I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 57: Li Li will fish (7)

The little loli is very obedient to her father’s words.

When she says she’ll play with great-grandpa, she’ll definitely play with great-grandpa!

She is a good baby!

Her tiny body squatted on the edge of the pond. Her soft face was soft and still had some baby fat on the side. Her long raven-feather eyelashes fluttered, making her look cute and pretty, like an unworldly little elf.

The old man did not find her cute at all. Instead, he felt that she could not be driven away and talked too much, which was simply annoying!

“Accompany my ass! I don’t need company! I am fine on my own,”

The old man had a furious look on his face. He was sitting on a chair for fishing and holding a fishing rod in his hand. The whole person was on the verge of collapse at any time.

If not for fear of Lu Junhan, that kid would come to trouble him. And if this little girl weren’t his own great-granddaughter, he would have pushed her into the lake and be done with it!

See, the little girl still did not go, causing his face full to be full of anger. He turned his head and roared:

“You this girl, are you unable to understand human language? I told you to stay away from me. Stay away from me, don’t you understand? Look, my fish are scared away by you! How can I fish with you here?”

“Grandpa, you scared the fish away, not Li Li. You can’t accuse people.”

The little girl’s tiny body squatted on the edge of the pond. She raised her hand to cover her little ears, tilted her glittering white little face to look at him, and her little milk voice was soft as she responded.

“You!” The old man was so angry that he got up directly from his chair. He took a few steps back, took several deep breaths, and after calming down a little, he picked up the fishing rod and chair, turned around in anger, and left:

“OK! You’re not leaving, are you? I’ll come!”

“Great-grandpa, do not run around, or dad will not find us when he comes ……”

The little loli saw him leave in a huff and hurriedly got up from the ground and was about to chase after him when she turned her head and suddenly saw the man who was coming her way.

Her footsteps fiercely stopped, her beautiful eyes abruptly brightened up. The small figure darted directly towards the man, hugging him with her small hands. She tilted her head and shouted sweetly and cutely: “Daddy!”

Lu Junhan slightly dropped his eyes, and his big hand gently patted her little head while his lips curved beautifully as he gave a low “mmm.”

At this time, the little girl seems to remember something, and her small hands pull the man’s sleeves. She wanted to run in a certain direction, and her cheeks flushed as she anxiously said.

“Daddy, great-grandpa, great-grandpa, he went over there ……”

“It’s okay, don’t mind him,” finished speaking, Lu Junhan took the fishing gear from the maid on the side. He lowered his eyes at her, hooked his lips, and said, “Want to fish?”

“Yes!” The little girl immediately stood straight, her eyes shining brighter than the stars in the sky, “Daddy, do you want to teach me to fish?”

“I’ll find someone to teach you,” seeing the little girl’s dimming eyes, the man paused. He lowered his eyes to look at his watch and added, “Half an hour, things are busy, but I will come back.”

“Will you come and teach me then?” The little girl’s eyes lit up again.

“Mm.” Lu Junhan said in a clear, cold voice: “You play by yourself first.”

The little girl took the fishing rod, which was taller than she was, from his hand, and her dark eyes were filled with joy: “Good! Daddy, then you must hurry back; Li Li will wait for you, ah!”

Looking at her being so pleased, Lu Junhan could not help but slightly hooked his lips: “Hmm.”


The old man walked to the other side of the pond, sat down, and began to fish.

The little noisy girl is not around, so his ears were clear. His whole person can be said to be physically and mentally relaxed!

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