Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 186 – She Was Rude In The First Place

Wen Qi Qi naturally knew that he was willing to let the matter go for the sake of Wen Ting Xuan. From what he had said earlier, she knew that he was a cranky old man.

If he hadn’t stopped, it would have been a problem.

She was relieved to see that he didn’t pursue the matter. After all, she was the one who was rude in the first place and couldn’t stand up for herself.

However, what this elder said really made her disagree.

She wanted to absorb some forces to pave the way for the future, but she didn’t want some forces that treated human lives like grass, killing innocents and not distinguishing between good and evil.

After thinking about it, she said in a pleading voice: “Gentlemen, if the Chi Yu Lou wants to revive its prestige, killing people is not the only way.”

“Our Chi Yu Lou has always been in the business of killing people, if we don’t do this business, what else can we do?” Some people scoffed, very unimpressed.

“That’s right, if the Assassin House doesn’t kill people, is there a need for it to exist? Employers pay us to take care of people’s lives, if we don’t kill people, why would they spend that money?” Someone echoed.

“Who are you, and how dare you dictate to our Chi Yu Lou?” Someone reacted and immediately questioned her identity.

Others reacted when they heard the words, “Who are you, kid? Quickly report your name.”

Wen Ting Xuan immediately said, “He is my brother. He is one of our own, and he will assist me in the future in handling the affairs of the Chi Yu Lou.”

Once the elders heard this, their attitude only slightly improved, but they were still dissatisfied with the fact that she had made a big speech earlier.

“Although it is someone brought back by the owner, but he is not qualified to dictate the future development of our Chi Yu Lou.”

When Wen Ting Xuan heard this, he was a little angry and was about to say something, but was stopped by Wen Qi Qi’s eyes.

She was not annoyed, but said unhurriedly, “I know that what I said just now has upset the elders, but listen to me. If I say something bad, you should refuse then.”

In the opinion of the elders, she is young. What insight can she have? She is just a crowd pleaser, but after all, she is the brother of the owner, so they have to hold down their impatience and say slightly gently, “Tell us first.”

“I know that our Chi Yu Lou has been doing the business of taking money to kill people. In the past, we were a famous killer organization in the Jianghu, and people were scared.” Wen Qi Qi aid.

When the elders heard this, they all reminisced about it.

Thinking back then, they were so powerful. ……

But what Wen Qi Qi said next brought them back to reality.

“I can understand the eagerness of the elders to revive the prestige of the Chi Yu Lou, but in order to revive the prestige, we must not go on a killing spree. Not only will we not be able to revive the prestige of the Chi Yu Lou, but we will end up with a notorious reputation.

Taking money to kill is just something ordinary assassin organizations do, if our Chi Yu Lou wants to revive its prestige, we should find another way. And if we move, we should move with a bang.”

Hearing this, the elders fell silent.

After a moment, someone could not help but question: “Then according to you, our Chi Yu Lou should wash its hands in a golden basin, quit the business of assassination and quit the Jianghu from now on?”

Wen Qi Qi gaze slowly swept across the room, and she said unhurriedly: “Of course we should kill, but we should kill those who deserve to be killed and deserve to die. If you kill them well, it will be more useful than if you kill a hundred or so innocents at once. It is not difficult for our Chi Yu Lou to make a name for ourselves.”

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