Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 233 – The Deeply Buried Terrible Thoughts, Suddenly Revealed

Thinking about it, he changed his words, “I heard that today in the Qingfeng Pavilion, the people saw the Regent. The people were excited and very supportive of him, and I don’t know if the people were mistaken, or they deliberately wanted to frame the Regent for injustice, they actually, actually shouted him Long Live ……”

Not waiting for him to finish his words, Gu Heng’s face changed, and his hand slapped heavily on the table, furious, “Presumptuous!”

Guo Huai looked terrified and lowered his head, “Your Majesty, this, this is perhaps the people’s momentary excitement. They made a mistake, it can’t be true ……”

Gu Heng’s face is gloomy and ugly, while his fists are clenched.

Those unruly people. They do not look at him as the Emperor of Daye, ah.

Openly shouting Long Live to Gu Lin Chao, then what is he, the Son of Heaven?

It was only after a long time that his anger subsided. He could no longer see his happiness or anger on his face, but said in a light voice: “Guo Aiqing’s words that slander the Regent should not be said next time. The Regent has done his best for Daye. He has been loyal and loves the people, and has given a great deal, so it is right that the people should support him.”

Guo Huai heart does not think so. He knows that although the young emperor respects Gu Lin Chao on the surface, but in reality he still has jealousy in his heart.

Since ancient times, which emperor can tolerate his subjects overriding his authority?

Even if this person is Gu Lin Chao, who has dedicated himself to Daye and assisted the emperor with all his heart.

Because his achievements are too great, it is said that when the achievements are high, how can the young emperor not have a little thought in his heart? What’s more, Gu Lin Chao’s power is too big and has threatened the emperor.

At present, the surface harmony can still be maintained, but it was only because the time is not yet ripe.

And once the time is ripe, Gu Lin Chao’s existence will become a crime.

He was ashamed to say: “I was narrow-minded, I shouldn’t have listened to the rumors and talked about it in front of the Emperor. The Regent has always been noble and honest. He has been dedicated to Daye, and is dedicated to supporting the Emperor, so he is definitely not a wolf and ambitious man. Just now, the Emperor should consider that I did not say those words.”

However, when he said these words, they were like thorns, drilling into Gu Heng’s heart, making him stuck in his throat.

In fact, he knew that although he was the Emperor of Daye, the people of the world only knew Gu Lin Chao. Even foreign countries knew his name, but they did not know him as the emperor.

What’s more, some people say that without Gu Lin Chao, he would not be able to sit comfortably on the throne today.

This throne is just a handout from Gu Lin Chao.

The horrible idea that was buried deep in his heart suddenly came to light.

One day, he will let the whole world, and even foreign countries, know that Daye, without Gu Lin Chao, can still be so strong. Let them know that he is the master of this Daye.

Guo Huai watched his face and knew that his words had touched some of his thoughts. He took advantage of the situation and said, “But even if the Regent has contributed a lot to the Daye, he can’t be so domineering and destroy my Guo family’s children……”

Gu Heng has gathered his emotions and said soothingly, “Regarding this matter, I will ask the Regent for clarification. If it is true that the Regent has arrested your son without asking the reason, I will convince him to release your son, but if it is indeed your son who is at fault, then I am incapable of doing so.”

Even if there is a way, he will not get his son back for him. It is better for Gu Lin Chao to kill Guo Lin. In this way, the Guo family will be able to hate Gu Lin Chao, and one more powerful party against Gu Lin Chao which he is happy to see.

Translators Note: I keep trying to like Gu Heng and he continues to show me that he’s a terrible person. Objectively Gu Lin Chao kept him alive until this age, went to several wars for him, cleaned up his court, and continues to keep the country safe and has never once suppressed him yet he’s an ungrateful bastard. He should at least try to be useful before saying thinking this kind of nonsense

The whole Guo Family can rot

Ellie Note: Can’t wait for the punk emperor’s regret when Gu Lin Chao leave court and everything goes to shit

Edited by EllieKit

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