Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 157 – Scratch A Little Heavier, Directly Disfigure Her

Empress Dowager Guo kicked her away with the utmost contempt, “A small Jieyu, you think you can be lawless because you are favored by the Emperor. Come on, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and take her to the Cold Palace!”

Immediately, some Palace workers came forward and dragged Wen Ruyi, who had fallen to the ground, up.

Unexpectedly, this Liu Jenny had only been in the limelight for a few days, and now she was going to be sent to the Cold Palace.

At that time, the Palace workers looked at her with a bit of pity and light mockery.

Wen Ruyi’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley as her whole body was paralyzed.

She had done so much and paid so much to get to where she was today, but all of this was ruined by Wen Qi Qi.

She stared at Wen Qi Qi with deadly eyes, full of resentment.

This bitch Wen Qi Qi, she must die a good death!

From an angle that Empress Dowager Guo could not see, Wen Qi Qi flashed a light smile at her.

You are still too naive to fight with her.

She has watched a lot of court fighting dramas.

Soon, Wen Ruyi was dragged away.

But Empress Dowager Guo was still disgusted as if she had eaten a fly.

That bitch, didn’t even take a good look at herself. She’s such a bitch, and she dares to hit on Gu Ling Chao, she really deserves to die!

“Empress Dowager, since there is nothing else, then I will leave the Palace first.” At this time, a timid voice came.

Empress Dowager Guo looked back at her scratched left face and said with fake concern, “This face of yours, is it alright?” In her heart, she was annoyed with that bitch Wen Ruyi. Why didn’t she know how to scratch a little heavier and directly disfigure her?

“It’s a small injury, I’ll go back and apply some medicine and I’ll be fine.” Wen Qi Qi said, and added, “The Grand Empress Dowager is old, so don’t tell her about today’s incident, so she won’t worry.”

Empress Dowager Guo naturally did not want to alarm the Grand Empress Dowager because of such a small matter, so she agreed, “I know.”

“Then I will leave now.” Wen Qi Qi curtsied and bowed, then took a handkerchief and covered her face and left.

When Empress Dowager Guo returned to Xianghe Palace with a gloomy face, Gu Heng had already gotten the news.

She had just entered the door before, and Gu Heng arrived at the back.

“Mother, I heard that you have sent Liu Jieyu into the Cold Palace, why is that?” Gu Heng frowned with an ugly look on his face.

Empress Dowager Guo saw this and was very unhappy, “Naturally she broke the Palace rules, otherwise would I have sent her to the Cold Palace for no reason?”

“What exactly did she do?” Gu Heng sensed her displeasure and had to soften his voice.

Seeing this, Empress Dowager Guo also relaxed her face and advised, “That woman Liu Jieyu is not worthy of your kindness. Don’t look at her as if she is soft and harmless, but she is actually nasty and disgraceful inside.”

Gu Heng smiled and was also a bit unhappy, “I know that Mother doesn’t like Liu’er, but why should Mother say this about her? She is already pitiful enough on her own.”

Empress Dowager Guo sneered, “Pity? That’s just what she’s pretending to be, and only you would be soft-hearted to see it. That woman is very powerful. She’s hanging on to you on one hand, but on the other hand, she wants your Uncle! I’ve never seen a woman as shameless as her!”

When Gu Heng heard that, his face sank down, “Mother, be careful of your words!”

The Empress Dowager Guo was still angry when she thought of what had just happened. But when she heard his words, she calmed down a lot, “I didn’t slander her. She had the audacity to block the road and hit Wen Qi Qi, and now Wen Qi Qi has a cut on her face.”

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