I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 63: The Old Master’s Conspiracy

Song Qingwan was stunned and didn’t react for a moment, “…… orange, orange juice?”

The old master turned his face sideways, and his tone was deep: “Yes! There is a problem?”

When she met the eagle-like gaze of the old man, she immediately came back to her senses and hurriedly said, “No, no problem ……”

Since the drinks are already available, the chair for the old man is also naturally prepared.

They can’t let the old man stand and drink, right?

So, when the maid saw this, she hurriedly brought another chair over.

The miraculous thing is, the old man actually did not refuse.

When the little loli saw that her grandfather really wanted to sit with them, her eyes curved. She couldn’t say how happy she was.

She hurriedly got up, dragged her own small chair, and moved the position out a little, trying to keep the sun out of her great grandfather:

“Great-grandpa, you can sit here instead of Li Li. Li Li is very good here! It won’t be sunny!”

The old man reluctantly gave a hmmm.

In fact, he was in a very complicated mood.

To think that a few hours ago, he couldn’t wait for this little chatterbox to get as far away from him as possible, but now it has become him taking the initiative to come over.

If it weren’t for catching fish ……

This fishing is just like gambling.

He spent time, but if he couldn’t catch one or only caught a small one, he would have been really angry.

The old man is in this type of mood.

He does not know why there are no fish on his side again!

It was easy to change the location, but now it’s been so long, he couldn’t catch a single one!

On the contrary, on their side, there are as many fish as they wanted. In fact, more fish are starting to squeeze the fish here!

What the hell!

He had never failed like this before!

It’s a shame that he lost to two women.

The old man sat in his chair. The more he thought about it, the angrier and more annoyed he became, and finally he took a sip of iced orange juice with a vengeance –

The raging sweetness made his brow furrow.

After a sip, he didn’t drink anymore.

The little loli blinked her big black eyes and came over to ask him softly, “Great-grandpa, you’re not fishing?”

This little girl, don’t you know what not to mention!

The old man was poked at his sore spot and instantly became angry and wanted to jump up. But he did not forget what he came for, so he had to hold back the bearish anger in his eyes, as he responded as calmly as possible:

“No more fishing; I plan to take a break.”

“Oh …… then how many fish did you catch, great-grandpa?”

The little girl picked up where she left off and stabbed him hard in the heart again.

“……” the old man instantly wanted to throw the little girl who couldn’t talk into the lake. He held his breath, inclined his head, and said with a stiff-lipped fury, “What do you care how many I caught! Anyway, I caught more than you guys!”

The little loli was not jealous at all but was even happy: “Wow, then you’re great, Grandpa!”

The old man met her adoring gaze. For some reason, his face was a little unnatural: “…… it’s just average, okay.”

“Then can Li Li look at the fish that great grandfather caught?”

“……,” the old man choked.

He sternly said with a scowl, “What is there to see! What’s so pretty about those fish!”

Saying that the old man was afraid that this little girl would ask any more questions. His eyes looked directly at the lake that was crowded with fish. Pretending not to notice, he asked Song Qingwan.

“Did you sprinkle fish feed into the water?”

Song Qingyuan was stunned: “Fish feed? No, we don’t use that stuff.”

Of course, the old man knew they didn’t use it.

Because after he couldn’t catch any fish over there, in a fit of anger, he secretly sprinkled a lot of fish feed into the lake, but the fish that came over to eat the feed weren’t as many as Song Qingwan’s side that didn’t sprinkle the feed!

And so, he still can not catch fish and simply became more exasperated.

The old man asked again, “Then why are there so many fish on your side?”

Song Qingwan followed the old man’s line of sight and also looked at the lake; she first froze and then smiled.

“Oh, you mentioning this ah …… this you have to ask Li Li …… I do not know why those fish especially like her ……”

(End of this chapter)

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