I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 66: Qi Qi

The old man has always been calm and cold; It’s the first time he is so …… lively.

Being so lively ……, it was a bit unnatural.

But the little girl is still beautiful and lovely, running around like a flying pink butterfly.

Song Qingwan passed by at this time, suddenly saw him, and paused: “Things are busy?”

The man gave a faint hmmm, his eyes still looking in that direction. His eyebrows were slightly knitted, and he said coldly: “The old man is finally crazy?”

Song Qingwan: “……”

Song Qingwan also looked at that place and coughed lightly, “Probably too happy, after all, he has been fishing for decades, I’m afraid it doesn’t add up to the pain he experienced today.”

Previously, it took half an hour to catch one fish, but now, in a dozen seconds, he caught several, without even a break.

If this were to be replaced by gambling, the old man is afraid that he would have already won till his eyes were red.


With Lu Li’s sharp eyes, it did not take long to find him. She jerked to a halt, the corners of her mouth raised into a big smile, and she ran towards him.

Standing in front of him, she couldn’t help but cross her arms in anger. Tilting her little face, she said unhappily, “Daddy, you’re so slow; I’ve caught so many fish!”

Lu Junhan lowered his eyes to look at her sweat-soaked little face.

Because she ran too long and was sunburnt, her face was red, and her long, dark eyelashes were soaked with sweat and became darker and darker, which made her clear, clean eyes beautiful.

The hair next to her cheeks stuck to her fair face; her sweet little red mouth was slightly open as she was still breathing heavily.

Before he had time to speak, the old man also came over. His face, which was always ancient and serious and did not smile, was now wearing a faint and imperceptible smile.

“Grandpa!” The little girl also saw him: “Are you not fishing?”

The old man waved his hand: “No more fishing. I’m also tired; let’s stop here today.”

After saying that, he coughed heavily and patted Lu Junhan’s shoulder, his face slightly unnatural as he said in a deep voice: “This girl of yours …… is indeed not bad.”

Song Qingwan was shocked.


Is this still her father who looks down on women and thinks they are useless!

I’m afraid Li Li is the first girl the old man praised.

Although only a “good,” but for this macho old man, it was already the best evaluation.

Lu Junhan raised his eyebrows: “Just not bad? I see that you are quite involved with playing with her.”

The old man: “……”

“Nonsense!” The old man immediately shrugged off his hand in annoyance, “Who played with her ……”

“Great grandfather!”

At this moment, a childish little milk voice came from not far away.

They only saw a tiny figure in a neat suit running over.

When Song Qingwan saw that it was him, her cold eyes narrowed dangerously, and she gave a cold snort as she folded her arms in disdain.

Lu Junhan did not have much expression, as if anything and anyone had nothing to do with him.

The little boy who ran over is about five or six years old, came over and hugged the old man. He tilted up his delicate and beautiful little face, looked at the old man, and smiled extremely happily:

” Great-grandpa, Qi Qi misses you so much! Did you miss Qi Qi?”

“Of course, I do!” The old man stroked the boy’s head, as if to prove something, and grunted at Lu Junhan, “See, this is the great-grandson I love the most!”

Lu Junhan’s expression didn’t even change; his tone was light: “Okay, since your great-grandson is here, there should be no need for my daughter to take you fishing tomorrow, right?”

The old man: “……”

 Authors Note: [The old man needs to be severely beaten.]

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note:

Qi Qi, do you love me.

Also a little snotty nosed brat is here

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