Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 232 – This Is To Exterminate His Heir

Royal Palace, Imperial Study Room.

When Gu Heng heard that Guo Huai asked to see him, and a trace of impatience flashed across his face.

These years, the Guo family relies on being a relative of the emperor to run amok in the capital. They are arrogant and domineering, which makes him disgusted, but the Guo family is the Empress Dowager’s maternal family, so even though he is disgusted, he still has to maintain a superficial politeness.

In fact, his imperial uncle has long had the idea of cleaning up the Guo family, but he pressed the matter down for some reason. Because of this, he also provoked his uncle’s displeasure.

He also knows that the Guo family is not a good thing, but the Guo family is after all his maternal family. If he cuts them off at once, he will have fewer forces to rely on, and in the future, there is no telling how the situation will develop.

When his father was alive, he reminded him that the art of being the emperor is to know how to control the forces.

His imperial uncle’s power is already big enough. Additionally, because of his countless war achievements, he has a great reputation among the people and is very popular among them. Some people even only know the Da Ye Regent, but not him as the emperor, which is not good for him.

“Your Majesty, I request for Your Majesty to do something for this old minister ah ……”

At this time, Guo Huai walked in with tears on his face.

As soon as he came in, he flung himself down towards Gu Heng.

Gu Heng’s eyelids jumped at this action, and he said, “What is the matter with you Ai Qing, you can talk to me, there is no need to do this.” He then said towards Hao Fu Lu on the side, “Quickly help Guo Shang Shu to get up.” (So Gu Heng is calling him Aiqing which seems like a term of endearment like dear, beloved)

Hao Fu Lu complied and went forward to help Guo Huai.

“Master Guo, the ground is cold, get up quickly.”

But Guo Huai shook his head and refused to get up. He wiped his tears and said, “If Your Majesty doesn’t decide for me, I won’t get up.”

Gu Heng’s face was slightly sunken and he laughed coldly in his heart.

This old fox, how dare he come to threaten him.

But outwardly he said: “I don’t even know what’s going on, how can I make a decision for my beloved uncle?” 

Guo Huai said, “The Regent is trying to exterminate the heir of my Guo family, Your Imperial Majesty.”

“How can you say this, the Regent is good. How come he wants to exterminate the heir of the Guo family?” Gu Heng frowned.

Guo Huai continued, “My Guo family has always had few children. In this generation, there is only one boy, Guo Lin, but today at the Qingfeng Pavilion, the Regent had him taken without telling anyone. Tell me, is this not an attempt to eliminate the heir of my Guo family?”

Gu Heng glanced at his tearful face, and knew that he was not pretending in this matter.

Because the Guo family has difficulty in having an heir, in this generation, only the second house gave birth to a son, that is, Guo Huai’s family. That is to say, in the future, the Guo family’s lineage needs to rely on the second house for support, therefore, the Guo family at the helm of the main family has also become the second house. Logically, Guo Huai has become the head of the Guo family. In the Guo family he has always had the final say, and even the first house, which has an Empress Dowager, has to avoid him.

But today, Guo Lin has fallen into the hands of Gu Lin Chao, therefore, Guo Huai can not sit still at this time.

Gu Heng stopped his thoughts and soothed: “Is Guo Aiqing taking things, too seriously? Why did my Royal Uncle take Guo Lin? Did he impinge on my Royal Uncle?”

Guo Huai smiled, and a trace of discomfort swept across his face.

He had certainly inquired about the circumstances of the matter.

The reason is that his son, who is not a good fighter, molested Wen Qi Qi in Qingfeng Pavilion, and Gu Lin Chao was there, so he took him to the military camp.

He knows better than anyone else how his son is. He spends his days drinking and has emptied out his body, so when Gu Lin Chao threw him into the military camp, a place that eats people without spitting out bones, how could he still be alive?

Although this incident is Guo Lin’s undeniable fault, but he only has such a son, and is still counting on him to continue the Guo family’s legacy. How can it be ruined by Gu Lin Chao?

Translators Note: I hope Guo Lin gets the snot beaten out of him and his dad too. Like you know your son is bad and yet you enable him???? Wild

Also I am looking for something new to read so open to recommendations

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