Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 245 – The Most Infamous Villain

When Jue Wang Gu Shuo smiled, he said playfully, “So cleanly refusing, is it because of Gu Lin Chao?”

“This matter has nothing to do with Imperial Uncle.” Gu Yi’s thin lips pursed into a line.

Jue Wang lifted the teacup in his hand. He brushed the tea leaves inside with the lid and then took a sip slowly and methodically.

When he put the cup down, his gaze fell back on Gu Yi, and his shining eyes had the shrewdness of insight into everything, “If it wasn’t for Gu Lin Chao, why would you have any qualms? The Emperor and Empress Dowager Guo wanted to kill you and your mother. If it wasn’t for Gu Lin Chao, you and your mother would have become a pile of dirt.

The Emperor and the Empress Dowager were unkind to both you and your mother. If you didn’t care about Gu Lin Chao, Ben Wang really can’t think of anything else that would make you reluctant to be part of this great cause and the court?”

Gu Yi rested his fingers on his knee and tightened them hard, and for a long time, he did not say a word.

Jue Wang sighed and said: “You this child is really stupid. Others do you a little favor, but you are going to spend a lifetime to repay it, and you even let go of your hatred? But do you know, Gu Lin Chao is not so selfless. He bailed you out back then, but only because he used this matter to raise his reputation for a lifetime of virtue. He’s merely a person who fishes for fame, how can he be worthy of your devotion to him and spending your life repaying him?”

“Jue Wang Gong!” Gu Yi suddenly interrupted him in a deep voice, “I respect you as an elder, but please don’t slander Imperial Uncle like that, he is not that kind of person.”

“Whether he is that kind of person or not is not up to Ben Wang, nor is it up to you to deny it. Wait, time will prove everything, and you will know in the future whether or not Ben Wang’s words are false.” Jue Wang said unhurriedly.

Gu Yi was angry. He would not allow anyone to slander Imperial Uncle, not even if the person in front of him was an elder.

He was just about to speak, when the housekeeper reported at the door, “Wang Ye, the Regent Princess is here.”

Gu Yi was stunned and quickly looked at Jue Wang and was about to go out, but Jue Wang said playfully, “The Regent’s Princess? Since you are here, please come in and let her greet this King. At any rate, this King is also her elder.”

Gu Yi’s face changed and he wanted to go out to stop Wen Qi Qi from coming in, but Jue Wang’s men were already one step ahead of him.

In the next moment, Wen Qi Qi was invited in.

When she saw that there were other people in the hall, she turned her head and looked at Gu Yi with some surprise, “So you have guests. Since you are busy, I will go outside for a stroll first.”

After saying that, she was about to go out.

At this moment, Jue Wang opened his mouth at the right time.

“Niece-in-law, when you see your elders, why don’t you know how to salute and greet them. What did Gu Lin Chao teach you?”

Wen Qi Qi’s footsteps stopped and she turned her head to look at Jue Wang in surprise.

Who is this person? He dared to call Gu Lin Chao by his name.

Seeing him sitting there while Gu Yi was standing, her heart became more and more strange.

Gu Yi saw that things had come to this point, so he had to give her a reminder, “This is Jue Wang, you have to call him Jue Wang Shu, Imperial Aunt.”

When Wen Qi Qi heard the word Jue Wang, her pretty peach blossom eyes widened, but her mind buzzed.

The middle-aged man in front of her was the most notorious villain in the original book, Jue Wang Gu Shuo?

He is the only surviving brother of the late Emperor. He was the last in line, and has been a dominant force for many years, constantly expanding his power. Even Gu Lin Chao and Gu Heng could not do anything about him.

She should have anticipated that it was him.

In today’s world, those who dare to call Gu Lin Chao by his name like this can be counted on one hand.

The surprise in her heart was only a momentary one, and then she had already recovered her normal face.

“So it’s Jue Wang Shu(uncle), please forgive this junior for not having seen you before and not recognizing you, please don’t take it to heart.” Wen Qi Qi gave him a junior’s salute.

Translators Note: Ooooooh finally some imperial family drama

Edited by EllieKit

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