su Mo Li rubbed Su Jia Xuan’s head, “Rest well.”

After Su Mo Li left, Su Jia Xuan’s ears were all filled with what Su Mo Li said.

She sat by the window like this all night and finally figured it out.

Yes, why grieve for someone who is not related to you?

The next day, after Su Mo Li woke up, Cheng Tao said, “Miss, the Second Princess is here and is waiting for you outside.”

“Second Princess?”

Su Mo Li smiled faintly: “It just so happens that I also have something to ask her.”

When Su Mo Li passed by, Li Qianshi talked with Zhong Li Xi, who had an impatient look on her face. When she saw Su Mo Li, her eyes lit up, and she quickly stood up: “Li’er!”

“Princess!” Su Mo Li also smiled and greeted, “What brings you here, Princess?”

“Coming to play with you!” Zhong Li Xi said, smiling, and then looked at Li Qianshi, “Madam Su, I’ll take Li’er and go first.”

Li Qianshi endured the jealousy in her heart and stood up, “Li’er, take good care of the Princess.”

“Yes, Mother.”

Su Mo Li responded nicely.

Zhong Li Xi directly waved his hand: “It’s okay; I’ve brought someone with me, don’t be worried, Madam Su.”

With that, she dragged Su Mo Li towards the outside and ran.

*Bang!* After the two of them left completely, only then did Li Qianshi slammed the table, her cheeks shaking, “What a Su Mo Li, actually hugging the Princess!”

“Why is Madam worried?” Li Qianshi’s eldest maid, Yun Sheng, said with a smile, “Didn’t the Eldest Princess also deliver a letter to the Second Miss yesterday?”

On hearing that, Li Qianshi’s mood was much better: “You’re right, we should also keep our distance from the Empress.”

On the other side, Zhong Li Xi pulled Su Mo Li into the carriage, and Su Mo Li’s eyes turned cold. She fiercely looked up, and when she saw Zhong Li Shi in the carriage, she was slightly startled.

Zhong Li Shi narrowed his eyes, this girl; her vigilance is really strong!

“Li’er, if Big Brother takes us out shopping today, we’ll just spend his money hard.” Zhong Li Xi said proudly.

After sitting next to Zhong Li Xi, Su Mo Li gave Zhong Li Shi a salute and then sat aside nicely and listened to Zhong Li Xi’s chatter.

Zhong Li Shi rubbed his fingertips. If he didn’t know this girl’s temperament, he was afraid that her outward appearance would deceive him.

“Here we are!”

After a quick glance at Zhong Li Shi, she held Zhong Li Xi’s hand with her left hand: “Princess, the jewelry there is good, let’s go and have a look.”

Zhong Li Xi, of course, did not object. She held different pieces of jewelry and gestured to Su Mo Li. Su Mo Li slowly walked to the door, randomly picking up a hairpin and held it up, saying with a smile, “This hairpin is beautiful under the sun ……”

Outside, several figures passed by in a flash ……

Su Mo Li lowered her gaze. Her eyelashes quivered, and several scenarios floated in her head. Should she just pass out or be knocked out?

After all, my body is so soft and frail, and I can’t take on the enemy by force.

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