White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 45: Shameless

Su Mo Li smiled gently, “Does my sister want to be the Second Prince’s consort?”

Hearing this, Su Xin Zhen turned back sharply and looked at Su Mo Li sarcastically: “What, now you know to be afraid? If the Second Prince likes me, you can forget about it.”

With that, she turned around and left directly.

Su Mo Li raised her eyes to look at Li Qianshi: “Mother also knows?”

Li Qianshi raised her eyebrows: “What is Li’er talking about? What do you think I know and not know? How can we know what the Second Prince is thinking?

You are the Second Prince’s concubine, don’t worry, no one will take your place.

It’s just that the concubine position, compared to others, is better to be with your own sisters, right? After all, Zhen’er is your own sister and will always take care of you.”

Li Qianshi’s face looked smug.

She knew that Su Xin Zhen and Zhong Li Ling had been exchanging letters, and she had read the content of the letter and showed it to the Master.

After all, not everyone has a chance to be a part of a dragon’s success.

Su Chen has not made up his mind on which side to take, but she also knew that Su Chen prefers the Second Prince. Otherwise, she would not let Su Xin Zhen and Zhong Li Ling exchange letters.

“Well, we should go in now.” Li Qianshi said with a smile, and the two of them walked into the Marquis Chengning’s residence together.

“Miss Su, I was ordered by Madame Marquis to wait for Miss Su. Madame Marquis said that if Miss Su comes, please go to the inner room.”

The servant girl said with a smile.

Su Mo Li nodded her head slightly: “If so, let’s go.” Saying that she nodded her head toward Li Qianshi and left with the maid.

Li Qianshi looked at Su Mo Li’s back, squeezed her handkerchief tightly, and left only after a cold snort in her heart.

When Madame Hou (Marquis Madame) saw Su Mo Li, her eyes lit up, and she immediately stood up: “Come here Li’er, come this way.”

Su Mo Li bowed at Madame Hou before walking over.

“Girl, don’t worry, I’ve arranged everything that needs to be arranged.” The Madame Marquis of Chengning held Su Mo Li’s hand and sighed, “This sister of yours is really shameless!”

Su Mo Li smiled gently, “If my sister and the Second Prince are sincere, I won’t interfere.

Thank you for your help, Madame Marquis.”

“If it weren’t for you, the Master and I would have been dead a long time ago. Don’t worry, the two of us will be able to protect you.”

Madame Hou looked at Su Mo Li with eyes full of pity: “At first, I thought you and the Second Prince didn’t match. After all, the Second Prince likes flowers with thorns.”

After chatting with Su Mo Li for a while, a maid said that everyone had arrived, and only then did Madame Hou take Su Mo Li to the reception room.

When they saw Madame Hou, they all saluted, and when they saw Su Mo Li, they had mixed feelings. It was said that Madame Hou liked the Su’s eldest daughter.

“Everyone doesn’t have to be polite, it’s just that I have nothing else to do, so I’m looking for you all to come over and get together.”

Madame Hou said with a smile, “It just so happens that some flowers have bloomed in the garden. They are gorgeous. I had them made into food. You can try them out.”

“Madame, the Crown Prince and the Second Prince are here.”

Surprise appeared on everyone’s faces, and Madame Hou smiled: “I asked them to come over, so there’s no need to be polite.”

The servant added: “The Crown Prince and the Second Prince brought many young men over, who also wanted to enjoy the flowers.”

Madame Hou nodded her head: “No problem, it’s all ready. We’ll go directly to the garden.”

The women looked at each other, and all of them had small ideas in their hearts.

When they arrived at the garden, the men and women sat separately. Zhong Li Shi was dressed in purple, with a shallow smile on his face that did not reach the bottom of his eyes.

Zhong Li Ling raised his jaw slightly and looked away as if all the people were not worthy to meet his eyes.

Only when saluting the Marquis was there was a slight focus in his eyes.

Su Mo Li had returned to sit down beside Li Qianshi and heard the ladies’ whispering voices in her ears.

Su Mo Li took a look at the two people in the middle and had to whisper a sentence. Dragons have nine sons, each with their own appearance. This Zhong Li Shi is really too good-looking, especially compared with Zhong Li Ling ……

“It’s good that you two brothers are here because Feng He Old Man will be here soon. Feng He Old Man is here to choose his disciples, and only one of you will be chosen.” Madame Hou smiled and said.

“It’s been a hot couple of days, but I’d like to hear a calm tune.”

Madame Hou spoke, and the crowd naturally responded.

“It’s still early, so why don’t we go to the garden first and wait an hour before we come back to play.”

Although boys and girls above seven years old can not share the same table, since Madame Marquis invited them to a banquet and so many elders watched, it was not a big deal.

Su Mo Li, Su Xin Zhen, and Su Jia Xuan left the banquet together.

Su Jia Xuan said that she was going to the toilet, and when she came back, she held Su Xin Zhen’s hand.

Su Xin Zhen’s eyebrows moved imperceptibly, and she looked at Su Mo Li, “You guys hang out by yourselves, I won’t accompany you.”

“Sister, where are you going?”

Su Mo Li was busy pulling Su Xin Zhen’s arm: “Won’t Sister come with us?”

Su Xin Zhen directly shoved Su Mo Li away: “It’s none of your business!”

Watching Su Xin Zhen’s back as she hurriedly left, Su Mo Li’s eyes had a dark aura.

“Miss Su, you’re with me.” He Le walked over with a serious face, and a smiling Liu Qian Qian accompanied her.

Liu Qian Qian gave a peerless salute toward Su Mo Li and said with a smile, “If you don’t mind, Miss Su, why don’t you join us in enjoying the flowers?”

Then, lowering her head, she took out candy and handed it to Su Jia Xuan: “Third Miss Su is so cute.”

Su Mo Li naturally agreed.

At the same time, Su Xin Zhen found the location written on the note, looked at Zhong Li Ling standing beside the rockery, her face tinged with scarlet, and she quickly walked over: “Second Prince.”

“Zhen’er.” When Zhong Li Ling saw Su Xin Zhen, his face also showed a smile and reached out his hand to hug Su Xin Zhen into his arms.

Su Xin Zhen’s heartbeat instantly quickened, and her entire body became nervous: “Second Prince, this is outside. I’m afraid there will be other people coming.”

“No problem, my people are guarding us. It will be fine.” Zhong Li Ling looked at Su Xin Zhen, who was even more gorgeous than before, and the love in his eyes intensified a bit, “Don’t worry, after today, I’ll marry you as a consort.”

Su Xin Zhen’s face showed a shyness, “However, my sister will marry you soon, you ……”

“No need to mention her.” The smile on Zhong Li Ling’s face disappeared, replaced by a strong look of disgust, “How can a woman from the countryside become my concubine? I’ve already arranged a place for her to go, and once today is over, she will be infamous!”

Su Xin Zhen laughed, “I don’t like her either. What is the Second Prince going to do?”

Zhong Li Ling liked Su Xin Zhen’s straightforwardness: “I need your cooperation.”

Saying that he said his plan.

Su Xin Zhen’s eyes were filled with excitement, but there was a hint of hesitation on her face: “But then, my sister’s innocence will be ruined.”

Zhong Li Ling sneered, “Don’t worry, I’ve already told Brother Huang that he will take Su Mo Li as his concubine.”

“I know. I’m going to ask Chun Feng to call some people over.”

Su Mo Li, who was trying to find a conversation topic, felt her heartache. He Le this girl was obviously only a teenager, but she was like a fifty or sixty-year-old woman, with no passion, no curiosity. She could claim the title of the topic terminator. No matter what she said, once He Le opened her mouth, the topic would not go on.

He Le could not go on talking no matter what she said. It is rare for her to be so straightforward.

Liu Qian Qian couldn’t help but laugh: “Miss Su, He Le is like that, but I did go to the rouge store you mentioned ……”

“Eldest Miss!” Chun Feng quickly came over. When she saw that He Le and Liu Qian Qian were both there, she was startled, but she still bowed down, “Eldest Miss, Second Miss would like to invite you over.”

“What does Second Sister want from me?” Su Mo Li was doubtful.

Chun Feng pursed her lips and said slowly, “Second Miss’ foot is broken.”

“If her foot is fractured, you have to go to find Mother. If you find me, I can not help ah.” Su Mo Li turned and said, to Cheng Tao behind her, “Quickly go and inform Mother.”

Chun Feng was slightly startled, then quickly said, “Eldest Miss, there’s no one beside Second Miss, we’d better go over first, if something else happens, I can’t explain to Madam.”

“Good.” Su Mo Li nodded, “Then I’ll go over first.”

“Wait.” He Le grabbed Su Mo Li’s hand and furrowed her, brow, “We’ll go over with you.”

Su Jia Xuan also said softly, “I’ll go see Second Sister too.”

Chun Feng didn’t expect it to turn out like this but had no choice but to bite her lip and nod, thinking that she would detach the others from Su Mo Li after she brought them over.

The group followed Chun Feng towards the right path.

“This path is so remote. Why did Second Miss Su come here to enjoy the flowers?” The more Liu Qian Qian walked forward, the more she felt something was wrong and couldn’t help but ask about it.

Chun Feng said, “Second Miss has been in a bad mood for the past few days, so she wanted to be alone, but she didn’t expect to end up here.”

Liu Qian Qian was thoughtful.

On the other side, Cheng Tao deliberately raised her voice, and when Madame Hou heard this, she even said: “Is Second Miss injured? Let’s go take a look.”

The people around her also agreed to go and take a look.

Li Qianshi was also worried about her own daughter and was busy thanking Madame Hou.

The departure of the ladies made the men’s side feel it was a bit strange.

Zhong Li Shi put down the pastry in his hands and said in a light voice: “Is there something wrong? Let’s go and have a look and see if we can help.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

So, a group of people walked towards the front, only Cheng Tao didn’t know the exact location and called a maid from the Marquis Residence who knew the location.


A scream was heard, and everyone’s heart thudded, feeling that something had happened.

In the next second, they heard Su Jia Xuan’s frightened voice: “Big sister! Don’t be angry! Big Sister!”

When Madam Liu saw Liu Qian Qian, she said, “Qian Qian, what happened?”

Liu Qian Qian’s face was filled with embarrassment, pointed to the room’s door and then stopped talking.

A curious lady went over, and when she saw the scene inside, she sucked in a breath of air.

Madame Hou’s eyes looked suspicious as she watched Su Mo Li lean on He Le, her brows furrowed: “What’s happened?”

Li Qianshi looked around and wondered, “Why don’t I see Zhen’er?”

Su Mo Li’s face was full of tears, gasping for air, but she couldn’t say a word.

Madame Marquis walked in three steps at a time, looked at the scene inside, and roared: “You don’t know shame!”

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