Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 231 – Gu Lin Chao: I Didn’t Think She Would Like Me This Much

Gu Lin Chao’s private treasury was not the public treasury of the Wang Fu, it was privately owned by him and was located in the West Garden.

Wen Qi Qi followed Wang Houde to the West Garden. When she stepped into the so-called private storehouse, she was almost blinded by the brightness of the jewels in front of her eyes.

She was taken aback and turned her head to look at Wang Houde, “How does Wang Ye ……”

Wang Houde’s heart was also complicated at this time, he did not expect that the master would be willing to open a private treasury for the sake of Niang Niang. (Niang Niang: He’s always called her this. It’s a term for noble imperial women so (Empress/Empress Dowager/Princesses,etc)

It is evident that in the master’s heart, Niang Niang is extremely important.

He sighed and explained, “The treasures accumulated in this private treasury are not for the Master’s personal use, but for the army’s generals to use in case of emergency. Do not look at the Master being prosperous now, but in the past, he also experienced a difficult situation.

At that time, the Master in the front line with the soldiers to defend against the enemy. There was fighting and bloodshed, but the rear officials were enriching their own pockets, interrupting the food and wages. The soldiers did not die under the enemy’s sword, but were starved to death.

That was the time when the Master was most powerless. Later, when the troops returned, the Master cut down those people, confiscated their family wealth, and directly took a portion of it and stuffed it into this private treasury.

The things in this private treasury were taken from corrupt officials and spoils of war from the enemy. Every year, the Master takes some from this treasury to compensate the families of the soldiers who died in battle.”

Wen Qi Qi listened and froze.

So the existence of this private treasury was for this purpose?

Her eyes swept over the valuable items and gold and silver in the treasury, and her heart swelled with complexity.

Gu Lin Chao was so considerate of the soldiers, how could she take from them again?

If she was greedy for money, she would not have a bottom line.

“Eunuch Wang, these things, are not very much to my liking. I don’t like them, you can lock the door, I’m going back.”

“But Wang Ye has said to let you take as many as you like. ……” Wang Houde hurriedly said.

Wen Qi Qi looked disinterested, “But I don’t have a favorite …… It’s okay, if Wang Ye asks, you can tell him that I took a few things and left.”

“How can that be?” Wang Houde was surprised. After thinking about it, he somewhat blamed himself and said, “This servant should not have just talked to you about all that.” Wang Fei must have listened to what he said and was too embarrassed to take any more.

“I have to thank you for talking to me about it. Otherwise, I would have been upset inside if I had taken something that belonged to the generals.” Wen Qi Qi said from the bottom of her heart, “Thank you for letting me know more about Wang Ye. Wang Ye really makes me admire him, he is a selfless and virtuous person, and the soldiers of the three armies are lucky to have such a commander-in-chief.”

Wang Houde was quite shocked to hear that, “Wang Fei really thinks so?”

“Of course.” Wen Qi Qi nodded, and after a pause, added, “I am also very lucky to be able to marry a husband like Wang Ye. I must have done a lot of good things in my past life to be able to marry such a good husband in this life, and I am proud of what Wang Ye has done.”

Good words popped out of her mouth as if she didn’t want money.

Wang Houde took every word she said into his heart and planned to report it to his master word for word when he returned.

He didn’t think that Wang Fei had such a fondness for Wang Ye in her heart.

“Eunuch Wang doesn’t need to send me off, I’ll leave first.” After Wen Qi Qi finished speaking, she lifted her feet and left.

Lu Qiao quietly followed behind her.

The words that Wen Qi Qi just said, although there was an element of flattering Gu Lin Chao, but she really did admire Gu Lin Chao in her heart.

As the son of the imperial family, Gu Lin Chao does not have a bit of arrogance in his body. Now that he is holding the power, he is even less corrupt. He is so upright and virtuous that he can think about the soldiers and the people of the world.

Such a person, it is difficult to find more than a few in the world.

Translators Note: Gu Lin Chao is really such a good boy 🥺 So please Qi Qi be nice to him

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