I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 62: The old man bouncing around (3)

Like a lively little rabbit, the little loli jumped up from her chair, full of surprise and happiness, and wanted to go over and say hello to her grandfather.

But just before she got up, she was pulled back by Song Qingwan.


Song Qingwan met the little girl’s confused and uncomprehending pretty eyes. She paused for a moment, found a random excuse, and lowered her voice to say.

“Don’t go! Your great grandfather is thinking about something, we’d better not disturb him, or your great grandfather will get angry.”

The little girl smiled and obediently sat back in her seat and nodded: “Okay, then I won’t go. Li Li doesn’t want great-grandpa to get angry.”

Song Qingwan looked at her being so obedient. She rubbed her head with a smile and couldn’t resist, so she lowered her head and gave her another fierce kiss.

“Baby is so good! Oh, yes, where were we?”

The little loli thought for a moment: “Auntie, you talked about daddy’s three-year-old fight.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I remember,”

Song Qingwan’s mouth hooked into a smile as she continued, “Your father, he ah, since childhood he was restless. Although he was only three years old, he beat up the six-year-old child of another family, saying that the other party was too ugly and in his way ……”

“Daddy fought at the age of three?” The little doggie Lu Li’s eyes instantly lit up with admiration: “Daddy is awesome!”

“Yes, very powerful,” Song Qingwan pulled the corners of her mouth, thinking back to the past, could not help but laugh: “But as soon as he came home, my brother gave him a hard beating ……”

The little girl’s expression instantly became wilted: “Daddy is so pitiful oh …… grandfather, why do you want to beat daddy ah?”

“He’s pitiful my ass; the worst person is him!”


Song Qingwan coldly snorted.

“At that time, after your grandfather beat him up, your father turned his head and told your great grandfather. Then your great grandfather gave your grandfather a hard beating. Your father also came over midway to give him two kicks and almost made your grandfather angry.”

After Song Qingwan finished telling the story of Lu Junhan’s three-year-old deeds, she looked up and paid attention as the old man went back to his place.

When Song Qingwan started to talk about when Lu Junhan was five years old, the old man slowly and leisurely walked by again.

When it came to the story of seven years old, the old man went back again.

So several times back and forth, Song Qingwan almost told the whole story of Lu Junhan from childhood to adulthood, the old man once again passed by.

This time it was directly towards them.

Song Qingwan had been paying attention to him, so when she saw him coming, for a moment, she didn’t know whether she should get up or not. Lu Li lifted her head and obediently called out to him.

“Great Grandpa!”


In a rare moment, the old man actually answered!

The sun came out from the west?

Song Qingwan’s face was astonished. This time she finally got up: “Dad ……”

“You guys are busy with your work; I have nothing to do,”

The old man had his hands behind his back, standing in front of them with his body extra upright and hard.

He looked at the lake piled with all kinds of fish in front of Song Qingwan several times, and his eyes were glowing, but he still had a stiff tongue.

“…… I sat for too long, so I’m just walking and moving around.”

Song Qingwan was even more surprised; in her opinion, the old man is not a person who likes to explain.

He was usually only cold-blooded and gave all kinds of orders. Others just needed to carry them out, no need to ask questions as he wouldn’t explain more.

“Uh …… that’s fine, Dad, feel free …… but it’s quite hot now, would you like something to drink?”

Song Qingwan actually did not hold much hope.

The table was full of young people. Children love to drink iced drinks, and the old man, who was very old-fashioned, generally only drinks hot tea and only the kind of hot tea that has just been steeped. He was also very particular about the varieties of tea.

In short, his mouth is very picky.

But to her surprise, the old man really agreed.

She only saw him awkwardly cough lightly. His serious face was a little unnatural, but his tone was still one of habitual command: “That what …… give me a glass of orange juice.”

(End of this chapter)

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