I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 68: Young Player Song Qingwan

Chapter 68: Little Contestant Song Qingwan

Song Qingwan’s voice was as cold as ever, like a cold clear spring.

Her words are even more nonchalant, as if she was just stating a commonplace fact.

Her mouth said she was envious of them, but the words were full of mockery and cynicism that anyone could understand.

It’s almost like saying that she and Lu Tianhua are social scum who eat the Lu family’s soft rice!

Lu Tianhua’s face was not good.

Even the smile at the corner of Chen Su Su’s mouth has disappeared. Her fingers tightly clenched in an unseen place, and her face immediately turned cold.

But because of the presence of the old man, she did not dare to flare up.

However, her eyes were instantly red.

She had been born looking pitiful. When she looked at Song Qingwan with tears in her eyes, she was even more pitiful.

Chen Su Su’s beautiful face was pale, and she questioned her in a trembling voice.

“…… Aunt, Tianhua, and I think we have never offended you; why do you always target us?”

She took a deep breath, calmed down a little, and coldly said.

“We respect you as an elder; that’s why we tolerate and respect you at all times. We won’t say anything about your sneering before, but this is too much for you now!”

So what if Lu Tianhua doesn’t have a title?

He is at least a member of the Lu family, with the Lu family’s blood in his body!

And she, Song Qingyuan, is just a wild child who was picked up. She’s not even a member of the Lu family, so how dare she be so arrogant to them!

In the past, Song Qingwan had targeted them and suppressed them at every turn.

She had already put up with her for a long time!

“Excessive? Is it?”

Song Qingwan, what storms and waves have she not seen. How could she be afraid of a white lotus flower bimbo? She had long been displeased with Chen Su Su, this hypocritical woman. She folded her arms and sneered.

“Is it possible that what I said is not the truth?”

What Lu Tianhua cannot tolerate is for him to be told that he’s relying on the Lu family.

As if he was as useless as Lu Junhan, who relied on Song Qingwan to get where he is today. For the sake of that pathetic pride, he was furious, and without thinking, he said directly, “Of course not!”

“Oh?” Song Qingwan looked very surprised, like being shocked, “So you this guy have already found a job?”

“We ……”

Chen Su Su has not finished speaking when Lu Tianhua saw Song Qing Wan’s unexpected expression. His heart, for some reason, ached, and he snorted coldly beforehand.

“Of course we found one, and it’s at a big company! So we are usually very busy! This time, if it wasn’t for Qi Qi missing his grandfather too much, we’re afraid we wouldn’t have had time to come over!”

“So, it seems that I was wrong.”

Song Qingyuan pursed her red lips, with apology and chagrin on her face.

Looking at her like this, Chen Susu and Lu Tianhua actually had a feeling of raising their eyebrows!

It was as if they were seeing Song Qingwan and Lu Junhan deflated!

In the past, if they wanted to make these two people deflated, it was something that they couldn’t even think about!

And now it seems that they have stepped on both of them at once. That feeling was too good not to mention!

The corner of Lu Tianhua’s mouth hooked, he lifted his chin and said smugly.

“Auntie, you did get it wrong, but people have times when they misread the situation. We don’t blame Auntie; we just hope that Auntie will …… get it right in the future.”

“Dad, did you hear that?” Song Qingwan ignored him. Her eyes only looked coolly at the old man over there.

“They already have a job at a big company. Maybe they earn more money in a month than you, a retired person. I think you don’t need to pay them in the future; just wait to enjoy your happiness at home fishing!”

Lu Tianhua and Chen Susu did not expect the development to be like this. Their whole person was dumbfounded.

“Oh, by the way, since it’s a big company, your monthly salary should be at least 20,000 to 30,000, right?”

Song Qingwan tilted her head and thought about it, and smiled unhurriedly.

“The two of us together, our month’s salary is 60,000 yuan. Excluding rent, utilities, and Qi Qi’s tuition fees and other miscellaneous things, it should not be a problem to give Dad 5,000 yuan a month for living expenses, right?”

(End of this chapter)

Translators Note:

My plotting Queen Song Qingwan!! Take their money!!!

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