Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 158 – He Is Her First Man

Gu Heng was surprised, then calmed down and said with a bitter smile, “Mother is mistaken, Liu’er has no strength. Even if she has the guts, she is not a match for Imperial Aunt. Even Princess Tuo is no match for Auntie, not to mention that Auntie has killed an assassin, how could Liu’er beat her?”

Empress Dowager Guo also froze, but what had just happened was something she had witnessed with her own eyes.

“I can’t be mistaken, I just saw it with my own eyes, I saw Liu Jieyu raise her hand and hit Wen Qi Qi in the face.”

“Sometimes what you see may not be true, Mother must have misunderstood.” Gu Heng sighed and said, “Empress Mother doesn’t like Liu’er, but now that she has been punished and beaten, just take it easy and let her out.”

Empress Dowager Guo smiled and immediately became forceful again, “No, you said she didn’t hit Wen Qi Qi, but what about the wound on Wen Qi Qi’s face? Moreover, she is not a proper woman and covets your Uncle, so I am already being kind to her by just sending her to the Cold Palace.”

Gu Heng smiled and also became annoyed.

He did not believe that Liu’er would have anything to do with his Imperial Uncle. He was her first man, and she was also his first woman.

And every time they were together, her heart and eyes were full of him, how could she still have another man?

What’s more, she has not had the slightest encounter with Imperial Uncle, how could she possibly like him?

He thought this was nonsense.

It was just because his mother did not like her, so she made it up.

“In the future, don’t say these words again.” He said in a deep voice, already displeased.

Empress Dowager Guo was angry when she saw that he did not believe her, “What I said is true, I did not wrong her. The person in her heart is your Imperial Uncle, and she said that committing herself to you now is only a stopgap measure, and later, when the time is ripe, she will leave you and go to your Imperial Uncle.”

Hearing this, Gu Heng was so angry that he kicked over his chair with a loud bang.

“Mother don’t talk nonsense again, I don’t believe it.” After saying that, he walked out with big strides.

Empress Dowager Guo looked at the fallen chair. Her heart was shocked and her face was blue.

What a rebellious son!

She saw that he had been charmed by that fox spirit.

Empress Dowager Guo was furious with hatred.

After Gu Heng left the Xiang He Palace, he wanted to go directly to the Cold Palace to fetch Wen Ruyi out, but the words of Empress Dowager Guo echoed in his ears over and over again, which finally made his heart grow suspicious and he turned back to the Royal Study.

He did not believe that Liu’er was that kind of person, but the Empress Dowager would not have slandered her like that.

For a while, Gu Heng’s heart was conflicted.


Wen Qi Qi had just returned to her courtyard when she met Gu Ling Chao, who had returned from an outing.

“Why is the Regent back only now?” So he still hasn’t had her chicken soup, right?

“There were some things delayed in the military camp.” Gu Lin Chao walked in from outside the door.

Wen Qi Qi immediately smiled, “I went to the morning market, picked a small hen, and boiled ginseng soup. It is still warming on the stove. I’ll bring it to you.” After saying that, she was about to run to the Shen Xiang courtyard, but Gu Lin Chao shouted, “Wait.”

Wen Qi Qi stopped and turned her head to look at him confusedly, “Wang Ye, do you have any orders?”

Gu Lin Chao’s eyes fell on the left side of her face and his brows knitted up, “What happened to your face?”

Wen Qi Qi’s eyes turned and she hurriedly took a handkerchief to cover it up, “Nothing, it’s just that when I was strolling in the garden, I was accidentally scraped by a tree branch, it’s not a problem.”

He must not know what happened in the Palace.

After all, he was involved, and he might get upset.

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