Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 243 – Simply Hold Her Tightly in Your Arms

Immediately afterwards, fearing that she might do something that would bother him, he said, “Go to sleep.”

Wen Qi Qi thought she had misheard.

Gu Lin Chao told her to go to sleep?

So he really came over tonight to keep her company?

She gave him an incredulous look.

Then she had been worrying for so long. Wasn’t it lonely to worry by herself?

She spat in her heart.

“Then can I really go to sleep?” She said tentatively.

“Yes.” Gu Lin Chao’s voice was a little dull.

Wen Qi Qi let her heart relax, and with her head next to the pillow, she settled down to dream about the Duke of Zhou*. (Seeing Duke Zhou sleep story)

The girl’s soft breathing sound entered her ears, Gu Lin Chao could not help but look sideways.

Seeing her, his breath tightened and his black eyes turned dark.

The girl’s ink-like black hair was scattered across the pillow, making her already small face even smaller. The skin was snow-white, making her red lips even more delicate, and the long, dense eyelashes, slightly curled, were closed at the moment, and were nicely pressed against the eyelids highlighting her pretty nose.

She is lying on her side, sleeping with her face towards him, holding one hand, leaning on her chest. The whole person was well behaved like a cat ……

Gu Lin Chao’s had a smile in his black eyes, with a doting appearance that even he didn’t notice.

The corners of his mouth hooked up. He was just about to close his eyes and go to sleep, when the girl suddenly kicked the quilt, and swung her jade leg across and placed it on his waist.

Gu Lin Chao: “……”

He raised his hand and rubbed his brow.

He should have thought of it. This girl’s sleeping posture was terrible. Her well-behaved appearance could not even last one night.

He sighed softly, reached out to move her leg back, then covered her again, however not long after, this girl with the same old attitude, once again placed her leg on his body.

Gu Lin Chao felt that he would not be able to sleep tonight.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for her legs to move away. This girl simply turned around and placed her back directly on him, but ……

Inside the quilt, the girl’s firm buttocks, pressed directly against the side of his waist.

Gu Lin Chao: “……”

The bed was originally quite spacious, but naive this girl directly hogged most of it. He had been squeezed to the edge of the bed.

If he didn’t know that she was really asleep and had a bad sleep posture, he would have thought she was doing it on purpose.

So, why did he come over tonight?

It was because he heard what she said yesterday in front of Wang Houde, and was momentarily touched. In addition, Mama Zeng sent the soup and herbs, so he decided to come and sleep with her, but obviously, without him here, this girl may be able to sleep even better.

After all, without him taking up half of the bed, she could be able to stretch even more unrestrainedly.

Gu Lin Chao felt that the side of his waist had become numb.

Because she leaned too close, he could almost feel the slim shape ……

His eyes were dark. After he got out of bed to drink a cup of herbal tea and came back, he simply moved her to the innermost side and separated her with the quilt in the middle.

Looking at the girl who was asleep at the inner most section, Gu Lin Chao breathed a sigh of relief. There should be no problem with this.

However, he still underestimated the strength of Wen Qi Qi’s bad sleeping posture.

In the middle of the night, Gu Lin Chao woke up with a muffled grunt.

When he looked down, he saw the girl’s lotus root arm had reached over at some point and tightly circled his neck, while a jade leg, coincidentally, was pressed against his ……

Inside Gu Lin Chao’s black eyes, a cluster of fire danced. Fearing that she would mess around again, he simply stretched out his hands and circled her in his arms. He reached over the legs and pressed her legs together.

Translators note: *blushes*

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