Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 187 – Laughing At Wen Qi Qi’s Whims

“What do you mean?” The elders were looking at her in unison, with a vague flicker of hope.

Their Chi Yu Lou has been sinking for too long, and as he said, there will soon be no place for their Chi Yu Lou in this Jianghu. That’s why they were so eager to hold the election meeting last time. They wanted to elect a wise person to bring them back to the former prestige of Chi Yu Lou.

“From today, the development direction of our Chi Yu Lou will have to be changed.” Wen Qi Qi said, “In the future, Chi Yu Lou business will only take the task of killing those who deserve to die, good people can never kill. Moreover, our Chi Yu Lou cannot be in the business of killing people alone.”

“This ……”

There was an uproar in the room.

“We kill people as killers, do we still have to pick and choose? What do you mean good people must never be killed? Is this not nonsense?”

“If it is an ordinary assassin building, naturally, you can’t pick, whoever the employer specifies to kill, you have to kill, but we are the Chi Yu Lou. We are different from other assassins, we choose the business. It is not the employer who picks us, but us who picks the employer.” Wen Qi Qi continued.


The elders laughed out loud with amusement.

“Do you not understand the current plight of our Chi Yu Lou? With our current circumstances, it’s good that we have employers looking for us, and you still want to pick employers? Isn’t that making a large number of people from our Chi Yu Lou sitting around and wasting away?”

The elders shook their heads and sighed, laughing at Wen Qi Qi’s whimsicality.

Wen Qi Qi did not care, but said clearly: “At the beginning, it will indeed be difficult, but the road is made by people, as long as we do not give up and work hard, I think we can definitely succeed. Moreover, as I said earlier, the direction of our future development of the Chi Yu Lou will have to be changed. It can’t just be the business of killing people alone. Killing people is just a side business, so it’s not very important whether there are employers looking for it.”

“This is the meaning of …… asking us to change our business?” Finally some elders reacted and called out incredulously.

The others smiled and looked at each other.

They were used to holding swords, licking blood on the tips of swords all their lives, what else could they do except kill people?

For a while, all of them were a bit confused.

“Besides killing, what else can we do?” Someone brought up the question.

Wen Qi Qi looked at their expression in his eyes, and her voice slowed down as she said, “Everyone is used to licking blood on the tip of a sword, and thinks that they can only hold a sword and can’t do anything else, but that’s because you underestimate yourselves. In fact, in addition to killing people, we can also give bodyguards, and can also collect information and sell it to those who need it. We have the manpower left and right.”

She learned from Wen Ting Xuan that the Chi Yu Lou had a large number of members, but because of the competition between the various forces, it had prompted the members of Chi Yu Lou to become as scattered as sand, with no one obeying anyone.

Don’t look at how these elders can now sit together, but in truth they have been secretly fighting for years, and only now that the Chi Yu Lou is weakened did they realize that they should not fight any longer, so on the surface they can maintain the harmony.

The elders here are all very old and are the patriarchs of the Chi Yu Lou, and each of them holds a certain amount of power and people under their hands.

She and Wen Ting Xuan wanted to take the Chi Yu Lou into their own hands, and naturally had to convince them first.

What she wanted was not an ordinary assassin’s organization, she wanted a power that could penetrate everywhere in the world.

“What he said is what I wanted to say. Nowadays, our Chi Yu Lou is different from the past. If we don’t make changes, it will be very difficult to gain a foothold in the Jianghu.” Wen Ting Xuan spoke up at the right time to back up Wen Qi Qi.

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