I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 61: The old man bouncing around (2)

The koi fish in the lake are still indifferent.

They only circled Lu Li’s little hand, wagging their tails and spitting a few bubbles now and then; in short, they just didn’t go to Song Qingwan’s end.

The little girl is now really angry; seeing that bringing out her father does not work, she pursed her sweet red mouth and moved out another person out with a grunt:

“I also have a great grandpa! He is also very powerful, he …… he is especially good at fishing!”

Lu Li pouted: “If you do not listen to me, later I will let him catch all of you! I’m so mad at you guys!”

Next to her, Song Qingwan faintly hooked her red lips, her cool eyebrows flooded with a gentle warm light.

Although her eyes did not fall on the little girl, her ears were not deaf.

Listening to the little girl as she threatened a group of fish for her sake.

Although it looked a little childish, her heart was simply too soft to say.

However, the little girl’s thoughts are destined to fall short.

These fish do not understand human language.

Not to mention, they can’t hear these threatening words ……

The little loli said seriously: “Yes, my grandfather is the one who fishes over there. He is very fierce, and his voice is particularly loud! When the time comes, I will let him come here every day to talk and make a lot of noise! Hmph!”

The moment these words fell, the big fish and small fish that were slowly spitting bubbles in the lake water instantly gathered together and widened their fish eyes. They began wagging tails stopped violently!

The next second, as if someone had pressed the on/off button, all the fish moved!

As if fleeing for their lives, they quickly ran to Song Qingwan’s hand to wag their tails and spit bubbles.

A few fish emerged from the surface of the water from time to time and looked at Song Qingyuan with fish eyes.

They seemed to be flattering her.

Song Qingwan: “……”

“Auntie Auntie, look, look ah,” the little girl is very happy. The white tender face with milk fragrance came over, “Li Li did not lie to you, the fish really like you, oh.”

Song Qingwan looked at a large group of shivering koi fish in front of her, and her eyes were extremely complex, and her words were hard to say.

After that, she turned her head and met the little girl’s bright eyes who’s face was begging for praise.

Her heart was slightly moved. Signing, she raised her hand and touched the little girl’s head, not at all stingy with her praise: “Well, our Li Li is great!”

But what was on her mind was.

Dad, look at you scaring your fish.


However, speaking of the devil, and the devil will come –

Song Qingwan had just finished praising the little girl when she raised her eyes and saw the old man who was approaching them and that he was not far away.

But this time, it was different; he didn’t have anything in his hand.

Song Qingwan couldn’t figure out what he wanted, so she got up and asked, “Dad, is there something you want?”

The old man didn’t expect to be discovered by her, and his solemn and stern face stiffened.

As if to hide something, he coughed heavily and looked at her unhappily with a serious face that never smiled.

“I can’t come over if there’s nothing wrong? This whole pond is mine; I can go wherever I want! It’s none of your business!”

Song Qingwan was helpless: “Dad, I don’t mean that ……”

The old man interrupted her with a strong wave of his hand, his voice loud and strong: “All right, all right, you go about your business, don’t mind me.”

Song Qingwan had to give up.

The old man looked at their side for a few moments and walked around casually for a while.

Not long after, he went back.

The lake water is clear and cold. It was cooler than staying under the umbrella, and these fish rarely get close to her; Song Qingwan also got greedy. Anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to touch them.

She was afraid she wouldn’t have this opportunity next time.

She simply asked the maid to move the umbrella over and set up two small chairs on the shore. While touching the fish, she looked down and talked to the little girl.

But halfway through the chat, she raised her eyes; she saw the old man coming their way again.

Song Qingwan wanted to get up, but thinking of what the old man had just said, she paused and had to pretend she didn’t see it.

“Great Grandpa!”

“Auntie, it’s Great Grandpa ……”

Apparently, the little girl found him too!

(End of this chapter)

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