I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 58: Li Li will fish (8)

The sun wasn’t too strong today, but the air was still quite hot.

The maids saw this and came over and set up a sunshade for him and put a small table full of iced drinks and desserts for the occasion.

The old man was sitting under the parasol, and his big wrinkled old hands were holding a very expensive fishing rod.

His eyes were slightly squinted, his sharp eyes fell on the lake, but his expression was languid as he waited for the fish to take the bait!

He started fishing when he was young and has never stopped since then.

Now he was old, but his fishing skills are as pure as fire. No one knows better than him how to use the shortest time and the most effective method to catch a fish.

This thing is actually the same as gambling; the more you catch, the more addictive it becomes.

Suddenly, Yu Guang glanced not far away. The old man snorted disdainfully and heavily between his nostrils.

Over there, Song Qingwan and the little loli, with the maid’s help, also set up a sunshade.

They sat on the chairs below and pulled out long fishing rods from their fishing tackle bags, and set them up on the edge of the pond, seemingly ready to start fishing as well.

Their posture, at a glance, was extremely unprofessional.

The old man inevitably snorted; his old face was full of disdain and mockery.

Women are women; they were like this. What can they catch?

It’s just a way to pass the time.

This was a waste of his pool of good fish!

The old man’s mood was now similar to a bottle of expensive and mellow wine with a long history that should have been savored but was instead swallowed by Song Qingwan and the little girl as if it was tea.

Watching them ruin it like this, he was furious and heartbroken!

But in the next second, he was slapped in the face!

He saw that the fishing rod was just put down, then Song Qingwan became surprised and excited: “Li Li! Come look! It’s moving; the fishing rod is moving, we must have caught a fish!”

The old man: “……”

“What a nice one! It’s a big fish!”

Song Qingwan couldn’t lift it alone, so she called two other servants to help catch the fish: “Li Li, where’s the bucket, where’s the bucket for the fish?”

The little girl was holding a fish bucket about the size of her. She stumbled and ran over lovingly: “Auntie Auntie, I’m here, so is the bucket. You quickly put the fish in it; it looks so uncomfortable.”

Even if the distance was so far apart, the old man can still clearly see that the fish was indeed very large.

The old man turned his head with a sullen face but still gave a cold snort of disdain.

The first thing you need for fishing is a bit of luck.

It doesn’t mean anything ……

“Eh, Li Li, look, your fishing rod also moved; there must be fish hooked again!”

The old man: “……”

“Oh my! This one is bigger than the one just now!” Song Qingwan’s smiling voice came over, “We are so lucky today.”

Old Master: “……”


In less than half an hour, Song Qingwan and Lu Li had caught a bucket full of fish.

Almost as soon as they put the bait down, there were fish on the hook.

Their side was very lively. From time to time, they have to find someone to help pull the fish up; compared to the old man who was said to be a professional fisherman; it seems much cooler ……

Half an hour passed, and he only caught a small fish, not as thick as his finger.

The old man’s face was completely black.


Song Qingwan and the little loli caught enough and did not intend to fish again.

They were lying next to the bucket and counting one fish after another. After a long time, little loli raised her bright eyes. She stretched out her little hand and showed a number.

“Auntie Auntie, we caught nine fish! That’s a lot!”

Song Qingwan smiled. Before she had time to reply, she saw the old man carrying a fishing rod, his face sullen as he walked towards them.

(End of this chapter)

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