I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 67: Provocation

Lu Junhan has not seen much, but with a little thought, he knows that the reason the old man is fishing so fast must be related to the little guy.

But Lu Junhan is worthy of being Lu Junhan.

A single word poked the old man’s sore spot!

The old man has never been so happy fishing today!

He has already tasted the pleasure of fishing with Lu Li. To go back to the days of catching one in half an hour, it would be better to kill him.

In particular, he is also used to fishing every day. Not fishing made his body itchy. He had enough fun today and will definitely have to fish tomorrow ……

By then, without that little guy ……

The old man: “……”

No fear!

He still has his precious great-grandson!

His great-grandson is also a child or a golden boy. He may be more attractive to the fish than the girl!

Lu Qi hugged the old man and glared hard at Lu Li when no one was looking. The corners of his sweet red mouth picked up into a provocative and grim smile.

His father, Lu Tianhua, told him and his mother everything. This child wants to steal the grandfather from him; dream on!

Great Grandpa can only love him alone!

The little girl saw this brother smiling at her. She blinked her eyes, cocked her head and thought about it, then returned a big bright smile as well.

Mom said fish must be courteous, not rude.

As a fish, she must be a good and educated fish.

Lu Li stood next to Lu Junhan, smiling very openly, unapologetic, as if afraid that he could not see!

In Lu Qi’s opinion, this is a total provocation!

As if to tell him, so what if you have a grandfather? I still have my father!

Lu Qi was so angry that his body was shaking!

You just have a good father, don’t you?

What are you bragging about?

What is there to brag about!

The little loli blinked strangely; what happened? Her brother looked as if he was very angry.

Could it be that she didn’t smile enough for her brother to see and think she was trying to ignore him?

No way.

She must let her brother see!

So thinking this, the little girl smiled bigger, and her smile became happier.

Lu Qi: “……”

So angry, oh!


Not long after, Lu Tianhua and his wife Chen Su Su also walked over and greeted the old man.

After that, when he saw Lu Junhan and Song Qingwan, he smiled again, “So brother and aunt are also here.”

Song Qingwan glanced at them coldly, not giving them face at all: “We are not relatives or friends, nor do we have any relationship legally, calling brother and aunt, I’m afraid it’s not appropriate, right?”

Lu Tianhua and Chen Susu’s faces stiffened.

Not having a name and no relationship was their greatest difficulty.

Liu Huilan happened to walk out of the house at this time, and when she saw Lu Tianhua and Chen Susu, she directly froze for a moment, and then said in surprise, “Su Su, why are you guys here?”

Chen Susu glanced at her, and then looked at the old man, sighed, and said, seemingly unintentionally,

“Hey, Granny, it’s not because of Qi Qi! A few days ago, we returned, and he wanted to come back every day, saying that he missed his grandfather. Since that’s the case, we happen to be free today, so we brought him here.”

Liu Huilan’s gaze flicked over to Lu Junhan and Lu Li. Then she looked at Chen Su Su with a smile, not knowing to whom the words were addressed.

“ Still, you have filial piety. You know that your grandfather loves Qi Qi the most. And that every now and then, we have to trouble you and bring Qi Qi over to grandfather. We are all embarrassed, and we don’t know if we have disturbed your work.”

“Oh, grandma, we are all family; what do you mean by “disturbing”?

Chen Su Su smiled and said, “Even if Tianhua and I are busy with our work, it’s not as important as you guys.”

Song Qingwan gave a cold “heh” and sneered.

“After all, you two are both jobless and depend on the Lu family for support, so you have plenty of time to come over. We are different, every day we are earning a lot of money. We don’t have enough time to waste. Speaking of which, I really envy you guys.”

(End of this chapter)

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