Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 244 –Whole Body Seems to Have Fallen Apart

But even so, he still did not sleep and stayed awake until dawn.


The next day, when Wen Qi Qi woke up, she felt as if her whole body had fallen apart.

Her neck hurt, her back was sore, and her legs were numb.

Next to her, Gu Lin Chao had long since disappeared.

If not for his smell on the pillow, she would have thought that Gu Lin Chao had left after she fell asleep.

The fact that her body hurts so much and is so sore, it can’t be that Gu Lin Chao did something perverted to her after she was asleep, right?

Otherwise, what was the explanation for the strange feeling of her body?

Gu Lin Chao wouldn’t have any perverted hobbies, would he?

The more she thought about it, the more she thought it was possible, and she couldn’t help but shiver.

She got dressed and washed up, and after asking Lu Qiao, she learned that Gu Lin Chao had gotten up early to go to court, and had probably gone to the Ministry of War by now.

When she thought that today was the second day of the martial arts selection, and Gu Lin Chao would be staying at the Ministry of War for the day, Wen Qi Qi’s mind was energized again.

Today was the first opening day of the Hundred Flowers Pavilion, and it would be packed with guests. She had the idea of going to Tunzhou to see how well the Fifth Elder ran the business and how the other four elders had carried out their work.

After dressing properly, she took Lu Qiao and went out directly.

This time, she directly told housekeeper Chen that she was going back to the Wen Residence.

Housekeeper Chen didn’t think much of it, and dispatched a carriage for her.

After getting on the carriage and leaving the city, Lu Qiao said with worry, “Miss, will Wang Ye be angry if he finds out that you snuck out again?”

“Definitely angry.” Wen Qi Qi nodded her head.

Lu Qiao’s eyes widened and she said nervously, “Then why is Miss …… happy?”

“Don’t worry, even if he is angry, I, your young lady, have a way to coax him. Don’t worry. It’s rare to come out for once, so let’s have fun.” Wen Qi Qi said with a smile.

Lu Qiao smiled and had nothing to say, because her young lady was indeed very powerful. She always had a way to coax Wang Ye not to get angry.

After arriving at Tunzhou, Wen Qi Qi took Lu Qiao to stroll around the city first.

She found that the streets were full of voices talking about the Hundred Flowers Pavilion.

It seems that the Fifth Elder has not spared any effort to create hype for the reopening of the Hundred Flowers Pavilion this evening.

When they went to a teahouse, they found many gentlemen gathered together loudly talking about the topic of Hundred Flowers Pavilion.

They were either excited, or enthusiastic, and they had a lot of respect for the Hundred Flowers Pavilion.

Wen Qi Qi was satisfied. It seemed that tonight the Hundred Flowers Pavilion would be as she had envisioned, with a full house and a large number of guests.

She and Lu Qiao drank some tea, ate some snacks and had enough rest, so they decided to go to the Tunzhou Imperial Residence first.

Since she had come to Tunzhou, she naturally had to go to the Royal Residence of Tunzhou, so that when things went wrong, she would tell Gu Lin Chao that she had come to look for her good nephew Gu Yi, and he should not be so angry.

Of course, the prerequisite is that she has to get Gu Yi to testify for her first.

However, what she didn’t know was that there was an unexpected guest at the Royal Residence.

The atmosphere in the front hall was frozen and tense.

“…… My grand nephew, just now what Ben Wang said with you, think about it. Don’t rush to reply to Ben Wang first, Ben Wang can still afford to wait.” A man of about fifty years old was sitting in the upper seat. His words were polite, but the words were domineering and unquestionable.

“Duke Jue, you don’t need to say more. This person of the younger generation has just made it very clear that it is impossible to cooperate with you.” Gu Yi had changed from his usual playful appearance. His face was more resolute, and his tone was even more decisive and clear.

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