I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 60: The old man bouncing around (1)

Song Qingwan’s beautiful lazy eyebrows were as cold as ever.

She refused the maid’s help and personally came over to dump the bucket of fish into the pond and release it.

Then, she placed the empty fish bucket next to her.

She raised her hand and fiddled with her long black gown a few times, bent down, and squatted next to the little girl. Following her pose, she slightly lowered her head and stirred the water in the lake with her long and slender fingers painted with bright red nail polish.

The cool touch of the lake water instantly spread from the fingertips to her whole body, dispelling much of the heat.

At this time, she suddenly heard the little girl next to her giggle. The laughter was crisp and soft, like silver bells, and it sounded great.

Song Qingwan curiously raised her head and narrowed her eyes to look over.

The little girl was full of smiles, her eyes curved up, and it was beautiful, like the most beautiful moon color in the sky.

Her little hands dipped in the cold lake water. Her white and tender little hands were crowded with several red carp, some of which were still spitting bubbles of joy at her ……

Song Qingwan realized that the eight fish she just poured down seemed to have all run to the little girl’s side. At first, she was surprised and then lost her smile and said.

“Li Li, these fish seem to like you very much ……”

“I also like them a lot!”

The little girl raised her eyes happily. Her eyes dark and bright, like the most precious black stones in the world, “Auntie, do you like fish?”

People are naturally not as childish as children when they are old, and Song Qingwan does not love fishing, so her only use of these koi fish is to eat them.

However, she did not want to destroy the childishness of children, so she smiled and said, “Of course, I like it.”

Saying that, she tilted her head and sighed in mock distress, “But I see these fish don’t seem to like me very much ……”

“No way!”

She has not finished talking, but the extremely protective little girl is one step ahead and urgent. The delicate little face was serious and earnest, and that cute and lovable expression can simply melt everyone!

“The fish like auntie very much!”

Song Qingwan didn’t take it too seriously; she just looked at the little girl with a gentle smile.

The little girl looked at her like this and puffed up her little face, “Auntie, what I’m saying is true!”

“Good, good, really, it’s true ……”

Song Qingwan looked at her, and her heart was a soft mess.

If brother and sister-in-law were still around and saw that brat Lu Junhan actually had such a beautiful and well-behaved daughter, I’m afraid they would be very relieved.

The little loli knew at first glance that she gave a perfunctory response. Adults are most likely to give a perfunctory response to children, just like her father. Bad!

The little girl did not give in, dropping her long eyelashes, her little hand grabbed a small red koi. She stole a glance at Song Qingwan and saw that she was not paying attention here.

Her little face came close to that fish as if she was secretly coaxing it, and her little milk voice whispered.

“Fish, you can’t just like me; you have to like auntie too. Auntie is very nice.”

Fish: “……”

The fish did not move a muscle, apparently playing dead.

When the little girl saw this, she got anxious and said aggressively, “Go to my aunt! Otherwise, aunt will think I cheated her ……”

The fish seems to be dead already; there was no reaction at all.

Lu Li: “……”

Mainly, fish are afraid of people, and the aura on Song Qingwan is too overpowering, so they don’t like it.

“If you guys don’t go to my aunt’s place ……”

The little girl was afraid that the fish in her hand would die from lack of water, so she had to put it back.

She pursed her sweet little red mouth again, pondered for a moment, and with a small face, threatened them fiercely.

“I’ll let my dad come and eat you! My father is very powerful; he will eat you all up …… even the bones!”

(End of this chapter)

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  1. My brain:
    Lili: Daddy! These are bad fishies, eat them, they don’t like auntie!⊙︿⊙
    Lu Junhuan: …….
    Fishies: …….

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