I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 59: Li Li will fish (9)

Song Qingwan froze, and she pulled the little girl up from the ground.

Her eyes met his serious, cold, and hard face, and it was as if she had gone back in a flash to the time when she was small.

Her hands and feet could not help but hesitate for a few moments, and her voice, which was always cold and sharp, carried a hint of hesitation:

“That …… dad, are you here for something?”

The fish in this pond all belong to the old man, and usually, only the old man will fish here.

Song Qingwan guessed.

They probably didn’t ask the old man’s permission to fish, and the old man was not happy, so he came here on purpose to give them a warning.

Just as she was about to open her mouth to explain, she saw the old man’s eyes sharpened, and he ordered in a deep voice.

“You guys pack up the things here and come to my side to fish!”

The old master’s temper was still as cold and hard as ever. He didn’t say what the reason was, and ordered them to move out as soon as he arrived, and spoke coldly: “I’m commandeering this place!”

The old man had pondered for a long time and thought it must be the location.

They must have more fish here than on his side.

If not for the noisy and annoying little girl who had just forced him away, he would have been fishing in this place in the past.

Every time he came down, the harvest was quite good.

At his best time, he could catch six or seven fish a day.

It is evident that there is indeed a lot of fish here.

The old man was very ambitious, strong, and serious in character. Such people generally have strong self-esteem and absolutely cannot tolerate anyone else being better than him, let alone allowing others to step on his head.

This time, he was stepped on by a woman, who he despised the most!

Therefore, the old man has decided that he must make a clean break from his shame!

The old man decided to make back the face he had just lost!

In the past, there was nothing he wanted to do that did not succeed.

After saying that, the old man did not care whether they agreed or disagreed and directly had the maids move all his fishing gear here.

Song Qingwan and the little loli are not going to fish anymore, so it doesn’t matter which side they go to.

Moreover, their side was relatively simple; there was no small table and no iced drinks and desserts.

Just a parasol, chairs, and fishing gear; nothing else.

They have long been thirsty and hungry.

It would be nice to switch over to …….

The little Lori also thought so.

She is small and eats four or five meals a day. She was just fishing and had long been hungry for the desserts and drinks on the old man’s table.

So, with nothing more to say, the two sides very harmoniously changed positions.

When the loli went over, she didn’t forget to bring the nine fishes that she caught before.

When they arrived at the old man’s place, she joined Song Qingwan and released those fish.

The little loli looked at them with pity.

Song Qingwan purely felt that this was the old man’s fish. Since she was afraid to eat it, she might as well just let it go.

The little loli was holding a small fish. The fish in her arms actually did not flutter. It was as quiet as if it was dead.

She gently placed it in the water, and her raven-feather dark eyelashes hung down on her eyelids as she whispered to the fish in her hand.

“Fish, I’m sorry, my aunt and I didn’t mean to catch you; you’re just too greedy!”

Fish: “……”

What’s wrong with eating some fish bait?

After saying that, the little loli opened her hand in the water, but the fish was slow to swim away for some reason. It kept rubbing her little hand.

The fish body also circled around her hand, giving her a very intimate look.

Not only that.

Within three minutes, all the fish in the pond seemed to feel a familiar scent of the same kind.

Immediately after, red, white, blue, all kinds of fish in groups, like a colorful ribbon ……

In the next second, they all surged towards Lu Li’s side!

(End of this chapter)

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