White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 44: Are You Sick?

After dealing with Cui Hong and Niu Niu, Su Chen told the maids to go out and slammed the table, his eyes full of ruthlessness: “Is it you! Did you give Li’er the poison?”

With a loud “poof,” Li Qianshi knelt down, her face pale, her hand tightly squeezing her handkerchief, while her heart was filled with fear, “Master! How can you accuse me of something I didn’t do?”

“If it’s not you? Why did you threatening Cui Hong?” Su Chen’s cold eyes looked at Li Qianshi, “Don’t say you don’t mean it, Li Qianshi, the kind of person you are, can I not understand?”

The flat voice, however, made Li Qianshi’s entire body tremble.

The calling of her first and last name made Li Qianshi’s heart beat fast.

“I told you a long time ago that Li’er is my daughter. You can’t touch her.”

“Sir, I didn’t! I really didn’t!” Li Qianshi lowered her head, her eyes filled with panic, and there was already fine sweat on her forehead.

“No?” Su Chen’s eyes were like poisonous snakes, staring at Li Qianshi so that Li Qianshi didn’t dare to say another word.

But she knew that she could not admit it. Once she admitted it, she was finished!

“Master, if I really wanted Li’er to die, I would have done it while she was still in the Tianjia Village. Why would I have waited until she came back? Master, you have wronged me!”

Li Qianshi collapsed on the ground and cried quietly. Her nails pierced her palms so hard that she regained her senses and quickly thought of a reason.

Su Chen, however, was looking deeply at Li Qianshi.

The gaze from above made Li Qianshi nearly unable to hold on, and the silence made her even more afraid and terrified.

“I’ll check it out.”

Su Chen said, flicking his long sleeves and leaving directly.

She knew how arrogant Su Chen was, and if he knew that she had disobeyed him, then her future path would be …….

Thinking of this, Li Qianshi shuddered.

“Madam, are you all right?” Momo Chen quickly came in, distressed, and helped Li Qianshi up, her face full of anxiety, “Madam, you know the Master’s temperament, why are you suffering this?”


When Li Qianshi heard Momo Chen’s voice, she suddenly seemed to think of something and fiercely grasped Momo Chen’s hand: “Momo, I can only rely on you!”

Momo Chen was stunned and somewhat puzzled.

Li Qianshi took a deep breath, a pair of deadly stared at Momo Chen as if grasping the last straw.

“The Master won’t suspect if you admit that you poisoned Li’er. Momo, you’re the only one who can help me. If the Master finds out that I poisoned her and that I’ve disobeyed him, I’ll definitely end up in a terrible situation, Momo!

Don’t worry, Momo. I’ll take good care of your family in place of you!”

Momo Chen looked at Li Qianshi incredulously, her lips trembling, her face pale. She knew that her Madam was ruthless, but never thought that she would also become Li Qianshi’s scapegoat one day!

“Madam, we can get just about anyone ……”

“No, the Master is very suspicious. He won’t believe it! Only you, Momo, only you can bear the burden so that I can be all right!”

Momo Chen looked at Li Qianshi incredulously, not even knowing when she had put down Li Qianshi’s hand.

Li Qianshi, on the other hand, reacted and regained her old composure: “Momo, you will help me, right?”

Momo Chen’s heart sank at the slightly threatening look in Li Qianshi’s eyes, and she sighed, moving her lips a few times before saying in a hushed voice: “Madam, will you take care of my son and daughter?”

“I will!”

She said, “I can give you money upfront.”

“Okay, I know.”

Momo Chen sighed: “Madam was raised under my care, and it is my duty to do things for her. I only hope that Madam will treat my son and daughter well since I died for her sake.”

With that, Momo Chen kowtowed heavily to Li Qianshi before she left.

Li Qianshi breathed a sigh of relief and quickly asked the others to arrange the next step.

She wanted to make sure that all the evidence pointed to Momo Chen.

In the evening, Momo Chen was found hanged in her room.

The evidence Su Chen found also pointed to Momo Chen, so the matter was closed.

Old Madam Su breathed a sigh of relief: “Everything that was given to Li’er was blocked by Momo Chen, no wonder my Li’er lived in such poverty in the village, no wonder she targeted Li’er as soon as she arrived!”

Momo Ke poured a cup of tea for Old Madam Su: “It’s good that things have been checked out.”

Old Madam Su just waved her hand, indicating that she did not want to drink tea, then looked at Li Qianshi, who was kneeling on the floor, and said faintly: “You have also been deceived, in the end, you are the head of the Prime Minister’s House, in the future, you should be more careful in employing people.”

Li Qianshi wiped the corners of her eyes, stood up, and then looked at Su Mo Li, who was sitting nicely, and came over: “Li’er, it was Mother who misused someone, and she will definitely make it up to you in the future.

I don’t know what kind of jewelry you like, do you like this bracelet?” She said and put the bracelet on Su Mo Li’s hand.

Su Mo Li’s face revealed a well-behaved smile: “Mother, there is no need to do so, it’s all the fault of the servant, but now there are two Aunts to help Mother. Mother will definitely not make these mistakes again.”

The smile on Li Qianshi’s face stiffened a bit, and she was about to speak when she heard Old Madam Su say: “Li’er is a generous one, but Li’er has also been wronged.”

Li Qianshi held back her anger and said to Old Madam Su, “Yes, Li’er is my daughter, and I will naturally make it up to her.”

Su Mo Li smiled at Li Qianshi and stopped talking.

Late at night, Su Mo Li played with the flowers Huang Fan brought over: “Tomorrow, send them to my mother.”

“Yes, Miss.”

The next day, in the Palace, Zhong Li Xi arrived at the East Palace in a hurry: “Brother! It’s too much!”

Zhong Li Shi faintly looked at Zhong Li Xi, and the smile on his face was a little more genuine: “What?”

“It’s still not about Li’er, and a discerning eye can see that Momo Chen is the scapegoat! She’s not even the person behind it! I didn’t expect Father to believe it! And Second Brother, too, is actually defending Madam Su!”

A hint of uncertainty crossed Zhong Li Shi’s eyes: “You don’t have to be concerned about this.”

Zhong Li Xi looked at Zhong Li Shi incredulously, “Brother, we are the only ones who can support Li’er, but you don’t care!”

“That’s your Second Brother’s concubine.” Zhong Li Shi faintly said.

*Bang!* “I have to let them know that I have Li’er’s back so that they don’t bully her.”

Looking at the back of Zhong Li Xi’s departure, Zhong Li Shi poured a cup of tea in a good mood.

“Crown Prince, obviously the Second Prince hates the fact that Miss Su is his concubine, but if you tell the Second Princess now, she will definitely go to the Second Prince’s ears and talk about it, won’t that make the Second Prince hate Miss Su even more?”

Xiao Guozi’s face was full of puzzlement.

Zhong Li Shi put down the cup. With a swish, he opened the fan and quirked his lips: “Isn’t it just to let Xi’er go and talk about it so that the Zhong Li Ling hates it?”

Xiao Guozi thought about it and couldn’t help but ask, “Crown Prince, do you hate Miss Su too? Or is there some kind of conflict between you and Miss Su?”


Zhong Li Shi hit Xiao Guozi on the head with a fan: “What are you talking about? This Prince is helping her.”

Xiao Guozi was so aggrieved that he muttered, “How are you helping her? If you do this, it will be very difficult for Miss Su to marry.”

However, he did not dare to say more.

But in two days, Zhong Li Ling could not stand it any longer, looked at Zhong Li Xi, and said coldly, “Who said I want to take Su Mo Li as a concubine?”

Zhong Li Xi was stunned: “Second Brother, this is Father’s bestowal of marriage.”

“Father’s decree only says Miss Su, but not which Miss Su!”

Zhong Li Xi looked at Zhong Li Ling incredulously and suddenly seemed to think of something: “You, you want to withdraw from the marriage!

No way!

Zhong Li Xi screamed out, “If you withdraw your marriage, what will Li’er do! I’m sure there will be a lot of gossip about her! You’re forcing her to die!”

Zhong Li Ling snorted disdainfully, “What does her life or death have to do with me?”

Watching Zhong Li Ling’s back as he left, Zhong Li Xi’s heart was disturbed, and Bai Ling on the side was anxious: “Princess, what should we do now? If Miss Su knew about it, how sad she would be!”

Zhong Li Xi bit her lip in despair, her pair of big eyes filled with worry: “No, I have to go find my brother!”

In the afternoon, Su Mo Li received a letter from Zhong Li Shi, and a smile appeared on her face: “Zhong Li Ling really couldn’t help it.”

“Miss, can you believe this prince?”

Huang Fan couldn’t help but ask.

Su Mo Li laughed out softly, “Naturally, after all, he took ten thousand taels of silver from me, so he has to help me settle this matter anyway.”

“But, just because of the ten thousand taels of silver?” Huang Fan was puzzled, “I always thought it was too easy.”

The smile on Su Mo Li’s face diminished a bit, and she said slowly, “The Crown Prince is more reliable than the Emperor. He is repaying my mother’s kindness for protecting the Empress and him.”

“Can you believe that?”

Huang Fan continued to ask.

Su Mo Li was silent for a moment: “Trustworthy.”

Back then, when she was still a ghost, she followed and floated to the Prime Minister’s Mansion, knowing that everything was a conspiracy, and also knowing that the one who finally avenged her mother’s death was the Crown Prince Zhong Li Shi.

Huang Fan echoed: “That’s good; otherwise, it would be too difficult for Miss to be alone in the capital.”

Su Mo Li looked out of the window: “Have you arranged the plan for tomorrow?”

“Miss, don’t worry, everything is under control.”

The next day, Marquis Madam Chengning once again held a flower viewing banquet. Su Mo Li, Su Xin Zhen, and Su Jia Xuan came to the Marquise Madam Chengning’s home under the leadership of Li Qianshi.

Looking at Su Xin Zhen, who was dressed up in a flowery outfit, Su Mo Li quirked her lips, “Sister, thank you.”

Su Xin Zhen was stunned and gave Su Mo Li a strange look: “Are you sick?”

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  1. Ugh. Finally, this s*t arranged marriage will FINALLY come to an end. Let those two miserable vile things be together. I felt suffocated by the thought of her marrying the second prince, I can only imagine how Su Mo Li felt.

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