I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 65: Koi-L Li

“Why is there a fish here?”

The little girl scratched her head, her pretty eyes full of confusion and disbelief.

She couldn’t imagine at all that this was the …… Only fish that her great, powerful, great at fishing grandfather had spent most of his time catching ……

Before Song Qingwan released all the fish, the maids saw that the fish bucket was empty and they were not fishing, so they put the bucket away.

Because all the fish buckets were the same, Lu Li mistakenly thought that her aunt didn’t pay attention and missed releasing a fish.

But it’s okay, luckily she saw it.

The little girl dragged the fish bucket with water and walked towards the pond, intending to release the little fish.

The bucket was filled with quite a lot of water; Lu Li dragged the bucket to the edge of the pond with difficulty and was about to release the fish when she saw the old man fishing while coldly grumbling the same old story:

“You are not young; why are you still like a child. Even this kind of lies are made up. You saw these fish which are like that useless little girl. Obviously, they are hungry. See the water plants here, just come over. Hmph, still want to cheat me ……”

“Dad, I ……”

Just at this time –

“A bright red koi fish jumped out of the water with a fluttering sound, and its figure swept through the air with a flame-like trail, then ……

Headed into the fish bucket dragged by the little girl ……

The old man: “……”

Song Qingwan: “……”

“Flutter …… flutter ……”

The fish in the pond seemed to have found their savior, jumping one after another into the loli’s bucket as if they were escaping from a horrible hell.

Who knows what they’ve just been through!

This old man is talking more and more, and his voice is still loud. They have to hurry up and run!

If they don’t run, it’s going to be noisy!

It’s strange; he didn’t use to be so talkative when fishing!

“You do not come,” Lu Li was a little angry, “You cannot all fit!”

She said so, but the fish are not afraid of death. They still jumped into her bucket.

In a short time, the fish bucket in the little girl’s hands was filled with fish. It was a good harvest.

The old man, who just now had a disdainful and contemptuous face, was silent.

Song Qingwan glanced at him. Feeling that the old man is on the verge of deep self-loathing, she coughed lightly, shrugged her shoulders, and said in a small voice.

“Dad …… I’ve said before, these fish like Li Li very much …… if you choose not to believe it, I can’t help it ……”

The old man: “……”


Lu Junhan said he would be back in half an hour, but there are too many things to explain in the video conference.

And most of those subordinates cannot understand human language; the plan was recalled back, changed, and changed again before finally being finished in a rush. It still took a lot of time.

He came out of the villa study, walked to the courtyard with his long legs. He looked cold and raised his eyes to look in a certain direction.

The shore is set up with umbrellas, chairs, and fishing rods. Everything is together, but there is no sign of Lu Li.

The man stood in the same place and slightly knitted narrow eyebrows.

Where is the person?

Did she fall into the lake?

“Grandpa! Look, another fish is hooked!”

Suddenly, a childish, crisp, familiar little milk voice came over, “And here, here, the fishing rod has moved too!”

“Yes, right away, I’ll be right there!”

The old man’s voice was still strong and old, but with a cheerful smile that was not there before, “Don’t touch it, I can catch it myself! Hey, this fish is really big! I’ve never caught a fish this big!”

Lu Junhan lifted his eyes and looked over there.

Only to see that place also set up a sun umbrella, the shore had five or six fishing rods lined up.

In less than ten seconds, a fishing rod moved.

The old man and the little girl dragging the fish bucket kept running around between the five or six fishing rods.

They caught the fish, threw them into the bucket, and then ran to another fishing rod that moved, and continued to catch the fish and throw the bucket.

In this way, repeatedly jumping around, busy and forgetful, it was a lot happy.

Lu Junhan: “……”

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note:

This tsun tsun grandfather 😂😂

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