Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 185 – Totally Lucky To Have Caught A Break


In the afternoon, Wen Qi Qi and Wen Ting Xuan arrived.

When they arrived at Tunzhou, they were both hungry and went to find a restaurant to eat.

As soon as they entered the restaurant, a man dressed as a servant greeted them, “The owner is finally here, I have been waiting for a long time.”

Wen Qi Qi looked at him with surprise. Was he a member of the Chi Yu Lou?

She looked questioningly at Wen Ting Xuan.

Wen Ting Xuan smiled and explained, “This is a member of our Chi Yu Lou.” Then nodded towards the fellow, “Thank you.”

“Owner, please go up to the second floor.” The fellow greeted enthusiastically.

Wen Qi Qi was a little unable to adapt.

She could understand a killer using the identity of a restaurant staff as a cover, but she couldn’t tell from looking at this staff in front of her, where was the aura of a killer.

Is it possible that the Chi Yu Lou, which was rumored to be a scourge to the rivers and lakes, has fallen to this level?

With doubts, she went up to the second floor.

When she entered the private room, she realized that there were already many people sitting inside.

She looked at Wen Ting Xuan with a question mark on her face.

Isn’t it a meal? How can they eat with so many people?

Wen Ting Xuan gave her a look to just eat, and then came to her ear and whispered, “These are all the elders of the Chi Yu Lou.”

Wen Qi Qi’s eyes swept over the people in the room. Looking at them, they were all a bit old, and she was a bit puzzled. Could they still lift a sword?

No wonder the Chi Yu Lou is in decline. Because the elders who are in charge of the Chi Yu Lou, are getting older, while the younger ones, have less opportunities.

“Master.” When they saw Wen Ting Xuan enter, all the people sitting in the room stood up. They all smiled largely, and couldn’t be more kind.

The corners of Wen Qi Qi’s mouth twitched. If it wasn’t for Wen Ting Xuan’s previous introduction, she would never have been able to associate them with the elders of the Chi Yu Lou.

They were more like the gentle and harmless grandfathers in the neighborhood.

The last election, he didn’t actually do anything. He just got lucky and caught a break, right?

As if he didn’t see his sister’s suspicious eyes, he waved his hand in the air, “All sit down.”

Only then did the elders follow and sit down.

Not long after, the men brought up the dishes one after another.

Wen Qi Qi was so hungry that she didn’t care about them, she ate first.

Wen Ting Xuan talked to the elders about the matters of the Chi Yu Lou while they were eating.

At the end of the conversation, the elders said with emotion, “Please lead us to revive the reputation of Chi Yu Lou.”

Wen Ting Xuan hand waved in the air, “This is natural, I came here for this matter.”

When the elders heard the words, they were very happy.

One of the elders, excitedly said: “Then I wonder what plan the owner has? For example, to kill a few hundred or so people first, to promote the prestige of our Chi Yu Lou?”


Wen Qi Qi, who was drinking soup, couldn’t hold back and spurted it out on the spot.

The elder who spoke was sitting opposite to her, and she immediately sprayed all over his face.

“You!” The elder reacted and was so angry that his beard shook, “Where did you come from, you have no manners!”

After all, she had sprayed someone, so Wen Qi Qi felt very apologetic and stood up, “Old grandpa, I’m really sorry, I was rude.”

The elder was so angry that his beard curled up, and he didn’t want to let her off easily. After all, she was sprayed him with soup and made him lose face in front of everyone, but he thought that she was someone brought by the owner, so he had to give him some face, so he said unhappily, “For the sake of the owner, let’s forget it this time.”

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