Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 246 – Gu Lin Chao’s Loss of Composure

Jue Wang was a little surprised that she could be so calm and behave in a measured manner.

He raised his eyebrows and gave her a glance, and for a moment, the corners of his mouth held a smile, “Ben Wang once heard that niece-in-law just has a beautiful face, but the inside is not very good.” When he said this, he pointed his finger at her head, “Today I saw it and found that the rumors are misleading. My niece-in-law is not only beautiful, she is also exceptionally clever. My good nephew is really lucky.”

After listening to what he said, Wen Qi Qi could not be happy at all.

He was not complimenting her, he was clearly insulting her.

However, she did not get angry, but said, “Rumors are always untrustworthy. Before I met Jue Wang Shu, I thought he was a vicious, brutal and ugly person, but when I saw him today, I realized that the rumors were too unbelievable. Jue Wang Shu is clearly a talented man, and he is gentle.”

Jue Wang was stunned, but he quickly realized that she was imitating what he had said before, to insult himself.

He was not angry but smiled, “You little girl are really interesting. It is also fate to meet you here today. How about it, are you interested in going to Ben Wang’s Juezhou for a stroll?” (assuming Juezhou is his city/prefecture that he’s in charge of)

When Gu Yi heard that, he was shocked and was about to speak, when he heard his little imperial aunt say, “Thank you for your kindness, but Juezhou is not close to here, and my Wang Ye doesn’t allow me to go too far away. I have to go back to the capital before sunset.”

Jue Wang smiled and sighed with some regret, “That’s really a pity.” After saying that, he stood up and glanced at Gu Yi, “Good nephew, today what Ben Wang said to you, you have to consider it carefully again.”

Gu Yi frowned, “The junior will still say the same thing, Jue Wang don’t waste time on this junior.”

Jue Wang smiled. He paused slightly, his eyes narrowed, and then smiled.

Wen Qi Qi was still guessing what kind of riddle the two were speaking about when a strong wind suddenly swept over.

She was startled and subconsciously flipped back to avoid the other party’s attack.

Jue Wang’s attack fell short, and he looked at Wen Qi Qi with astonishment, and then his face showed a touch of interest, “Niece-in-law, you really impress Ben Wang, but it’s a pity that you are matched with that Gu Lin Chao when you are such a good girl.” After saying that, his body flashed and he reached out towards Wen Qi Qi’s neck to pinch it.

Gu Yi was startled and hurriedly stepped forward to block it.

“Please don’t make things difficult for my Imperial Aunt. If she loses a single hair, My Imperial Uncle will not forgive you.”

“Oh, are you telling Ben Wang that this little girl, is very important to Gu Lin Chao?” Jue Wang smiled and became even more interested in Wen Qi Qi, “Ben Wang really wants to see how that kid Gu Lin Chao loses his cool.” After saying that, he suddenly flicked out a flash of qi energy from his fingertips, directly hitting Wen Qi Qi’s acupuncture points. He then ripped the jade pendant around her neck and threw it to Gu Yi.

“Tell Gu Lin Chao that if he wants his little Princess back, he should come to Juezhou by himself, otherwise, Ben Wang can’t guarantee that his precious little Princess will not lose a hair or lose an arm or a leg.”

Gu Yi took the jade pendant and when he looked at it further, Jue Wang and Wen Qi Qi had disappeared.

Holding the jade pendant, he hurriedly chased them to the door.

However, when he arrived, the party had already left with no trace remaining.

Gu Yi’s heart sank and he hurriedly gave the order, “Block the city gate, make sure to intercept Jue Wang.”

“Yes.” The guards led the order and went.

However, when Gu Yi arrived at the city gate with his men, he was still a step too late, and Jue Wang had already disappeared with Wen Qi Qi.

Translators note: Ooooh la la our female lead has been kidnapped. Any bets on how quick she’ll annoy Jue Wang. (5 minutes for me)

Ellie Note: Is the uncle trying for a villain speed-run or something?

Edited by EllieKit

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