I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 56: Li Li will fish (6)

Song Qingwan purely thought that it was just a coincidence.

But after hearing Lu Junhan say this, she came to her senses.


Although the Lu family villa has a lot of security guards, the anti-theft system is even more perfect; even a mosquito could hardly fly in.

But if the old man really wanted to steal the Lu company’s confidential documents, he could easily send his special forces to come over and just steal a document. It would not be a problem.

But he didn’t do it. Instead, he tried to send his own people to Lu Junhan as if he was afraid that Lu Junhan didn’t know that they were his people.

Nowadays, there were less than half of his people in the company. Their loss was connected with the death of the master’s influence.

Song Qingwan rubbed her forehead and helplessly said.

“Thinking it through, it turns out that the old man has long wanted to quit the company. That’s why I thought that the old man was looking for trouble for you every day and wanted to train you!”

After all, that old man believes in iron-blooded education. The soldiers under him are so worn out by his devil training!

Not only her, but even others also felt this way. After all, this grandfather and grandson fight is too realistic. The old man’s cold and ruthless appearance looks like he wants to take Lu’s for himself.

No wonder they all thought wrong.

Song Qingwan frowned and asked again.

“In that case, then what have you been up to lately? You don’t even have time to see a single person.”

Lu Junhan took a puff of smoke, did not say much. He just lightly said: “In the company, the old man’s people are less. But the old man still has a lot of shares and industries in his hands ……”

Song Qingwan: “……”

Obviously, this brat is thinking that the old man did not give away enough. He also wanted him to hand over all the power and influence on his hands!

“Don’t even think about it; there’s no way Dad will give it to you,”

Song Qingwan shook her head and said.

“You don’t know Dad’s nature; he values power more than anyone else!”

“I think it’s already rare for him to give you 9% of the shares just now. If not for the current situation, I would really like to see if the sun rose from the west today!”

“Give me 9% of the shares? You think too much.” Lu Junhan’s black eyes were deep and dark, his side profile was cold and indifferent, and he pulled his lips while sneering faintly.

“Do you really think the old man is stupid? He is very smart; even if he does not give me this 9%, I can grab it tomorrow. He has no way to keep it.”

Aha. The old man had known that this share could not be kept, so he simply gave it to Lu Junhan. In addition, he also exchanged it, so Lu Junhan to stay here for one night.

When it comes to calculation, it’s still the cunning old man who won.

Song Qingwan: “……”

She always felt that she and this grandfather and grandson were never in the same world.

These two people were fighting hotly, and she was watching from the side with a dumbfounded face.

“So during this period of time, you were busy with this 9% share going?”

After Song Qingwan knew the whole story, she was naturally on Lu Junhan’s side. She opened her lips and hammered Lu Junhan.

“OK, brat, I didn’t know you were so powerful. Even the shares in the hands of the old man could be snatched.”

After saying that, she paused for a moment. Looking at the distant back of the old man, her clear and cold voice sighed lightly:

“However, after this time, Dad will definitely be on guard. Getting the remaining shares, I’m afraid it’s not that easy.”

Lu Junhan’s eyes were deep, and his face harsh and dark. He lowered his eyes and took a puff of smoke, did not speak.


On the other hand, the old man angrily broke down and roared.

The little girl raised her white soft little hand and rubbed her ears that had been shaken until they buzzed a bit.

Then, she blinked her big bright eyes, shook her head, and her little milk voice obediently said.

“Great-grandpa, Li Li won’t go. Daddy told me to come and play with you.”

(End of this chapter)

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