Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 230 – Gu Lin Chao, At This Time, Unexpectedly Had Some Weakness In His Legs

Chapter 230 Gu Lin Chao at this time unexpectedly some leg weakness

From his earlier experiences and years of military life, no one would understand better than him the helplessness of being starved and frozen.

The officials in the imperial court are only looking out for themselves, so they don’t care about the lives of the soldiers in the army.

When there is a war, they will think of the soldiers and put them out to fight, while they hide in the rear to enjoy a comfortable, even extravagant life. When there is no war, they do not think about how the soldiers fare, nor will they put it in their hearts.

But the girl in front of him, can sympathize with the efforts of the soldiers, and remember their merits.

And he could see that she was sincere in what she said and was genuinely willing to do something for the soldiers.

Gu Lin Chao’s heart, which had always been calm, was quite shaken, and at this moment, there was an extra piece of softness in his heart.

His black eyes closed slightly.

After a long time, he lifted a hand to hold her shoulder and said in a warm voice: “It has not yet reached that point. Just now, this King said that, not because the army really has a shortage of food and wages, but because those officials have been extremely greedy. Since they have come to the door, Ben Wang will follow the trend and let them bleed a little as a supply for the soldiers, which is also good.”

Wen Qi Qi looked at him in surprise.

So he did it on purpose, just to squeeze out a little of their blood?

She blinked her eyes, not expecting Gu Lin Chao to have such a dark side.

“What are you looking at?” Gu Lin Chao saw her eyes staring at him wrongly. His handsome face was slightly hot, his fingers curled up, and he asked somewhat uncomfortably.

“Nothing.” Wen Qi Qi shook her head. Seeing that he seemed to not believe her, her eyes turned and she said with a smile, “I just think that Wang Ye is particularly handsome today.”

Gu Lin Chao’s face quickly turned red as fast as the naked eye could see.

But Wen Qi Qi seems not to see it, and added a sentence of explanation, “Perhaps Wang Ye does not know what is the meaning of handsome. In fact, it is a little deeper than good-looking, rich in heroism and charm. But all those who have seen Wang Ye, no one is not impressed by your temperament and charisma. I am ……”

She deliberately paused, her glistening peach blossom eyes, slightly raised and rippled with light as she glanced at him, “This is also true for this consort.”

Even Gu Lin Chao, who is in charge of three armies of generals and has experienced numerous battles of all sizes, who has always been calm and self-possessed, and who can remain unchanged even before the collapse of Mount Tai, could not help but feel a little weak in the legs at this time.

This woman ……

He pursed his lips. The black phoenix eyes were like a hurricane in transit, no longer calm.

Even, his mind was blank for a moment.

He was almost a bit desperate to escape, and hurriedly dropped a sentence, “Wang Houde, open Ben Wang’s private treasury, take Wang Fei to pick something she like.”

The words fell and he left the royal residence.

Wang Houde: “……”

Wen Qi Qi: “……”

Lu Qiao: “……”

After a long time, Wen Qi Qi coughed lightly, stroked the hair on the side of her ear as if nothing had happened, and said towards Wang Houde, who obviously hadn’t returned to his senses, “Then I’ll be grateful to Eunuch Wang.”

She didn’t expect Gu Lin Chao to be so touched by her that he was even willing to open his private coffers for her.

She thought that next time she should tease him a few more times, or write him love letters or something, and by then, wouldn’t his entire being be given to her?

Thinking about this, she was very happy inside. Today was not a waste of time.

Lu Qiao looked at her own lady admiringly.

The lady is really powerful. Although she returned the gifts sent by those ladies, but she got more benefits from Wang Ye.

Translators Note: Qi Qi and GLC

Also we are 1/3 of the way through so yay!

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